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Photo TR: 3rd Times a Charm

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When we left Mickey’s house I called Skip and asked what was up. He said “he just got back and took some ibuprofen and was going to sit a little while”. I took this as he was back at the park and was sitting up front. I was wrong, as I later find out. He meant he was back at the hotel and was going to take a nap.

Claire and I headed over to Fantasyland then to fight the crowds.

We got a fast pass for Peter Pan. I actually had to wait a few minutes as the first time I was about a minute too soon. The CM told me that the computers in the machines weren’t always on the same time as the clock up above.

We kind of wandered a bit and then I decided to do the Philharmagic. I called Skip and told him we were there and he was a bit grumpy about me calling, and he told me he was resting… OK then!




I thought the fast pass entrance wasn’t anything special. We still wait in line and then we are let into the next room first, but the standby guests come in after us, and they were put closer to the door to the theater.




Claire seemed to enjoy the show much more this year than last year. I just think it’s OK.


Claire had to potty then, so as we were looking for one we asked a CM when the Belle Storytime was going to start. He said in just a few minutes and directed us to the closest bathroom near there. We RAN!!!! We went potty and then headed off to storytime. It was full and they weren’t letting anyone else in, but they did allow Claire to stand in the entrance to watch. Claire didn’t mind and loved the show.


I thought this was Belle actually reading a story, but NOPE! .... Again it was a small version being acted out with some of the audience members of the Beauty and the Beast story.





Claire really enjoyed this. I thought I took pictures of her watching, but I guess I didn’t.


Next we went over to use our FP for Pooh.



We enjoyed it a lot. It did stop twice and the lights came on, but nothing major and then we would go again. Kind of a neat “different” experience really.


After the Pooh ride, Claire declared she needed something to eat. I didn’t want to get her too much because we would be eating in the not so far future. We decided on a pretzel. This sucker was huge too. I snatched a few bites for myself as well.



As we were eating the pretzel we walked passed a bathroom, and I decide I should go. So we went in and Claire said she had to go again. I was surprised since she really had just gone not too long ago. We went and I went to pull her pants up and UH OH! She didn’t pull her underwear down far enough before going and they got wet!

So I took them off, and put them in a bag I had in my purse. (thank goodness I brought along little bags, something I learned to do after the two previous trips of her getting sick…always have a bag on hand just in case), and we went out and washed out hands. Marched out to the stroller , her with nothing on under her dress, And pulled out that extra pair of underwear I just happened to pack that morning! Yay Me! We went back in the bathroom, pulled them on, her giggling the whole time about it and we were just fine and dandy then.


She had decided she would like to see Jasmine again today, so we headed off in that direction. The parade had started and boy was it hard getting through. We squeezed our way and went against the flow, but we finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.


The pirate Tutorial was going on again when we went by so I stopped to watch. Claire was just not impressed with it, so after I snapped some pictures we went on our merry way.






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I forgot to mention that I had periodically beeped Skip and told him what we were doing. The last time he was very grumpy, and I asked why, and he said because he was trying to sleep. Well that’s when I found out that he was back at the hotel and not sitting on some random bench, OOPS!

Our mission was Jasmine. She was not out. I asked a CM in a nearby store and they said she would be out at 4. Well we had dinner at 4:20, so I told Claire we would try again after dinner.


We kind of worked our way towards Crystal Palace and then took a sit down break. Well Claire jumped out of the stroller and ran around while I rested...meaning I took a sit down break and Claire took an exercise break! I took this picture. The screen is missing. We took pictures here previous years and there was a basket of fake apples and a screen.


Here is 2007







And this year. I wish I would’ve made Claire stand there. to keep up the tradition





When we sat down, I beeped Skip but he didn’t answer. The parade was going down Main street at this time, so I figured if he was in the park he couldn’t hear anyways. It was now close to ADR time.


Not long after he beeped me and said he was in front of Crystal Palace. I told him where we were, which was just over the bridge basically ,and he came over and sat with us. We told him what we did, and what we still wanted to do.


For Claire that was swimming and Jasmine!


We headed over to CP and I checked us in and then we waited.




