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  1. Well, that to. I came back as arrowfandan after I got banned as DISCODUCK76. Its quite a large mess actually. One that I try to avoid when possible.
  2. Well, I try to leave my past behind but I THEDISCODUCK76. After I got banned there I made a new account on CoasterCrazy. I know it might seem ridiculous but you have to take me word. I'll tell you even why I was banned from NLE. I created a Mac VS PC thread and then lies that I was away and some little kids hijacked my computer to make said thread. Don't worry though. I have matured quite a bit since then.
  3. NoLimits-ShockWave Six Flags Great America Ladies and gentlemen this is my recreation of ShockWave at Six Flags Great America. I originally uploaded this to CoasterCrazy ages ago and to CoasterFuel. Now I am bringing it here to T.P.R. Here are some screen shots. I really put my all into this one. The lift hill towers over the parking lot. Riders cling to their restraints as the spiraling drop hurdles them toward earth at 65mi/h As it could be seen from the Sky Trek Tower The 1st loop from the line. The first loop from condor. The ShockWave's nauseating double loops. ShockWaves Boomerang curve! The finale! Two corkscrew loops. Thanks for reading! Available for download now.
  4. If anyone has any 1999-2000 SFGAm maps with ShockWave I will trade!
  5. Oh lighten up will ya! It deserves at least a 4. He was creating a Jet Coaster. The idea is that it should be long and boring. Don't listen to what these haters say. I think you nailed it!
  6. At least one thing brightened up an otherwise crappy trip. It was a shame to see the Corkscrew get knocked on like that. I really love Arrows. Also I noticed you used Maylenes Corkscrew cars. Just a tip. You might want to try Safari J's Arrow Pack as it is best if you want a real accurate Arrow. Good job here though. I love the way everything is. I cant wait to see more.
  7. Nice, it looks pretty darn good and I have to say keep up the great work. I cant wait to see it on opening day
  8. This is all just amazing. Mindblowing is the best adjective! great job and please keep up the great work. Awesome stuff mate!
  9. Just one of my favorites from my recreation of ShockWave at SFGam.
  10. ^Thanks you all for your great feedback. I have taken these problems into consideration and I will follow the time line more strictly. As for the Schwarzkopf it was a prototype . The launch tower is because I don't have a CTR for an older style tower, sorry. This wont happen again. Tennessee Action Park May 15th 1978 Hello. Its Bo again and I have some exciting news. As our park now reaches its 5th season and second with me talking to y'all I am proud to present our latest attraction. I will keep you in suspense until just a little longer into the update but I will start my pictures now. I was working some late hours last night at the office so I ended up sleeping on the couch of my office. It is nice to wake up in the morning to the smell of Funnel Cake and the sound of people having fun. Anyway I went out on the balcony and snapped this photo. After I fixed myself up and began to look somewhat presentable I headed down and out on to Main Street. I noticed that Ameri-Go-Round is really unpopular. I remember when the park first opened that ride was packed. I guess in 5 years the guests got worn out. The fountains were doing their usual thing. The people at the park seem to enjoy the scenery. Freedom To Swing is still quite popular. So is Freedom Fall Time to unveil the new attraction. This is Dexter's Diner. As of now it is the only full service sit-down restaurant in the park. Dexter's is also one of two locations that serve alcoholic beverages and as an added bonus it has air conditioning. This is one of the two new additions to the park for the '78 season. Around lunch time Dexter's really got crowded so I took a spin on Corkscrew. This picture was taken by a land surve...umm I probably should not have said that As night time rolled around everyone was getting excited. This year is also the inaugural year for our Summer Nights Events! The event flyer. The parks skyline lit up as the fireworks took to the sky. The fireworks lit up all of the midway and unfortunately caused some disturbance for those eating at Dexter's. All in all the event turned out great and all of our season pass holders were very thankful for the ERT. Thanks for checking in and I hope to provide another update soon.
  11. What he said. Plus the two below him. This is just an awesome coaster. Darn good job here.
  12. I started reading from the 1st page and I thought it was going quite well. Oh well it seems like despite a lack of updates you still have a great park. Good job, I really like Nighthawk.
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