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Photo TR: D23 Anniversary Party and a Bit o' Knott's

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I joined D23 in January solely because I wanted to attend the screening of one of my favorite movies, Toby Tyler at the end of this month. I feel like in the past there have been private events at Disneyland that I have not attended and always regret so I decided to go to this one. It ended up being totally worth the $65 for a Disneyland fan. The party was from 9-12 on a Wednesday night. All the rides of Fantasyland were scheduled to be open. We decided to leave work early and do a few rides at Knott's first. The last trip report I did was for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary, so I figured why not do another one. One TR every 5 years isn't too bad, right?


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and adjusted your thread title to include "Photo TR:" at the front, and gave a little bit of info to the subtitle to let people know what they were looking at from the forum. Thanks for sharing this with us!


This was our view. We sat behind the 2 drivers who spent the entire time talking about Caitlin and the other girls from Camp Snoopy they would be hooking up with at some party.


The big train was not being used that day, instead they were using this mini-silver train. The park ws pretty dead.


I heart Claimjumper! They have the best Happy Hour!


This was pretty sad. They had Haunt stuff from 2007 . . .


AND 2003. The best part was that it was still full price, the same price as other shirts in the store.


Let's move on to the D23 Party. This was what adorned the castle.


Here was where we checked in.


They made a big deal about making sure each person had a packet. We sat down and opened it and all it had was a welcome letter and information about other D23 events. Lame.


I brought my new fingerless gloves and I was glad I did because it was freezing!


They said that 1900 people attended. We all waited in front of the castle for the party to start. The party started at 9. If you were in the park before closing, you could wait in the Hub area. If you were not in the park they allowed you in at 8:45, I guess some people were upset about this because they missed the opening ceremony. Part 2 coming!

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Ok, and now for the party itself.


They did a little firework show before they let us in.


The CMs were all lined up welcoming us in and wishing us a Happy Anniversary. It was cool, it reminded me of the 50th.


They had tables everywhere with treats and drinks on it. They filled these pretty consistently throughout the night and the food was pretty good. They also had hot tea, ice water and coffee. I think everyone wished they had hot chocolate also.


They really were very good.


I love cupcakes.


Cinderella's coach was out. They also had Clarabelle, Brother Bear, and Country bears out. We also saw The Three Little Pigs. Oh wait, it was CLASSIC 3 Little Pigs as the random guy behind me corrected me.


The party took place in Fantasyland, where all the rides were open. They also had bars selling beer, wine and soda. Pretty neat to drink in Fantasyland.


Giant cookies! I took this home and finished it tonight. At the end of the party, people were taking tons of stuff home!


France and TPR Europe trip this year.


TPR Australia trip next year!


Another photo op - I believe this is a car Walt used to drive around.


Much to my delight, Captain EO was also open! They randomly opened the Astro Orbitor also.


We did something we rarely do - ride Dumbo. I would only do it with no wait.


Tony Baxter and other Legends were there. I was hoping to meet Kevin Corcoran and get him to sign something for me but he wasn't there.


She looked pretty ghetto.

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Part 3! I hope I am doing this right.


Final Thoughts: The party was a lot of fun. I think anytime you are somewhere with a lot of people who love the same thing, the vibe is great. Sure, there are always annoying people but such is life. The party reminded me a little of the Halloweed Party in Orlando, with the music playing everywhere and all the photo ops. There were little or no lines for everything and all of Fantasyland was open, save the Matterhorn. It was weird (and yet kind of nice) because there were hardly any kids there. The party was from 9-12 on a school night and cost 65 dollars, so I am guessing that is why.


One cool thing was the man that is the voice of Disneyland was there recording outgoing messages on people's cellphones. Pretty cool!


I hope they keep doing stuff like this!


It usually weirds me out when they are in character but she really owned it.


Which way to say so long to bad times and hello to good times?


Oh yeah! I love it.


This was on the castle.


Christine is wishing she was married to Bradley Cooper and they are now owners of Six Flags Over Georgia. I actually had a dream of that last week!


Parade car?


An empty Main Street on the way out.


We don't normally take character pictures, but with no line we figured what the heck.


There was lots of media there and I was even interviewed!


I am gonna miss these letters!


It was weird to be the only ones out there.


I love California!


I passed out on the checkout tables. We were so tired by the end of the night. It was how i felt every night after the TPR trip, happy and tired.

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Awesome report! I was really hoping to make it to the event, but things didn't work out. I will definitely have to make the trip for the next events. Those cupcakes looked so good! Wish they had an event this week when I'm there

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