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Ode to Brewmaster's Club

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Hey all.


I'm not sure how much has been made of this news around TPR, but I thought I should do my own little ode/TR to one of the absolute best perks in any park I've been to.


I'm sure most people reading this knows Busch Gardens Europe as one of the best themed amusement parks in the world. Enthusiasts rave about their rides, the beauty of their landscaping, and the quality of the overall park experience. Not many US parks outside of Orlando can offer as much quality as Busch Gardens Europe does.


At least for me, one of the more "hidden gems" the park has to offer was the two Anheuser-Busch "Brewmaster's Clubs" in its Ireland and Germany sections. We all know that BGE is owned by a beer company, but did you know you could also sample Busch beer and/or learn about it included in the price of admission?


I had the chance to go to BGE last weekend and went to the Brewmasters Club for the first time. Even me as a lowley 19-year-old can enjoy what the club has to offer. Free fruit, cheese, crackers, and a great presentation is offered to all guests, both of-age and under-age. Guests 21 and over have the opportunity to sample 5 of Anheuser-Busch's best beers FOR FREE with the price of park admission.


For the past few years, you were able to actually do this twice in the same visit. Just make a reservation in Ireland at Grogan's Grill, or in Germany at Festaus, and you could get two presentations. The Grogan's Grill's club closed unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and rumor has it that Germany's Brewmasters club may be closed forever at season's end on Sunday.


It makes since, I guess. Brewmaster's Club was nothing more than an advertisement for Anheuser-Busch's products. If/when the park gets sold to a company that probably doesn't produce beer, its existence will be worthless.


I, for one, will be sad if one or both of the Brewmaster's Clubs do indeed close. They were certainly unique, at least in the US, as not many theme parks have places like them.



This is the sign in side of Irelands Grogan's Grill. The regular restaurant is still open, but the Brewmaster's Club is "closed indefinitely."



This Brewmaster's Club, inside of Germany's Festaus was still open. There's me in front of it, with my green band of shame meaning I can't drink in there. It was still a great experience.



You're greeted with lots of different types of Busch beer here.


I'm pretty sure almost all of this stuff you can sample. Not all is the best, but some of the best Anheuser-Busch had to offer I'm sure. Remember, you used to be able to sample 10 beers per day- free with the price of admission!!



Yea, so you look at that menu, and you tell that nice presenter lady what you want. Then she goes off explaining some wacky yet entertaining stuff about beer. She seemed to be very knowlegable, but I am not the biggest beer expert.


See, good free stuff even for us minors. Sooo much better than free Hershey's chocolate at the end of the chocolate tour .


I'll end my post with a few pics of the menu. Bye Brewmasters, I will miss you if you go!!!




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That is strange that the clubs have closed. I always hit them up a few times a year, just to see what was new. They had the Bud Lime almost a year before it came out. (I said MMMmmmm Beer)


I know they are going ahead with the Bud & BBQ party in early 2009, featuring .38 Special and the Oak Ridge Boys.


I guess they could drop the "Bud" if they had too.

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I like the Brewmasters Club, too. I guess it's possible that whoever ends up buying the parks could pay a licensing fee to Busch/InBev to keep the Busch name and the beer, but who knows?

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As one of the last Beer School Professors at SeaWorld in Orlando and then Brewmaster's Club person, it stinks to know that they will all most likely close once InBev takes over. I know a few people who still work there and they are all looking for other jobs, as they expect to be cut or relocated somewhere else in the park.


On a side note, you can still hit the Yuengling Brewery down in Tampa for some free good beer as it sits right next to Busch Gardens Africa.

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