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Yes, the filter issue is something that we really don't like to discuss on the forum.


But, honestly, why would you stop? Obviously we can't force you to showcase your stuff here, but when you certainly have several people who are interested in what you do and the time you put into your creations, you really should. You have a lot of gall, packing up and quitting like that.


I'm not trying to fuel the fire of the same issue over again. But, it's like how if you brought candy into your elementary school classroom, you couldn't eat it all or just share it with one person. You had to share it with everyone.


Sheesh, you younger guys and your RCT3 creations...it makes me feel better that I've moved onto more important things.

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It's not that it's decreased - our community was never supposed to be "in-depth" in the first place. The Games Forum is only a part of the huge community that is Theme Park Review.


While we have quality standards when it comes to posts and threads, our games community as a whole is very casual. That's why you guys who spend every hour of your spare time working on tiny little details in RCT3 wouldn't get as much exposure or critical feedback here as you would on other sites.


It's another reason why we generally frown upon members who showcase projects for the sake of getting comments and replies. Our community isn't here to get you RCT fame and glory - we just want to see the fun that you're having playing the games!


I used to be a very hardcore RCT player, but I'm much more casual now because I got tired of people telling me that my architecture was poor, even though I've created wonderful architectural stuff in a program that's actually relevant to me - Revit Architecture.

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However, tragedy struck when a teenage boy went into the ride area to reclaim his hat when he was struck by a passing train and was decapitated. The ride itself was rushed for opening day and not all the safety fences had been put in place so the park was at fault for the boy's death.
^ I saw what he did there, and he made my day too.
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