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Where can I find a list of Water Coasters?

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Water Coasters will not work as a search term even with quotation marks around them, all the results just return water. I've search "Master Blaster" and "Deluge" and have had limited success. I'm looking for Water Coasters in the vein of "Crush'n Gusher"/Master Blaster and I've never been on Deluge, but I'm assuming it's fantastic. Thing is, I'm in Ottawa, Canada and I'd like to find somewhere within 6 or 7 hours with these type of water coasters that's preferably outdoors. Unfortunately, I cannot take a weekend trip to Texas or Kentucky! So any advice? Closest I've come across would be SF in New England.

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I tried Proslide's website, but they don't design the type of coaster at least the master blaster type. At least Proslide does list their installations because Whitewater West does not...


I should have checked who designed the Deluge though, I'll take another look at the Proslide list. I'm thinking that it might not be possible for a weekend trip to a waterpark that has either the Master Blaster or the Rocket technology. I was really hoping to find one with the Master Blaster technology because I loved the Crush'n Gusher at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon so much.


I gather the Rocket Technology is different, but equally or maybe even more enjoyable, I hope that's the case and that I can find one.

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^remember we have two different types of rides being called "Water Coasters".


Those that run on tracks at same point that will be in rcdb.com


Those that are true water slides (and not coasters, even though they are referred to as coasters) such as Deluge, Wildebeest which won't be on rcdb

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