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RCT or RCT2 on iPad

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Well since you guys seem to know everything, maybe you can help me out here. I desperately want to play this on my iPad. And I've heard about Chris Sawyer having some legal issues and didn't want to work with the franchise anymore or something, but there has to be a way. There just HAS to be


I did find this Facebook page, but it seems there's not a lot of people jumping on this band wagon:



Surely a Facebook page with 8 members should trigger someone into buying the rights and building the game? Oh wait. Of course not.


Is there another way? Should I stop dreaming? Help!


There. I fixed it.

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Hm http://www.parallels.com/eu/news/id,24141 sounds like a workaround could be possible.


I actually do run RCT 3 on my Mac, but not through parallels, It's just available for Mac. Maybe with Parallels on iPad, and running RCT2 on Parallels on Windows on my Mac (wow) it's possible!


But I'd really rather open the appstore and find it in the Top Profit Apps :/

Surely someone knows Chris Sawyer? Someone needs to wake this guy up

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^^ One of my colleagues is an app developer for our company, he told me he had to reverse engineer the original RCT to port this to iPad. Or buy the source code (as it's not open sourced). It's not that easy I think.


Any Chris Sawyer fanboys?

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I wouldn't want it done, it'd be a severely limited experience. I mean, half the fun of playing RCT is in the trainers after you've completed the game. You'll build a park of your own, screw around with it, and more importantly have a trainer on the Mac/PC platforms.


On the iPad, it'd work. But, it wouldn't be the same, could you imagine trying make your own park, the hard way? I mean, alot of people more or less on this games forum probably used some kind of trainer on their parks recently or in the past. To make it cost nothing when building, or if they have sandbox mode in RCT3 to edit and change trains on different track types.


I mean, if this floats your boat. Do it. I just don't see the point of reviving the first two games of a series that's over 10+ years old to a platform that you'd could only play the scenarios on. Sure, it could be edited to have a sandbox, but I still would not get it.



Good luck, and I hope all goes well.

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I imagine one of the things that would be so appealing about RCT or RCT2 on an iPad is the iPad controls, in RCT, i.e. dragging the screen around and pinching to zoom. I'm not sure if that would port over RCT, much less would it be as fun as say, navigating the internet on an iPad.

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What does Parallels do? And why is it needed to play RCT2 on your iPod/iPhone/iPad? And my final question, what does it do on windows? I always wanted them to make RCT2 app.


Parallels is a program that allows you to install Windows onto a Mac machine. Since RCT/RCT2 never came out in a Mac-readable CD format, it is needed to play on a Mac. Parallels can also be installed on Windows if you wanted Linux/Mac OSX or any other operating system that isn't Windows. Basically, the reason Parallels has showed up so much is because it is one of only two really viable options for playing RCT/RCT2 on a Mac (and thus, iPad). Hope that helps!


I'm glad I have become "That parallels guy".

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