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Tips on building on a custom Six Flags park? (RCT2)

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What I can say for a Six Flags park is just to stick to a mainly generic theme, and use at least one traditional Six Flags rides (i.e. Batman, Superman:R.O.S etc...) And download some Six Flags custom scenery if you haven't already. And don't build something that you know Six Flags would never build, unless you want to be unique.

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Use a trainer! 8cars schould do the trick...

Or if you want to play without cheats just ask a good entry fe and keep a constant marketing going on, worked for me....

These are tips for RCT2.


-Gotham City/DC Comics themed area

-Loney toons themed areas.

Common six flags names = Goliath, Medusa, Viper, Twister, Batman, Superman, Roar, Scream, and Roaring Rapids.

Recently parks have been getting revamps or GCI's for there park.



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Here's my two cents. Don't think "Alright, I'm gonna build the best park I've ever built...".


Sure, you should plan and all that, but when you're designing the park, don't think about how good it will be.


If you do it turns into a miserable failure.

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^ to echo what he said. most, if not all, parks are built in phases. Six flags great america started off with only 2 and a half coasters (sorry gulf you weren't around for long enough) and over time added flats and coasters and became as big as it is today.


Just add in one major coaster, one medium coaster, a tiny kids land, food stalls a plenty (seriously those are cash cows) and a few flats. Either imagine or draw out where and how you would like to expand after you get balanced after the first few (in game) years. Then just add one or 2 rides per year and maybe tweak some of the older sections.

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