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The wing rider will no longer be named "Thunder Head," due to a thematic change; however, the gravity group woodie will be named Thunder Run, due to its extreme pace throughout the ride amongst the dense forest it literally, "thunders" though. The coaster is in the old western area.


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I've never really been much into RCT2, and due to that my interest for RCT2 parks in this forum has been quite low, if not non-existing.

But having said that, I have to admit that this one really has caught me. I actually can't say precisely what it is that makes me like it, but it has its charm.


I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this from now on. Great job!

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Love it man. I would definitley add a seating area/restaurant to the right of the coaster in the open area. Just to add more depth to the area. Maybe make it elevated and have a nice patio by the turn? either way. I love it.



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