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[RCT2] Fizzix Design Factory

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No problem. As long as you don't start any flame wars.

Thanks buddy, robmiester and myself took care of things with PMs.We both just jumped at each other without really understanding where we both were coming from. All is good now.



Can I be a tiger?

I see the evil Panda is still gathering his Tiger troops against me.

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OK, thanks. I'll have to discuss this with my conspirators, I mean collaborators...



EDIT: The design is 100% completed, with peeps. Thank you guys for always encouraging me, and making me finish this project. We'll see how it does, but here's your last update! See you on the other side!



EDIT 2: Just submitted it, wish me luck(if you haven't already done so)!


Full Screen!


It looks like a party to me! dmaxsba, I'd be worried about all those Tigers...

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I see the evil Panda Drotobot has cloned himself (twice) and his tiger attack forces are close at hand.

Anyway, told you private good luck and I am going to do it again here. GOOD LUCK! May the judges over at NE receive this as positively as it was recieved here and you bring back another TPR member metal. You really deserve a big win with this submission. Vortex (Inferno) is hands down one of the best Arrow coasters ever made with RCT.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

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Hey guys. Inferno didn't win, sadly, but it was a great experience. I got to work with 2 incredibly skilled gentlemen, and had a blast working on this. Hopefully I'll win next time, which won't be too long. Thanks for following along, everybody, you're the main reason I finished this. Oh, should I make another topic for my next Design, or change the name of this thread into a place for all of my designs? Just curious what you guys thought. Well, enjoy it, it was a blast to build, and still a wonderful little park.




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Okay, now it's time to be critical about what I just saw after downloading this:


Fizzix, You have the ability to play this game well imo, but for a design, you have to embrace the word "design" into the equation, and I found things (from a design worthy view) lacking that 'wow' factor we can find.


Have a look at all of these designs that win, and the clear thing you can see in most cases is the coaster itself is the main focus, and this I found to be the main issue.Your archy IMO is some of the best I like because of all the colors and diffrent textures on the buildings.


Some of these points I think may have affected the score:


-For an Arrow setup, I think you did well, but the date you chose for this urks me because Arrow Dynamics was just on the verge of bankruptcy at the time this coaster would be finished I assumed.


-As for the coaster as a whole, like I said earlier, no coaster I have seen you enter and exit from the same side, besides maybe kiddy rides.


-The coaster was shrouded behind all the buildings and such that it never could be quite intimidating looking, but I also love how it is secluded a bit so the overall ride expierence was hidden untill riding the coaster. That, I liked about it.


-The overall layout of the "park" makes it look like this is the only area of the park, which then makes the park seem very small as a whole.


-The first turn on Inferno seemed a tad slow, but this was not an issue.


-I think making the Entrance/ exit huts would have still improved the area a bit more.



Overall, I still love this design submission, but I can see how some people did not enjoy it. Still, though, Don't let this be the end of the potential I see, because I know an accolade is close, and in reach.


Coasterfreak101 Your support work was excellent Imo and Dmaxsba, I'd like to thank you for your generous contributions over at TPR.


I thought I would bring this over as well.


Agian Mastersax, I loved this, but at the same time I can see why the panel may have not enjoyed it as much as I did.


To answer your question though:


I say you do that. easy enough to follow and people can then see how much you're improving as well.

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I think keeping this one topic dedicated to your designs would be fine but really it up to you.


I really felt this coaster was a very true to reality version of a Arrow Loop-er. More so than the last few Arrow designs that actually won over at NE. I don't see how an RCT2 Arrow Corkscrew coaster could have ever been designed any better than this one was. I do feel it dominates the area in which it is set and have to wonder just what makes for a design win over at NE these days. Is it really the coaster as the word design would have you to believe it should be, or is more about the setting you place that design in? I do understand it should be placed in and surrounded by excellent scenery but in the end shouldn't the design itself be the most important part?


Is this design exciting?.. Not really.

Should it be?.. Not really.


Arrow coasters of that time frame were a dime a dozen and many just exact copies of other Arrow coasters, they were not really exciting or innovative, they were just Arrow coaster, plain and simple. Inferno is a 100% dead on version of what Arrow coasters at the time were. Fast, jerky, inversion filled awkwardness that were and still are a blast to ride.

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The layout and supporting were superb.


Landscaping was only a minor problem (I think)


Archy was really good..


My problem with this was. The coaster didn't interact with the enviroment as I wanted it to. The ride was very enclosed. If you were walking in the walk ways you couldn't take a view at the coaster very much and there was no place for them to view the coaster.


Another thing was the part when it went behind the buildings. Now I don't remember but I think you had dumpsters behind those buildings. ( there were no paths in the back of the buildings..just minor pet peeve). But I wouldn't want to ride a ride that has a clear view of dumpsters in the back of a building. Well I would but it would take away from the experience

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Well, my next Design is well underway, so I thought now would be a good time to update my thread.


It is a dueling set of GCI's inspired by Joris en de Draak. I tried to get more interaction then my last attempt at a Design, and I'm already trying to fix up my foliage, so it looks more natural, and less flowery. I'll post the pics I put up in the Preview Thread, but I don't have any new ones. Hopefully I'll get some up within the next few days. Enjoy.


PS. More has been added since these photos, including the Drop Tower being repainted, so bug off!!!


PPS. Just kidding. Opinions are very welcome!

TT Teaser.bmp

Shot 1.

TT Teaser 2.bmp

Shot 2.

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