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NEWS: Six Flags launches official blog

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February 10, 2010

Mike Scollins, Six Flags Social Media Agent


You're probably wondering what you're doing here. We're already incredibly active in the online space. Do we really need another forum in which to dazzle you with our masterful usage of the English language? Well, yeah, we do. Twitter is amazing but there's some information that simply can’t be conveyed in 140 characters or less. And Facebook, I love you, but every time I sign on is another crippling reminder that Megan Fox still hasn't accepted my Friend Request.


So what's the point of the blog? Well, where Twitter and Facebook are all about interacting and creating conversations with you guys, the blog is about giving you the straight news. Every Wednesday and Friday, I'll be posting the most up-to-date, info direct from inside company headquarters. What are we doing to gear up for the new season? How's Six Flags Dubailand coming along? This is going to be your one stop shopping for all the exciting action coming out of Six Flags.


But you won't just hear from me. Once a month when I feign sick to catch up on General Hospital, I'll be turning the blogging duties over to a cadre of guest editors. Park Technicians, fancy suited VPs, maybe even Mr. Six himself will all take a turn sitting at my desk and letting you know what's up in their unique world.


And now that the introductions are over, we'll resume with your regularly scheduled blog. Check back on Friday when I'll let you know how you can win a couple Season Passes and teach you eight simple steps to rock hard abs.* Till then.



Six Flags Social Media Agent


* Ok, fine. I'm just gonna talk about the Season Passes.


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The Six Flags Blog has posted their first official post-launch update:


I know what you're thinking when you read this blog. First, you're thinking, “Mike, who picked out that purple shirt? Your Mom?” Second, you’re thinking, “Can I please win some free Six Flags tickets?” Well, guys, the answer to both of these is a resounding yes.


Two weeks ago, we launched our new Facebook Video Contest giving you the chance to win a day in the park for you and your friends. Each month, from now through April, we’ll be releasing a new video challenge showing how you can take every day activities and give them “More Flags. More Fun.” So grab your video cameras and head to Facebook.com/SixFlags. And don’t worry if you’re a little camera shy cause we’ve got something for the critics, as well. Every time you vote on a video, you’ll be entered in our monthly sweepstakes for a 2010 Six Flags Season Pass. Because let’s face it — no online video can actually be considered any good until an anonymous commenter says so.


And, no, you don’t need a James Cameron sized budget for this one. No one’s looking for Avatar (truth be told, those blue guys freak me out and I might disqualify you). Just grab a camera and get inspired. Now that every digital camera, cell phone and toaster (I think?) comes with video, just point, shoot and upload. I can’t imagine that Keyboard Cat having a very large production budget and that’s been viewed over 5 million times. Talk about taking a 1 Flag cat and bumping him up to 5.


And, of course, don’t forget to check out the Official Rules on our Facebook page for all big legal jargon that I won’t bore you with over here. Good luck, guys.

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Newest blog is up from Six Flags. They have info on the Texas Giant. Toward the end they also hint at more blogs gearing toward more 50th anniversary announcements! Check it out!


Mike Scollins, Six Flags Social Media Agent


If there’s anything I’ve learned from marathon viewings of Nip/Tuck, it’s that everyone gets a little work done when they get older. Same goes for coasters.

Six Flags Over Texas’ Texas Giant has officially gone under the knife and started

Phase I of its massive renovation. Since it’s first ride in1990, Texas Giant has been regarded as one of the most formidable coasters on the planet. Twenty years later, we’re breaking ground on a major rehaul to make sure it stays that way.


Less than a week ago we began with the enhancements and, trust me, you’re going to see and feel the difference. For starters, the new Giant will morph itself from an entirely wooden coaster to a wood/steel hybrid giving it the most advanced capabilities of any wooden coaster on the planet. Remember when Green Lantern got that ring? Well, imagine he just put one on every finger.


The Giant is going to feature the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the world checking in at 79 degrees. It’s going to feature the steepest bank of any wooden coaster in the world at 95 degrees. It’s going to be taller and faster than the original Texas Giant (which at already fourteen stories high and up to 63mph, was nothing to sneeze at.)


So when do you get a chance to actually check this out for yourself? Yes, I realize reading about a coaster isn’t quite the same as riding. (Though, for the sake of my ego, I’ll pretend it’s at least a close second.) I’ve posted some construction photos below to give you a taste but the real deal will launch in 2011 – just in time for our 50th Anniversary. What’s up with the 50th? That, friends, is a story for another day. But know that if this is the kind of info we’re already sharing, just imagine what we’re working on in secret. Time will tell.

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