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Gardaland / Raptor

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I think we have to remember that this ride is still kind of unique. Even if the ride is very "meh", its still gonna be ridden by the general public because of the design of the trains. Air at Alton Towers may not be the most intense ride ever, but it still has one of the longest queue's in the park because of the novelty of the flying design and you can't take that novelty away from it.



I haven't been to Gardaland but from what i've seen your right they did need something like this. With the reviews of the ride I am now asking myself does a park like Thorpe really need a ride like this that could end up being very meh when complete?




I also wonder this. With the intensity and high-class rides we've come to expect from Thorpe, will this be another TH13TEEN type of ride, where even if its unique its not a great ride? I guess we just have to hope that the design of the Thorpe one will be more intense. Having said this, will it matter to Thorpe weather or not its an intense ride? Looking back at the point i just made above, it probably won't matter as long as the general public ride it!

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I've just came back from my Mirabilandia/Gardaland trip, and I have a different point of view on Raptor, exept the seatbelt that really is short (I had to press on the restraint as strong as possible to lock it) but the ride really was a good surprise to me, the first drop delivers some air even if it seems not so high, it's steep! I rode Raptor 6 times, i felt acceleration after the first turn, agree with you for the rest of the layout, seems to have the same speed all the time! Inversions where fun to me, also liked the back to station part, and bought the ride dvd that is well made! I'm gonna post it on coastertube.


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