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Six Flags Ontario: A Redo [RCT2]

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March 9th, 1965 John Lott's Journal

I was about to open my recently completed gardens, finished just last week, when a nice but somewhat narcissistic (always me, me, me) young fellow approached me with lots of papers and a shocking but somewhat tempting proposal. Apparently, a small company for which he worked was setting up small traveling fairs around Canada. I was one of their proposed Ontario locations. As a British person who had enjoyed many a traveling fair in my day, I was about to agree. He cut me off; he told me he wanted to set up a permanent fair, named Fun-Town. Convincing me was easy; the fair was to include a carousel, a Fun house, a pool, a Ferris Wheel, a "Haunted" House, a small circus tent and a larger ride, as of yet undecided. The truly hard part was convincing my wife, Martha, to let us go through with it; she wanted a vegetable garden to save money from groceries, and I wanted to earn money for managing the new tourist attraction that would be Lott Gardens. Eventually she fell in favor of the fair, although somewhat close to our cottage.

John Lott's Album


The many acres of undeveloped land that came with the house


The garden; Martha clipped the photo for no reason I could see


Ground is being broken!


The pool is being filled already


A full pool is almost done!


Done, with a floating rent-a-swimsuit building for the forgetful guests!


And finally, a fully created funfair (without the big ride though...)

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Today Lott Gardens opened for the second time and might I say it was ever so popular. Here's why:

Construction on a roller coaster has begun! That's right, a new ride built by Schwartzkopf that towers at 85 feet tall, will not only send you flying as you pass the trees, but will turn you upside down! Construction crews showed me a few sneak peeks at what was to come...


A few track pieces, soon to be repainted


A station house.


The layout, to be built by September. The roller coaster has no name but I was chosen to name it... Hmmm... think, think, think

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The new roller coaster is a hit! The two trains, each carrying 20 guests, are both full and the new name is finally in place - I decided to name it "Adrenalin Rush", for the feeling you get when you drop, twist and loop. It's very scenic, and the trees whoosh past you at up to 50 mph! Here are some photos I acquired:


The entrance sign, poking out of the water


The theming is finally complete


A pirate barrel ride was also built


A satellite photo I was presented for my birthday


A nearly full Adrenalin Rush train prepares to scream


A representative presented me with this photo and told me he wanted to build another coaster there if we earned enough cash...


Lastly, development of a food court is starting. Hopefully we will only serve my wife's cooking - I do not want any franchises!!!

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You stole my ride name on youtube ):

Actually, I had no idea --- Really! I thought it up myself, and had no idea you even had a YouTube video... Oh well, if it's fine with you, I'll keep the name, if not, you're welcome to suggest a new one. Sorry!

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@Everyone: School here in Quebec starts today so unfortunately posts will be weekend-only.

@Dotrobot: The path is now a standard wooden one, and it was actually an improvement, thanks!

@CoasterCreator9: Yep.


Wow! We already have a new coaster... unfortunately, non-looping! Oh, well, still awesome thrills! Vekoma has been kind enough to provide us with yet another steel roller-coaster, themed like a mine - specifically a gold mine, hence the name "Goldrush". With an an underground tunnel, steep drops and terrain-hugging curves, this wild ride will have you screaming - for more!




The tunnel entrance...


...and exit.


My favorite flying-over-the-lake shot


The lift hill


The entrance is in the food court


The giant entrance sign. The park designers seem to like huge vertical signs


Whatever else is happening at the Gardens?


Lastly, it deeply saddens me that Marsha and myself are starting to pack our bags as the theme park is proving too much to handle. We are seeking new ownership... *sigh*

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W.O.W. Look at what just got released into local papers:




Major renovation is taking place at Lott Gardens, which will, by the end of extensive renovation, become a fully-fledged amusement park instead of the “funfair” it was intended to be. Major focal points include:

• The shipment of the small cottage to another location

• The redesign of the funfair area to be themed on the old West

• New rides and removed rides

• The creation of administrative offices

• A themed children’s play area

• The removal of the outdoor swimming pool

• An action theater

• The move of the gardens and creation of two fountains

• Other improvements to meet buyer’s needs

The current date is 1970, and the renovations will likely complete in February 1972 – from now until then, the park will be CLOSED. ...


The cottage is going away


The fountain is going in


The new administrative offices are going in


Looks like AR is getting improvements (and a new name)


Another fountain was added


Lastly, an overview of the park formerly known as Lott Gardens

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Bye bye cottage, you were one of my favorites for this park, so simple yet so well done.


Sorry I haven't commented much, but I am on it now and I must say I am sad that 2 of my favorite things in this park are gone, first was the cottage and the other the Pirate Barrels. Oh well, progress always has it's downside. The park as a whole is coming along very nicely, look forward to seeing where all the changes lead.

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Guess what's baaack... almost!

More construction shots:


The completed offices


A bee-youtiful carousel




Gold Rush's sign is gone...


...Because it has a fancy one now


Guess who!




The progress so far. Note: the estimate is now placed one year later than expected.

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