I think we got called in a few minutes before our scheduled time. When you walk in they have these cute topiaries.








We were seated by the window and had a nice view.



We saw that we had JUST missed Eeyore, so I knew it would be awhile till he got around. The good thing was that the place was not full at this point.


Pooh was just about 2 tables away and then the “march” started up. Claire joined in the fun.




Pooh was at our table soon after the March was over. He was a big hit. I have always had a soft spot for Pooh, which I think I have mentioned before. He was my favorite as a kid and the one character I saw when we came when I was little.






I ran up and got some food between Pooh had Piglet. I gave strict instructions to Skip to beep me on the Nextel when he was 2 tables away. But I got back in time.




Look at this sly bugger here!



We set up spinning Minnie so she could view all the action too.



Skip kept telling me to look at the guy at the table across from us. This guy looked like the banjo player at the Hoop Dee Doo review. Exactly like him. So I finally asked if he was “him” and he wasn’t. They were from Pennsylvania so I doubt he would travel daily for that gig.


They were a really nice family though and the banjo player look alike offered to take our picture.



BTW, Claire is "posing" like that. She thinks she's funny looking away.


Tigger was our next visitor.


Claire had a ball with him. He kept asking for the pen and she would hand it to him and then he would drop it over and over and she was laughing so hard.







Eeyore was quite a bit behind, so I got some dessert while we waited.


Another March started while waiting and I taped a bit of it, but it’s pretty bad. Mostly me telling Claire to follow Piglet. But she was snubbing him, she wanted to follow Tigger. Then a tall girl got in my way, so I stopped recording.




And the fingers in the mouth AGAIN!




Not long after the parade we saw Eeyore.







After we ate we decided to see once again if Jasmine was out. We passed by Rafiki on our way. I told Claire we would come back to him if he was still out later. Jasmine was out, but her line was cut off again. We asked and were told that she would be back out at 5:45 for the last time that day. It was about 5:10, so we ran back to Rafiki. We were the last ones to see him before he took a little break.






We ran back to Jasmines line and were second! YAY. We had to wait a few minutes before she came out and the line was filling fast.

When She did come out, everyone stood and got into the line more officially. Now I was always second. Never was “out of line” and we had our stroller. This kid behind us, (probably late teens) tried to jump in front of me. ??????? I was here first buddy. Well normally I try to be careful with my stroller when I’m walking, but if you try to cut me off or do something stupid, you will FEEL my wrath, and he did! Don’t mess with stroller moms. Don’t be so stupid. LOL! I did say excuse me though. And just to be clear, Claire was NOT in the stroller. I wouldn't put her in harms way. And all I basically did was cut him off and he probably got scraped. But come on....why would a teen to early 20's guy jump in front of a 4 year old????? Okay, maybe hormones for Jasmine????


I told the photopass lady that I had preordered the CD and she was ...lets just say...not pleasant. She kept asking me where? And I said I “pre ordered” it. (not sure where she was going with that question) And then she said here or online? I told her online and she seemed mad about that, AND she didn’t take a lot of pictures either. And her pictures weren’t all that great….but neither were mine though. And then I go to hand her my photopass card to scan and she pulls out a new on and scans it. ....I am on the last day of the trip, have used the same card all week, and most likely not going to get any more photos and she gives me a new card.

Well here are my pictures.




And the photopass ones.






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While we were in line for Jasmine, Skip decided he was going to head back to the room again. So Claire and I were on our own again.


I decided we should use the fast pass for Peter Pan then.



Claire was worried it would be scary, but she totally enjoyed it.


We were getting tired and decided that we would check the Fairy line again and then head out.


The wait was an hour still, ....no go for us. I doubled checked with Claire to be sure she didn’t want to stay and watch Spectro or the fireworks, and she was sure she was ready to go back to the room.


We slowly made our way to the front of the park. I took these on the way.





As we are walking up, I decide I want to look in shops. They were packed, of course.


I still had that “other” sweatshirt on my mind…..the one I DIDN’T buy because it didn’t have the year on it, but I liked so much….......well I bought it. I just really liked it so much, and I knew I would wear it a lot too.







Finally off to the bus stop.

