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SFSTL 3/29/09 PTR

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Originally, I had planned to go out to Six Flags yesterday with my mom just to get our passes and some concert tickets and go on home, but the park ended up closing at noon due to the rain so we ended up going today. Since it was cold and I didn't have anyone to ride the rides with I didn't do a lot.




Screamin' Eagle-1



Overall there were not a lot of people at the park so lines were about a one train wait. On to the photos.....


Thanks for reading!


Better view of Wahoo Racer.


Wahoo Racer.


Looks like Hurricane Bay needs to be cleaned....


The Boss was shut down today.


Tony Hawk...


They removed the cop car! The fire hydrant had so much water coming out of it, it was covering the que and they had a security guard standin there telling people to hop over the rain to get around.


One of my favorite parts of the ride.


Coming around the bend....


Looks like they've gotten serious about jumping fences since last summer's accident at SFOG.


Evel Knievel


Eagle about to take its largest drop.... While I was on the Eagle, I saw a baby dear standing next to the track! It was kind of neat because it was just standing there watching the ride.


Eagle towering over everything in the distance.


It might just be me, but I don't remember this sign being here last year... I think they removed it a while ago and rehabed it... it looks good.


I personally love Freeze's new paint job.


Freeze flying by....


The line for season pass processing was killer.


I can't wait to see what the new lighting package looks like.


Mandatory Batman from the plaza shot.


This is new this year and I think it is a really good idea. Being able to buy another parking pass for only $15 instead of having to pay an additional $45 is a great idea for people that have more than one person who drives to Six Flags in their family/group.


Is that... Yes it is! Mr. Six!


All of the characters and staff were doing the Casper Slide Part 2.... It was really cool to see everyone getting envolved.



This is how it looked all day.


There was maybe 100 cars in the parking lot when we got there....


All the rain that made Six Flags close yesterday finaly moved away from St. Louis...


When I first woke up to get ready for church, there was snow on the ground....luckily it melted fast.

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St. Louis is only 4 hours from here, and I hope to make a trip there sometime, as I haven't been to the park yet. I can't believe that they kept the park open with it being so dead. I'm a little worried myself about SFGAm closing early this weekend, as I don't want to have to make the trip up there just to have it close down...

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Nice TR! I'm heading to the park next Saturday, and I'm pretty excited...


A couple of questions:


-How was Eagle running?


-Did Mr. Freeze run all day (that you could tell) without (m)any break-downs?


-Do you know why Boss was closed? (I hope it's running this coming weekend!)



Thanks for the report!

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Nice TR! I'm heading to the park next Saturday, and I'm pretty excited...


A couple of questions:


-How was Eagle running?


-Did Mr. Freeze run all day (that you could tell) without (m)any break-downs?


-Do you know why Boss was closed? (I hope it's running this coming weekend!)



Thanks for the report!


Eagle was running ok... It seemed a little rough compared to last year, but I rode in the middle and I usually ride in the front or back so that probably could have made it rough. It did seems to go through the course with good speed though.


And yes, from what I saw Mr. Freeze was running all day. I don't think there were any break downs.


I'm pretty sure the Boss was shut down because of all the rain we got over the weekend. I think Six Flags got an inch or more of snow Sunday too so that may have had something to do with it.


Hope you have a great time!

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Ugh. this weekend made me mad! We were going to go to the park on saturday, but do to weather we figured that the park would end up closing like it did. Then came sunday, and again we thought we would go, but when we woke up it had snowed and we just said screw it. Ill be going next sunday, which looks like it will be allot better of a day. I'm actually happy i didn't go, only because the boss wasn't open and a vist without the boss would have been horrible!


PS- how come the boss is the only coaster that docent run below 40? you would think the eagel would be the same way...

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