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Puyallup Fair TR

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Yesterday, I went to my favorite fair. The Puyallup Fair!


I arrived at about 2:15 PM, I could of gone sooner but I had Marching Band practice. It was a bit cloudy but it soon cleared up later in the day.


Now the fair had just finished some major projects. They now have a showplex buildind that holds most of the vendors now.


After looking at the vendors, I headed to the midway. The Puyallup fair has a great midway, they have great rides. They also have some coasters too. With the coasters, the only coaster here that you can find at many other fairs is the Wildcat, the others I don't think many fairs have them! The first one is Kersplash, a water coaster! RCDB may not consider it a credit, but it is! It has cars with wheels, it goes up two lifts, and has two coaster drops that the cars go down by the power of gravity!


But, Kersplash was closed yesterday but no biggie, I got the credit last year. The second coaster is very rare, the Monster Mouse. This is one of the three operating Monster Mouses in the world. It's a nice mouse with a helix! The last coaster is their wooden roller coaster. This is a fun coaster that is the backdrop for the midway. It has no seatbelts, just a metal bar that comes down and it does not even rest on your lap. There is just a buckle that holds the bar down. It also has no seat dividers so you will slam into your friend! My dad and I was on the last row, and we got good airtime!


The midway also has a few rides that are hard to find. One example is the Inferno, you may have known this as the Tapico Tumbler. So I guess the Puyallup Fair is better then Knott's!


This year they have a new ride, and this one is even harder to find in the US. It's called Jumping, a Huss Jump 1. Now we all know PCW has a Jump2, but I think Jump1 is better. Now with Jumping you do not go as high as a Jump2. Another difference is you are sitting up, not inverted. The beginning is the same for both, the entire thing spins and then the smaller cars start to spin. Now since with Jumping, you are upwards. The cars tip outward, so it feels like your on a unbalanced top! You cannot get that feeling on a Jump2 because you are inverted!


Jumping is not a Elissa friendly ride because it spins you fast and spins you for most of the ride! The cars may stop spinning in the middle of the ride, but it will start to spin you again! When the ride launches you up, it's not mind blowing, but really fun! What I also like about Jumping is that you get a nice long ride! You can also have a nice conversation on this ride. The techno music was icing on the cake.


After a great ride on Jumping, I saw something that shocked myself and my mother. While I was walking by the Waveswinger (Tilting chairswings)

I heard my mother gasp. I looked over to it and I saw this very young little girl climb out of her chair, JUST AS THE RIDE WAS STARTING!!!!!! :shock:

One of the chairs hit her and she fell down, it did not hit her too hard since the ride was starting. Now we may all wonder if we are safe at the fair and the ride operators will make sure we are okay. I would feel really safe with the ride operators that worked the Waveswinger because a split second after the chair hit the girl. The girl in the booth hit the E brake and another female ride op ran as fast as she could and grabbed the girl out of danger! What happened next made me want to smack the girls mother. She exploded in front of the ride op's. She was yelling at them like they were the worst ride op's ever. Lady, the two woman saved your daughters life! Also, I would NEVER take a child that young and tiny onto a ride like this! Anyway, I had lots of fun yesterday and I will come back to do the Puyallup!

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Awesome! I'm making the trek up to the fair from CA this wednesday. Kookie coaster credits here I come!


I hope Kersplash is up and running but honestly thats not the coaster I'm coming up for.


I heard about the Huss Jump 1, can't wait. Also I read on the site that they may have a Dragon Wagon this year too. Any word?


New Fair, yay!



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All right! I hope you have fun! I know I did. For the Dragon Wagon, I did not spend too much time in that section so I don't really know. What I did see in that section was the new Zamperla Flying Tigers, The powered tiger coaster. I also saw the kiddie credit, the Little Dipper. It has a chain lift so it's a credit! The Puyallup fair has a great S&S tower, the Extreme Scream. It's only 10.00 but it's on the combo program so you get the best ride. They also have the Turbo Force and Big Sling. If your going between Monday and Thursday, you can get the Dizzy Pass. A wristband that can get you unlimited rides. Except for the wooden roller coaster,Extreme Scream and Jumping. That's why you should get the Super Dizzy Pass. The Roller Coaster, Extreme Scream and Jumping are included with the Super Dizzy Pass.


If your going on the weekend, go on the coasters as early as possible. The lines for Kersplash, Monster Mouse and Roller Coaster get very long. Also, Kersplash and Monster Mouse's lines move very slow. You will need a partner to go on Monster Mouse and Roller Coaster. As for Jumping, there was not much of a line when I was there. But if the line is long, don't worry too much since it can hold a lot of people!

For food, there is a lot of food at the fair and I like the Walla Walla Onion burgers. I also like the beef sandwitches at the Longhorn Barbeque Outpost.


I would like to see you post a TR of your trip there, if not you can just PM me to let me know what you think of it.


The three rides besides the coasters I like are Jumping, El Nino (KMG Spin Out) and Inferno.

If you want to see a good show, The Gentleman Jugglers are pretty good. They are at the Fountain Stage. Check to see their showtimes since they share the stage with another act.


With Jumping, keep an open mind and it will be great. The launching up parts is good, but it's the insane spinning that is the powerhouse to the ride. It has a disorenting spin, I like it!


BTW: The last row for the wooden roller coaster is great!


Have fun doing the Puyallup! 8)

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Great, I'll be there on Wednesday so I was planning on the super dizzy pass. I'm not driving all the way up there just to cheap out on the coaster pass!


Glad to here they have some good flats. Thats weird that you need a partner for the mouse, I was able to solo the one at Quassy.


If my camera cooperates I'll have some pictures to post when I get back.


-Don "Finally going to this fair"

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Nice report! That is a really good fair! Kersplash is so awesome! No mention of food though??!? They have elephant ears at the fair and that's one of only a select few places that have them on the West Coast! Also, I'd love to try a Jump1 at some point. I too was really let down by the Jump2 and everyone I talked to that has ridden both prefers the Jump1.


Don, they have 2 kiddie credits that are not powered. One took some effort to get on!

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Oh man, the food! Great food and lots of it! Robb would be very happy at this fair! The Walla Walla Onion burgers, the beef sandwiches, the very good elephant ears and this year they now have turkey legs! SCORE!!!


As for what Jump is better...

Yeah, Jump 1 is better then Jump 2! Jump 2 cannot give you the intense spinning Jump 1 has since it's inverted. So next year might be good to come up here and ride this thing!


Teh furry likes this fair! 8)

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