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  1. Nice woodie, but how big is your whole park going to be?
  2. The stations for the Hex and the train both look great, How big is this park goins to be and is this a custom scenery park or is it a regular RCT2 Park with no downloads?
  3. This park is brilliant, is there any possibitlity that we can get some names of the roller coasters?
  4. The supports look great and so does the track keep up the good work
  5. Start out small and build up over time. It doesn`t take much for your cash to wither. Start by building 4 or 5 rides, food stall, information kiosks and some scenery. If you start off huge, people will get lost and your rating will drop.
  6. Thanks they look great but dont swamp yourself with alot of projects. Chose one and work on it until you finish one.
  7. hmmmmmm could you make a train for the dueling dragons at the islands of adventures in orlando.
  8. You should stick with the name you have and keep building the park and a name will come to you. Do you have any screenshots of the park or is it in its early stages?
  9. WOW Those picture are huge but I like your logo its awfully similar to the Six Flags park just north of Chicago though.
  10. The bowser coaster looks good but you could try to put some scenery in there like some castles for that bowser theme. Also try adding a few trees. The area around there is kind of empty
  11. Your park and the California Giant look awesome can't wait to see the finished park. I like what youve done with the trains of the roller coaster.
  12. thanks for the welcome i like ur park alot more than the ones i make
  13. Great rides and a great park i wist mountain monster was real its awesome
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