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Back in the day crushes?

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I can't believe someone said Kristy McNichol lol -- that's soooo specific in taste, but I liked her too. then she got cancer or real tired all the time or something.... forgot which one, disappeared off of that Touchstone t.v. show


Anyway, this is going to come off weird -- now looking at my list, I must have had (or just plain have) something for older women


1) Linda Evangelista -- canadian supermodel, don't hear much from her these days


"Oh Jose, those were the days"


2) Carole Boquet (OMG --- effing hot -- that is all I have to say. could be the most beautiful woman alive (my wife is close behind her)- I would ahem her in a heartbeat -- constant living proof that any woman with long hair gets instant hotness factor -- remember for your eyes only? good lord, that hair, it had me intoxicated at the age of 8 (when that bond film came out on t.v.)



"Oh Jose, you silly boy! Of course we'll meet one day! I am too beautiful, and you are too handsome for us not to meet!"



3) And finally...Isabella Rosselini -- doesn't do too much for me anymore now that I learned she's my mother's age!), but man that woman is beautiful. Especially those tresor ads


Could only find this pic thats decent:


goodness- - -


Then there were the 'real girls'


well, I was very lucky, i always had great looking girlfriends, so I can't complain - - both high school 'crushes' are now married. The one that was my age neglected my heart (and married a male model, damn I had no chance).


Cold hearted BITCH!



the other, well, she was this italian girl with an incredible sense of humor, we could talk for hours, but alas, it was never meant to be --my dear Concetta! I was such the fool for not paying enough attention to you.

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Let's see.....will it be obvious by my choices that I like petite brunettes with long hair?


And I remember thinking that Rosanna Arquette looked pretty good in Desperatley Seeking Susan, but she did not age well.


I'll give an honerable mention to Lea Thompson for her panties scenes in Howard the Duck and Some Kind of Wonderful. She wore too much clothes in Back To The Future!


And there is Jennifer, who I thought looked the best in Labyrinth.


Has no one mentioned her yet? I think she also looked really hot in Gremlins!


My favorite. Why do you think I married an "Elissa" =) (BTW, doing a google image search on Alyssa brings up some GREAT photos!)


And as far as current stars go, Scarlett Johanson looked really hot as the more homely chick in Lost in Translation, but I have to be honest, I don't think she looks as good 'all dolled up.'

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Jennifer Connelly has a nice body and face, but she's got major man hands, as I noticed in the Incredible Hulk. She was super hot in the Rocketeer and Career Opportunities.


Jennifer Connelly in The Rocketeer was my first crush when I was a kid. I also loved Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boys Meets World) and Candace Cameron (D.J. from Full House).


Nowadays, it's Scarlett Johannson, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert (who could also qualify from my "younger years").

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