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Prototype coaster for RCT2

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I've been trying for some time now to make a coaster with high peep-capacity and finally I made it. It isn't perfect and it is very possible that I won't have time to make i perfect either. But it has (VERY!) high capacity and looks pretty cool, if I may say so myself


Why does it have so large throughput then? It's because it has trains with 7 cars and six (yes you read that right; six!) peeps per car in a row, giving each train a total peep-count of 42. With two trains operating the coaster can hold 84 peeps at one time. But this number increases rapidly when more trains are added (remember: this is only a small prototype, but it is very capable of acting as a, let's say, hyper coaster with four trains)


The coaster layout is also a new idea I've made myself and I've never seen anywhere else (correct me if I'm wrong). It has a swinging start, which means that the train goes forward and backward several times in a U-shaped track piece until it gains enough speed to make it over the top. After the top-hat it enters a dive loop before the main brake.


Hope you all like it!

Bild 3.bmp

yes! the train has cars with six peeps! looks nice if you ask me

bild 2.bmp

does this look a bit strange?

Bild 1.bmp

The complete layout

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I'm sorry. I had totally forgot that I made the thread about that park. But yes, it's exactly the same layout.

The trains however is brand new but they're far from finished. In some elements the cars turn the wrong way which looks messed up... Unfortunately I don't have time to complete it now. Exams are closing in and as I'm writing this I'm recovering from an unknown illness (probably swine flue) which means that I have not been able to do as much as Id hoped for...

But if someone want to finish it I'm posting a download of the coaster at it's present state.

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thrillrideseeker: True, it can do much more. But because I haven't finished the six-across-trains they can not do many maneuvers, thus the simple track layout.


Chris Benvenuto: yeah! it would be awesome with more experimental coasters. But I guess it's too expensive... However I promise that if I ever become a billionaire I'll make one of these (but a much longer layout of course!)



I've made some progress on the trains. They are still far from completed though. I hope to finish them during the Christmas-holiday.

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  • 2 months later...

Then I'm very sorry to bring bad news... My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago, and it took all of my files with it...

And now I have problems finding the program I used for this project but I'll keep on looking. The problem is that I can't remember what it was called. If I recall correctly it was Ride Maker/Creator or something like that. If anyone can tell me what its called or if someone have it I'd greatly appreciate it!

I will return if I find it!

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