The bus was packed. I had Claire sitting next to me as close as she could, the stroller between my legs and my bag on my lap. As we starting pulling into Pops driveway, I swear it felt like my butt was getting wet? Sure enough when we stood up, it was wet and the bottom of my bag was wet and there was a small puddle under my seat. NO!!!!! I didn’t pee my pants! My stupid lemonade had a slow leak UGH! All over the bottom of the bag!


We went back to the room and got Claire ready for a swim. Skip took her out to the pool while I finished up the packing. I cleaned out the bag and took it to the laundry room to dry. I needed to use it on the plane the next day, so I couldn’t have a wet bag.


After the swim I decided to go to DTD and use up our CS and snack credits. I planned on going to Earl of Sandwich and getting some sandwiches to put on ice overnight and then eat them on the plane tomorrow morning. And then to Goofy’s to use up the snack credits. And I also wanted to buy something for my niece, so I figured we would stop in at World of Disney.

Claire wanted to come along with me. I wanted to do a quick trip there and back and then get settled down, maybe take a shower and get rested. NOT! But thats OK, we had fun too.

I swear there is no way to get there quick from Pop using the buses. You can get anywhere pretty fast on the buses, EXCEPT Down Town Disney. I should've just drove the rental car.

I think we got in line for the bus at 8:30 and it we waited at LEAST a half hour for a dang bus to even come. We did talk to a couple of gals in line with us and they had been in line even longer, and said a bus had just left when they were walking out to the bus stop.



We finally got there and ordered our sandwiches. Claire ate her chips right away. I got brownies for Skip and I.

Skip’s plan was to go get a hot fudge sundae at the Pop food court while we were gone and then he was to beep me and tell me how many snack credits we had left. He beeped me while in EOS and told us we still had 3 left.

Good deal!


We made our way towards WOD store. The bag with the food was getting heavy fast. I wish I had brought my canvas bag along…but it was still in the dryer drying.


We stopped off for a picture.



Then on to World of Disney




We did our shopping and picked up a Jasmine figurine doll with the rubber dresses for my niece and then a Mulan one for Claire. I asked for a big bag so I could put the sandwich bag in there too. I had drinks in that bag and it was killing my arm. Well the big bag was really heavy too. But easier to manage.


We stopped on the way out for these pictures.




After World of Disney we worked our way over to Goofy’s. DTD was packed. I was so irritated all these people were getting in MY way. Ok, I am just joking, but it was irritating.


I swear only idiots were working at Goofys! UGH! I looked at the candy “menu” and decided I want to make 3 sets of 3 pretzel rods to use up the credits. The girl said they only had on paper left to fill out and she would look for more. Well she just disappeared forever, .....and then came back and looked and left again and said her manager had to go look for the main one to make copies. Now this is DISNEY….shouldn’t they have a bunch of these made? I told her that could I just get 3 sets of the same and write what I want on one paper. She acted like I was crazy for wanting 3 sets and that doing 3 on the same paper was going to mess up the system. But she allowed it. Then a guy came out and he was going to get them started while she did some more wandering around doing nothing.

He was even SLOWER! I didn't even think that was possible.....Also he told me I couldn’t have white chocolate drizzled over my toppings because I already had white chocolate as the base and it wouldn’t make a difference in taste. Well to me it would’ve, but at this point I just wanted them to hurry up and get them done, so I didn’t argue. We waited while this guy worked in slow motion.


After awhile the girl came to help him, but it didn’t go any faster. Claire and I both were getting a little bit tired of waiting. Thinking back, I should've asked to see the manager.








Finally they got them done. This guy just had no clue. They are supposed to seal the bag with a sticker, but he folds the bag and puts the sticker next to it, so it doesn’t hold it shut in any way shape or form. He tells me to be careful with them, but I just wanted to leave and they did get smashed and stuck to the bag a bit…but what’s a little paper in the digestive system.


We headed over to the bus stop and sat down. It was crowded there. And again we waited and waited. 3 All Star buses and 2 Fort Wilderness buses came before the Pop one came. The ride back was so long . You have to stop on the other side of DTD before you head back to Pop.

