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What Is The Most Intense B&M Invert Out There

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I am just curious, what has to be the most intense B&M inverted coaster out there. I rode Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, and Intimidator 305, at Kings Dominion and I thought that Batman was by far a lot more intense the Intimidator. On Batman, I grayed out to blacked out twice. I was graying out and I was blacking out. Once in each loop and my feet felt very weird on the tight turns, almost as if they were being constricted. I also know that Nemesis and Black Mamba are said to be pretty intense, what about Nemesis Inferno, Dueling Dragons ( Dragon Challenge ) or any others.


If anyone agrees with me, please, let me know. But I think that B&M Inverted Coasters are some of the most forceful coasters out there.


Does anyone know any other rides like Batman, that may grayed out or blacked out people. Like graying out or blacking out on loops. And having tingling in you're feet or numbing and weird odd feelings in you're feet on tight turns.


Intmidator 305 was no where near as intense as Batman. Too bad they don't make those really intense compact B&M Inverts anymore do they?

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Please use the search function before starting a new topic. We already have a couple of similar threads discussing this on the forum.








I am going to go ahead and lock this thread but feel free to continue to discussing this in one of the threads above.

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