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Well first off, this TR may offend some CP Fanboys.

Now, when I got there I was hopping that everything would be like how people said it would be.

Well . . . . . . . it wasn't as good as people said it was.

(I give the park a 10/10, not the 11/10 some people give it)

On with the TR.


We arrived there at 9:00, and we waited for the gates to open (we=me, mom, brother, baby brother, sister), once the gates opened at 10, I ran straight to Maverick(ride reviews will be at end of the TR), then I looked for my group, because they where going to meet me up at Maverick. I found them riding the antique cars. After that everyone but my sister(she doesn't ride stuff) and the baby rode Skyhawk. Them we headed to Gemini, and got some fries and drinks.(Mt.Dew of course!) Gabe(my brother) got upset when he couldn't get a cup of his own, so I took him away from my mom to ride a few rides while she stayed with the baby in camp snoopy.


We rode Wildcat, Iron Dragon, Mean(Burtal) Streak, the Train, and the Mine Ride before meeting them up again. Sadly I couldn't find them, so I waited at Camp Snoopy and used Gabe for my two kiddie credits. We got left at 11:00 and found them at 5:00. While in that time we rode Magnum, Corkscrew, Gemini, and Disaster Transport. Then we went to the lost and found place, I gave them the info, and stayed with Gabe for an hour. I then left to ride some rides which where Raptor and Blue Streak, my camera battery died, so I was upset, but someone found me taking pictures and took me to the back side of Raptor for pictures. I couldn't take any.


I was then informed that my group(including gabe) was at Raptors exit. I then got something to eat, and Gabe got his cup. I then got my phone and rushed to the Wicked Twister area, to meet up with Jeremy(Egypt1221), he was getting his DT credit, so I took this opportunity to ride Wicked Twister and Choas, I then called him, and he had already gotten off. He was at Mantis.

I walked over there, and rode the ride with him and his friend. He drooped my phone at Mantis's exit, and the battery fell in the water. Luckily my Mom just said "accidents happen", and ordered one of eBay. I got on MF, and we started heading out. We went to the gift shop(by using the Sky Ride to get there), and I got a Maverick T-shirt, and a Flag. I rode Demon Drop, and then we left.


Now, heres the ride reviews.

Maverick - 10/10, this thing is insane. From start to end. It has everything, and its very smooth. The drop was insane, the air was insane, the launch was insane, the ride was insane! I love it!

Mean Streak - 0.01/10 - This thing is brutal, I would love to burn it! This ride jerked me up and down, and it really messed me up. I had a really bad headache after riding this thing.

Wicked Twister - 7/10 - I was nervous for this thing, but it was easy to ride after it took off. I got the back(recommended) and it was a good ride.

M.Force - 9/10 - This ride gave some nice air, very smooth, and it did have some force in the tunnels, and towards the end. I would of rode it again if the lines weren't too bad, and if it wasn't breaking down all the time.

Sky Hawk - 8/10 -This thing was fun, but I didn't expect it to go up that high

Wild Cat - 6/10 - Its meh'

Iron Dragon - 4/10 - Way to slow.

Woodstock's Express - 2/10 - Its a kiddie coaster

Jr. Gemini - 1/10 -Same as above

Magnum - 6/10 - It hurt my knees at the end, although the first part of the ride was really fun.

Mine Ride - 1/10 - I had to sit in a painful position through out the ride, it really hurt me.

Blue Streak - 8/10 - This thing gave off some air, its a fun little thing.

Raptor - 9/10 - The end of it is the best part, that and the zero-g roll.

Gemini - 8/10 - This was fun, had some nice air, pretty smooth(the helix at the end was rough), and I won!

Chaos - 7/10 - Pure Insanity

Train Ride/Sky Ride - 5/10 - These rides are transport rides, nothing to rate about.

Demon Drop - 5/10 - Its meh', I don't really care for drop towers

Disaster Transport - 3/10 - Remove the box, please.

Mantis(Ball Breaker) - 0.01/10 - This thing hurt me. Everywhere below the waist. I hate this thing.