Claire and I were very tired and happy to be back. We stopped off at the laundry room to pick up my bag out of the dryer and went back to the room. I needed to get ice for the sandwiches and of course Claire had to tag along. I was half way there when she comes running out of the room crying. I went back, got her, and we took a quick walk around the lake area and then got our ice. I finished up with getting things set for the morning and then we went to sleep. I don’t remember for sure what time we set the alarm for, but I know it was early. I think 5.


And that was the last full day at Disney….Boo Hoo!

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I'm soooo sad this report has come to an end. I hope u have a great time on your cruise and am looking foward to your TR on that vacation.



Yeah, I can't wait to leave....but we still have 28 more days, It is going so slowly here.

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March 14



Our departure day


Boo Hoo is all I can say.

The alarm went off very early and Skip jumps out of bed and gets ready. That made me MAD! All week he was tired and not getting up, which was fine, but on the day we are leaving he wakes up all excited and has more energy than he had the whole trip. This guy is just way to obsessed with being at home with his cows.

I made a few comments on this as well. He tried to play it off like he doesn’t want to get in our way, so he’ll get ready fast, and how he doesn’t want us to be late either. What ever!


I get Claire up and she is crying. Not because it is so early. She doesn’t want to leave Disney. She even pleaded to her daddy…. “Please can we stay longer daddy?!” How can you resist this? I dressed her and got myself ready as well.

Claire and I snacked on a pretzel rod for breakfast. We ended up snacking on these through the day, but Claire likes the plain pretzel part and isn’t too impressed with the toppings. Skip won’t touch them. YAY. I had these (all 9 of them) finished in two days.


Skip goes out practically empty handed to get the car. Claire and I drag ALL the luggage out to the spot I thought he was going to be waiting. (he seemed to do the same thing when we arrived, and Claire and I dragged all the stuff to our room then.) As we were walking up we saw a couple sleeping on lounge chairs. They had a bedspread on them and were totally out. I wish my hands weren’t so full so I could’ve taken a picture.


I wasn’t thinking loving thoughts about Skip at this point. We went to the spot I thought he'd be and he’s not there. I beep him and he was in front of Classic Hall. After a little grumbling, he pulled over to where we were and we loaded the car.I also let him know how he could've helped carry stuff. This is a trend with him all the time. His mother must've not taught him how to help carry things for a lady!

So... we load up the car and head off. Our last view of Pop was early AM in the dark.

Claire was still crying. She cried almost the whole hour drive to the airport. She couldn’t get comfy in the back seat to sleep and just didn’t want to leave. I don't blame her though, I had the same feelings.We stopped off at a gas station to refill the rental car and about then is when she settled down. That was just minutes from the airport, of course.


Skip pull up and unloaded us and we waited for him while he dropped off the car. So many people that walked in commented on how cute Claire was. AWWW!



Skip came back and we drag all the stuff into the line for Allegiant. Holy Cow, the line is mega long. I can’t believe all these people are going back to Toledo. Then we find out that the line is also for Fargo....…but then a lady call out that they would like any remaining passengers for Fargo to come up to the head of the line. Only ONE couple goes up. The guy makes the comment about who else in there right mind would go to Fargo.


We finally get checked in and then got through the long line of security. Claire always panics when we have to take off her shoes. .....like she may never get them back. And Skip is just not a helpful guy. His mother must’ve never taught him this kind of stuff. I have to throw the bags up and the shoes and stroller and camera equipment, and all of Claire’s too, and our coats, .....while he takes care of the one bag I make him carry and his shoes and coat, and phone. AND I always seemed to do our stuff faster than he can as well.


We get a seat and Claire and I go off to buy some drinks to take onboard. Before you know it, it’s time to baord and we are homebound. Claire never fell asleep on the ay home....I thought for sure she would, but mostly played her leapster game.



Notice that little patch of white behind her hair? Well it is this.



The person behind hers foot. Skip kept telling her to bite it and tickle it. I told her not to bother the poor person.


I mostly wrote in the journal to catch up with the days I was behind. I really felt the trip catch up to me too. I was TIRED and felt like a zombie.


