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James Family Farm [RCT3]

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April 1985


In 1840 My Father's Great Great Grandfather founded the James Family Farm on a 300 acre property.



In 1905 the family decided to close the farm due to low demand and open a large plaza.



The small plaza soon grew into a medium sized amusement park in 1976!



This is the story of James Family Farm and Amusement Park.

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May 1985


It's finally opening day of our ninth season of operations. My name is Tim James, and I am the park manager of James Family Farm.


A view of the original plaza.


Our famous freshly squeezed lemonade!


Barnstormer takes you up 40ft. and swings you in bi-plane style cars.


Twister, a PTC coaster added in 1981, lives up to it's name!


Sky Wheel was added in 1980 and is currently down for maintenance.


Olive Tree was added due to the high traffic of small children and families.


This Ice Cream parlor was a part of the original plaza and was renovated to add a beautiful sitting area in back.


Scrambler was added in 1976 and has been a favorite of many guests due to the fast launch!


Tidal-Wave is a prototype ride added in 1980 and is a ride that many teen guests like to brace.


Whirling is also a prototype ride added in 1980, not many guests choose to embrace this ride, but the ones that have love it!


Looks like a bit of construction is going on, is it for good or bad?


Have a great day!


Tim James

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August 1985


It's been a quick and busy season, and it's time for is to start preparation for our 10th season! Wow!


This looks interesting!


This sign is seen many times around the park.


The west was never THIS wild! Join us in 1986!


What could be happening here?


The outdoor seating area at the ice cream parlor is closed during construction.


MORE construction?! I like!


Yellow beams, what could these be for?


Tidal Wave is looking good with it's new paint coat, and logo!


So is Crazy Planes!


I'll see you for our announcement on September 2, 1985!


Tim James

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May 1986


James Family Farm Introduces Mine Swing, The American Drop, Marine World, and Carribean Cruise to Celebrate 10 Seasons!




The Skyline has changed drastically!


Mine Swing is a unique roller coaster designed by Arrow Dynamics! The mine cars swing as you fly through turns!


The American Drop is a parachute drop designed by Intamin AG of Switzerland! Climb and drop 135ft!


Carribean Cruise is in the all new "Marine World" themed section. This boat simulator will give you all the true feelings of a true cruise on the ocean!


Scrambler got a new coat of paint to fit in with Marine World!


The latest rumors swirling around say that Twister will not operate this season.. hmm...

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