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[RCT2] Fizzix Design Factory

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I've changed this thread into a place for me to show you guys all of my works, as far as designs go. I didn't see the need to spam the forums with threads about parks based around a single coaster. This will be updated every time I get into a Design submission.


Page 1-10~~ Inferno-Arrow Multilooper

2 Loops


2 Corkscrews


Final Score: 56.92%- Fell short of a Design Accolade by a few percents, but hey, it's the journey, not the destination.


Page 10-__~~ Twisting Timbers- GCI Duelers

Several instances of Dueling

Several instances of Racing


Final Score:




I've started work on a small-ish design submission. The coasters' name is Vortex, was built in 2001, and features 2 loops, a massive helix, a batwing element, and 2 corkscrews. The park is basically going to be split up into 2 sections, the older, more classic area, and the newer area, where the coaster is at. The newer section has a Twist ride named Chaos and Vortex. The Older area so far only has a Carousel, Grand Carousel. I don't have 8cars, so if anybody would like to volunteer to do the supports, I would make this a dual project, and we could submit it together.

Vortex 2.bmp

Updated screen of the station and queue.

Vortex 3.bmp

Entrance building.

Vortex 4.bmp

Mimi's Cafe, and the Toy Shoppe.

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I love the entrance building! It looks fantastic - the only part I can nitpick about are the little awnings over those two top windows. They blend in with the window quite a bit, and it just kind of looks funny. But maybe that's just me!


Also, the little huts (for lacck of a better word) that break up the bath seem a bit high. The rooves look higher than the first floors of the two buildings, which seems a bit off. Maybe a space lower?


As far as supports go, that's one of my favorite parts of RCT2, so if you need a volunteer I'm sure I could help! I can send you a thing or two I've done if you want to make sure that I'm decent!

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Mastersax68, I'm just in awe at the momment. You told me my usage was good, but I can't be compared to the skill you have just shown here. The atmosphere you have shown in just these few pictures are splendid! This park has great potential into becoming a great park!

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Thanks! coasterfreak, I'm not sure which awnings you're talking about, there's kind of a lot of them. Go ahead and send something my way, and I'll check it out! djbrcace1234, Thank you! I never really got into custom scenery until now because I don't have 8cars and I thought that I would just automatically be bad. I can get around most problems without it, with the exception of supports. I don't know if you want to, but I had another picture with custom scenery posted in the Preview Thread. I think it's in the 40's.

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Thanks for your comments everyone! Dotrobot, coasterfreak101 is already supporting it, I'm sorry. Next update depends on how long it takes for the supports to get finished. Stay tuned!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Park Completion: 48%


coasterfreak has finished supporting Vortex and has returned it to me to work on. I updated a few older buildings, seeing as I now have 8cars, and built quite a few more. A problem has arisen, however. A park was released on NE recently with an Arrow Looper called Vortex, with the exact same color scheme. I was thinking that I would re-color the track to a yellow, and re-name the ride Bolt, or Volt, or Live wire, or something along those lines. What are your guys' thoughts? I don't want to change something and then have the community hate me. By the way this is my 300TH POST!!


EDIT* This was actually my 299th post, but whatever.

Vortex Buildings Update.bmp

Some new buildings closer to the actual coaster( don't worry about the texture change, it's just there to remind me to build there).

Vortex Buildings Update 2.bmp

2 game stalls, and an updated building.( The elephant is dmaxsba!)

Vortex Buildings Update 3.bmp

The Guest Services building, and a restauant. Notice I lowered the awnings over the path by 1 clearance.

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^ I actually had the coaster re-colored at the time that I took these pictures, so I'll post some later. I really want to get this finished and submitted before the summer ends. djbrcace, the art deco tab is perhaps the most important to remember, along with foliage, maybe. I hope you include this tab in your next park, too!

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^ Yes it was. I would keep it blue, but one already released has the same color scheme as well. I don't want to appear as though I stole the idea for the ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Park Completion: 50%


I only got to play 2-3 game years, so not much got done today, except 2 buildings and a really glitchy fountain.

Glitchy Fountain.bmp

Glitchy fountain, and Cat's Cafe.

New and Old.bmp

New building on the left. Changed the color of the windows on the building to the right.

Overview 1.bmp

Overview of the entire park.

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The station I don't think fits the kind of buildings you already have in the park.


If I recall correctly, though, You said that this park would have two areas. One being old, and one being new, correct?


The transition rightnow is just too fast fro something like that.


However, I think this will win design!

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