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JS Magic World [RCT3]

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I wanted to share with you guys, a new park I'm working on RCT3, I really like it and I hope you guys like it too. In terms of coasters designs I try to be mostly realistic, but also once in a while out of the box just to create soemthing new, I don't use custom supports, I just use the ones that comes with the game.


JS Magic World is a world-class theme park. Opening soon, the park features a "flying" themed area, a pirates area, a flagship rollercoaster named after one of the Marvel Superheroes with two more rides sharing this franchise and a kids area, themed after the famous TV show Rugrats. As it opens the park will feature 2 thrill rollercoaster, and one rollercoaster for the entire family to enjoy. Also an indoor/outdoor ride for all ages. Several flats rides for children, teenagers and adults. As the opening become closer more deatils will be revealed.




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JS Magic World presents: "Aviators Area". One of the four themed areas within the park.


Aviator: This ride has themed carriages in shape of planes that take the passengers to flight 115ft above the park


Phoenix: Manufactured by the swiss company B&M, Phoenix take the riders through 2964ft of track wiht a top speed of 51 miles per hour.

First drop: 91ft

Elements and inversion: Pretzel Loop, Zero G Roll, Horseshoe and tunnel.


Phoenix Layout


Loop The World: For thrill seekers, Loop The World carry the passangers in 3 aeroplanes that performs 360°degree loops.


Helicopters: An indoor/outdoor family ride, Helicopters take you through a three minutes ride, where you are a pilot testing a new prototype, and have to go through storms and more!






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^ I'll keep that in mind as the park expands. After this update, just one left until the park's openning.


JS Magic World presents: Daredevil's Area and Pirate's Town.

Pirate's Town isn't totally finish, there's still some theming going on.


Daredevil: The Ride. Manufactured by premier rides, this rollercoaster takes you, through the Hell's Kitchen, the neighborhood where Matt Murdock (Daredevil) lives. After a explosion is cause by Bullseye and The Kingpin, the riders join Daredevil to save the city! The rollercoaster feature 2 launch and 3 inversions.

Max. Speed: 63.22mph

Lenght: 3152ft

1st Launch: 42.50mph

2nd Launch: 53.69mph


Bulleye's Target: A spinning disk that goes along a railed half pipe.


Elektra's Sai: Four cabins each carrying 6 passangers spin out of control, and the ride ifself spins on it's own axis


Lost Temple:Live and discover a magical journey with Morgan as the captain in search of the lost temple. A family ride.


The Snake Shelter


Odyssey Ship


Blackbeard's Ship


Junior Pirate

Lenght: 1068ft

Max Speed: 29.30mph

Highest Drop: 12.65ft

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Finally, here it's the grand openning day!

Sun is shinning at JS Magic World, and the crowds full of expectations, as the doors of JS Magic World opens. Here it goes first day of operations at the park.


Update 1.




Daredevil: The Ride


A explosion right before the first launch.




Bullseye's Target!


Elektra's Sai


Rugrats land!


I bet these guys had fun!


Bumper cars are always fun



Rugrats 3D Adventure is quite populor among all-ages guests.


Moving onto Pirate's Town... This is the view from the top of Snake's Shelter


You guys ready to sail on Blackbeard's ship or what??


Oddysey SHip here we go!


Junior Pirate is a great coaster for families!

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Hey y'all! I wanted to start by introducing Ga' Hoole, but the supports looks awful so I just have a shot of the station for you.

Park is growging really fast in terms of crowds, so we are definitly ready for a expansion, which will include a major coaster, rumored to be a family-thrill, very well themed involving lots of water (Rumor has it that the park designed the ride with either Intamin or Premier Rides an announcement will take place soon). Guest have complaint of the lack of capacity for the "Rugrats Zone" of the park, so the expansion will take place in this zone, although the new coaster will be located somewhere between Daredevil's Darecity, and Pirate Town.


First I'll start by introducing Legends of Ga' Hoole. Ga' Hoole is a suspended family coaster. Shot of the station


Phoenix looking great from Helicopters!


Lost Temple entrance


Park is ready for the expansion!


Daredevil: The Ride has 6 trains, 5 are used constantly when operating, and 1 is kept in storage.


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Aqua Moutain the New Intaim Aquatrax, Rugrats Playland Expansion, and more coming next season to JS Magic World


JS Magic World is proud to unleash the new additions coming to the park as part of the major expansion going on for next season.

AQUA MOUNTAIN: The adventure and thrill combine in this new Intamin Aquatrax rollercoaster, as riders experience a journey through the secrets of the Atlantis mayor volcano the Aqua Mountain. This family thrill coaster will take the guest on a 8 person boat that will let you inside Aqua Mountain, as you encounter lava, waterfalls and more.

RUGRATS EXPANSION: Rugrats Playland is expading with 4 [Ferris Wheel, Giant Slides, Reptar's Volcano, Fun House] new atrattions for kids and the family to enjoy together.

One more "extreme surprise" is yet to be announced, stay tuned for more details on the new rides, updates and yet another ride thatis in the way.


Aqua Mountain 1st Ad


Rugrats Playland expansion is coming!


A mini-construction was spotted in between Daredevil. We guess it has to do something with the announcement coming

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The Kingpin Extreme Tower: JS Magic World is proud to unleash the new S&S Tower for the next season. Themed after The Kingpin this thrill ride will launch riders into a 150ft free-fall tower.


- Construction updates and new details: Daredevil's Darecity and Pirate's Town new entrances will be facing each other as Aqua Mountain and The Kingpin Extreme Tower will be located close so a new path will be connecting the two areas. Rugratsland path will be extended into the new expansion nad will be also reciving a new entrance to connect it with Daredevil's Darecity.


- Aqua Mountain cosntruction has gone vertical really fast (expect pics soon), a huge waterfall will be located right in the front part of the Mountain, and the coaster will feature a launch and a lift hill too.


The Kingpin Extreme Tower. Shotout to Terry Edgar for the building and Kingpin image.

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Alright, I've had enough of this.


You really should give people time to comment on your work before shoving another update in our faces, yeah? I'll have no choice but to lock the thread if you don't.

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Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Updates will be post in a slower pace. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Aquatrax Construction it's right on schedule! You can see part fo The Aqua Mountain, mountain theming.


During the previous off season a big horizontal support was added to Helicopters


Rugratsland expansion is going well, Ferris Wheel and House of Fun in the picture.


The Kingpin Extreme Tower is up! The theming

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Hey guys Aqua Mountain has finally open! I'm thrill because it's definitly a favorite among the guests. The Kingping Extreme Tower also opened. Enjoy!


Aqua Mountain is finally here!


Aqua Mountain was immediatly a hit!


Shot from the station


On ride!


Progress on RugratsPLayland expoansion


Helicopter's exterior facade was painted in different tones of blue and some giant sky like billboards where place on a side of it.


Last but no least... The Kingpin Extreme Tower


The Kingpin at night!

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^ POV of The Aquatrax coming soon!


RugratsLand Expansion has open! The new rides have been a sucess!


RugratsLand new rides.


Reptar's Volcano Blast


New entrance to RugratsLand and Sliders!


View from the Ferris Wheel


Ga' Hoole's layout overview.


Happy riders on Phoenix's Lifthill


Happy riders who survived to Aqua Mountain.

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