Skip and I ate the EOS sandwiches, but Claire isn’t much of a sandwich person, so we just took hers home (and I ate it later that day )


When we landed the girl behind Claire stood up as we waited to exit. I told her how were laughing at her toe and that Skip told Claire to tickle her, and her friends were laughing so hard.


We got off the plane and found my dad . Then off to get the luggage. We live very close to the airport, so the ride home wasn’t long. Of course Skip’s annoying brother is beeping us the minute we have the phones back on and wondering why he’s not home yet. He does this EVERY trip. And then he goes on a long list of things that Skip has to do the MINUTE he gets back. Of course Skip is all too eager to do them as well, but it is really annoying. I mean give us a minute to get home.

We get home and take the luggage in and then Skip is dressed for work and out the door. No surprise there. I do a little unpacking and Claire lays around watching TV because she is soooo tired. I load my photopass pictures and do a little editing. Also load my pictures off my camera and get started at all that sorting. Claire and I did take a nice nap as well. It was needed~! Now I know I complain about Skip a lot. But he is a great guy and can be very helpful when he wants to be. I now know some of his crankiness was because his hip was basically about the fall off. We just didn't know it. And now 2 hip replacements later...things better be less painful for him! And that’s pretty much our trip!

I have a lot more pictures though, so I am going to post them as well.

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Well here’s the proof I am sometimes wrong!


I swore up and down there was only one twister set at Pop, well this trip I stumbled across the second one. I must’ve walked by it a few times in the past and just never saw it.








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Very nice trip report. I am really impressed with how many pictures you managed to get. When i took my son to WDW this past september, I ended up holding him so much that I thought my name was changed to "Carry Me." It seems like the only pictures I got to take where while I was sitting down in a restaurant or on a train. How many photopass pictures did you end up with?

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Very nice trip report. I am really impressed with how many pictures you managed to get. When i took my son to WDW this past september, I ended up holding him so much that I thought my name was changed to "Carry Me." It seems like the only pictures I got to take where while I was sitting down in a restaurant or on a train. How many photopass pictures did you end up with?


I still bring the stroller. When she gets tired feet she can sit in there. She is just to heavy to comfortably carry and I wantto get the most out of our park days, so the stroller comes to make it easier on all of us. She is now 6 and the stroller will come again this trip. It's not needed all day long, but sure is nice to have when it is needed. (Heck I wish I could fit in it at times) I forget how many photopass pictures I actually got. I did a sahre with a few other people and we had 2 CD's full after edits. I think before edits I had somewhere around 120 to 150 pictures. They took a lot at BBB and at the photoshoot. I also tried to get pics taken whenever I saw a photographer. Though my family started revolting!

I got a lot of Pop pictures because I would get up earlier than the rest and just walk around and take pictures. It was nice and relaxing for me each morning.

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These pictures are from day 2 at Disney


























I actually may have posted this posted this in the TR, but oh well, here it is again. I took several that looked like this.





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More Parade photos!






waiting for the boat to Grand Floridian!



GF Pool



And trying to get a shot of her while walking up the walk, but she kept running from me! Shame on her!



Stopping to check on Daddy!



And then putting a Magic Spell on him! (Probably to make him move faster. LOL)



Still working our way up to 1900 Park Fare





And seated!




The Prince waiting for Cinderella!


















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These are from March 10. our DHS day!







On to DHS!




































And that’s the end of the extra pictures for Day 3

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Here’s one of the crooked castle pictures I am so famous for!





























Some final thoughts.

We had a fabulous time. We had some ups and some downs, but we still had a great trip. I thought of ways to do the next trip slightly different over the past 2 years and have changed my mind about 100 times.

My next trip is starting in just 10 days! It was supposed to be Skip, Claire and I, but Skip now cannot go. His brother broke his leg, so Skip has to stay home to run the farm. My mom and dad are now flying down with Claire and I. Mom is going to go on the cruise portion with us and dad will go and visit his sister for a few days. He will then pick us up from the port and do the Disney/Sea World portion with us.

I have planned so much for this trip and now it is TOTALLY changed...but we will have fun. I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures and post a TR here!

Thanks for reading along.

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