Corkscrew - 8/10 - Had some nice air!



TTD had an hour wait

Mantis, Maverick, Disastor Transport, MF, and Magnum had 30min waits


Everything was a walk on, or close to it.


I rode every coaster exept Dragster

Sky Hawk


Sky Ride

Demon Drop



^The lake

^Here you can see a park.

^Now back to "How much will it take you to ride that thing"

^Oh look, Magnum turned 20!

^Alright, who let the Manhands in the park. Come on, fess up!

I smell fun

^I see buckets, but there not filled with Chicken

^Raptor, of course you can come up with your own caption.

^Smells like fear(at TTD)

^Oh you, wait until later when I can ride you for pictures(Yeah, but too bad the battery's ran out)

^I mean it, wait your turn.

^Its a bird, its a plane, no! Its Sky Hawk.

^Midway shot


^Question, where was this taken at?

^I heard someone say that this was wood. Yeah, how can anyone think that this is wood!

^Your much bigger than Ii thought you where.

^"Its lines are too long""I have a headache""I'm hungry""I want to ride that instead" etc . . .

^Better than scooby doo

^Where was this taken at?

^Scarier than TTD? Yes!

^The skys the limit

^Ok, I won't ride TTD, but this is ridiculous

^I like this thing

^20 huh?

^200ft huh?

^I wish I rode you, but I'm a chicken.

^Over the 420ft hill you go!

^A sign

^Why wait for it to launch, when you can wait to launch?

^Iron DraggN(overused joke)

^Aww, these cars would be so much cooler on the coaster.



^It started cleaning up

^I like this shot.

^This was kind of random to take.

^Yellow, eww

^"I'ma wildcat, a color blind wildcat!"


^This drop is meh'

^Smells like something slow

^MF was broken down for most of the day.

^Some forces there

^A few there.


^another NERD SHOT

^I wish I got more shots of you.


^Smells like force

^I only got shots from the train, and the station.

^I love this drop.

^More maverick

^I want to re-ride you! Heres a few caption less shots

^Time to ride Brutal Streak


^Get me off this

^Burn it!


^Kiddie coaster

^My brother and snoopy

^Yay for Blue!

^agian, Yay for Blue!


(My battery died, so I couldn't take pics until I found my mom.)

^Sky Tower thingy

^Umm, a Box?

^I didn't ride you.


^I rode this

^and that, which sucks!


^Iron Dragon again

^I can't do pics of myself to well

^Did you know?

^The bird is the word.

^Oh look, its the yellow thing.

I want it.

^Bye bye CP


I will have more pictures when I upload my moms camera onto the laptop.

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You might as well hear this from a moderator, before a backseat moderator comments.


The PTR is not bad, but this would be much better if you were more judicious in the selection of pictures you posted.


Is there really a need for the ones that are out of focus and blurry?

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You might as well hear this from a moderator, before a backseat moderator comments.


The Photo TR is not bad, but this would be much better if you were more judicious in the selection of pictures you posted.


Is there really a need for the ones that are out of focus and blurry?

It looks like he had a smudge on his lens. You should check that out. Clean it.


Pretty good TR. I love reading first-timers' visits to CP and learning their opinions. Raptor's my favorite ride there, followed by Maverick, so I agree with you. Too bad you didn't ride TTD. It's a pretty good rush if you've never ridden it before.

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NOBODY! Agrees with me but i personally love Mean Streak. I would rate it a 7. woodies are supposed to be sorta rough. And back in summer of 07" i rode it 27 timesd over a few days, i had no problem with it! But Has mean streak changed at all since they semi-retracked it?

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Sorry if this was answered, couldn't find it. When exactly did you go? You mentioned that most things had a walk-on. Curious as to what day of the week it was.


Doesn't seem to matter this year. My friend went on the 4th of July and it was not busy at all! Everyone here in northern Ohio is too busy sitting around waiting for manufacturing jobs to come back to the area (ignoring the fact that they won't).

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