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Custom Roller Coasters [RCT2]

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More coasters...


At stupid Intamin called Hills Through the Ages


The very awkward drop.


The ending


An Inverted mad mouse type coaster


Two block brake sections


More BB and airtime.


Two dueling looping coasters.


The first half


And the second half

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Heres the thing. The GCI is EASILY your best coaster, everything else not so much. The GCIs theming is by far your best and it is moving in the right direction. However, the intamins theming is not there... and everything else is like your old stuff. Keep it up in terms of the GCI and you have a lot of potential!

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  • 3 months later...

I haven't posted many things in a while because I lost all my files . BUT I WILL KEEP MAKING COASTERS!!! Like this...


This is Shooting Star, a coaster inspired by the Shooting Star coaster that was at Lakeside Park in Virginia. With a little tweak of my style.


The first drop awesomeness




The turnaround


the last airtime shots!!!


Here is a Mini-B&M coaster.


The first drop and two loops


The first block brakes and then a Batwing, and the final airtime hills with helix's.

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If you can replicate dungeon dash - believe you lost that too? - and adjust it, it would be an awsome coaster. Better than most of my GCI attempts and I've done my share the last weeks.

I will try to re-make Dungeon Dash, and adjust it? Do you mean add more turns to make it more of a GCI? Or more awesome airtime?

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Wood coaster - Some of the sections are a little flat... Are those MCBRs? If they aren't I'd recommend turning those into small airtime hills.


Overall: Great job on the woodie... It looks great! Your wood coaster layouts are a million times better than they were originally.


Steel coaster - Not sure if the MCBR is really needed because its such a small coaster. Layout looks solid. Keep working on extending your brake runs.


You should start experimenting with making your coasters look a bit more realistic. Fantasy designs look a lot better than your first few designs, so I'd recommend experimenting with realism. Look at pictures for inspiration.

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The coaster is GREAT, the scenery and your double post to get attention is not.


Take some time and learn how to use the games scenery and your coasters will really stand out as something to always be proud of. I think you should go build yourself a 100x100 map with nothing but scenery items in it from the origanl RCT game and then put in as many coaster types and a few flat rides and food stalls and start building stand alone dioramas with your coaster designs as the focus. Open them up and let the guests in to enjoy the ride(s) and when your done post the small park for everyone to download and take your new coaster(s) for a ride.


BTW, if you do what I suggested don't get discouraged about the words "Not Downloaded Yet" at the top of your attachments, ever since the "NEW" TPR site was unveiled all those many months ago the counters for downloads has not worked.

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Thanks, and I know I am sad an pathetic...

Sad and pathetic, I don't think so.


Here is your gift, it is a blank landscape about 100x100 in size, 4 entrances and completely exit pathed so you should never have problems getting guests off the map. It includes almost all the major coasters, rides and stalls that were part of the original game. In other words there is NO custom content and no WW/TT items used. At anytime you can load this saved game back into the editor and remove and add any content you want. The only thing you will lose is the parks objective. I have it set to "HAVE FUN". The only way to get it back to that is to use the TRG trainer. There is no money in the park and all the guests have average stats. So if you build something big or small the guests will ride it.


Like I said before the park has four entrances all of which are in line with each other so if you build a path from one to the next you will always be able to find the very center of the map. When you open it up for the first time the center is marked with an "X". With this map you should be able to build just about anything of any size. So have fun and please share with us all what you come up with.


Coaster Dioramas Park.SV6


Just for fun and to show you the kind of coaster diorama thing I was talking about I made one. This is a diorama of Heartline Twister coasters. Sounds boring right? Well when you see them I don't think you will find them boring. In this little diorama you will find two racing Heartline Twisters, one backwards and one forwards. Four other attractions were added to the scene along with stalls, park staff and a complete Medieval theme. No trainers where used while building this park with one exception, I put block brakes on the coasters. Had to use 8cars for that. I don't like it when they have brake failure and kill my guests. With block brakes that never happens.


Anyway take a look if you wish, it is just simple OLD SCHOOL RCT2 at it's best. I am not saying your dioramas need to be this extravagant, I just wanted you to see how they can be if you choose to put some time into it. It took me about 7 game years to make this so that is about 7 hours total work. The only picture I am going to show of it is this shot from a distance. Just wanted you to see how big (or small) the diorama is. If you want you can take some pictures of it and post them, I just didn't feel comfortable posting pictures of something I made in your topic.


Heartline Twister Diorama.SV6

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