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SFNE and Lake Compounce

Wood Dragon 1988

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I am off work this weekend, and I am planning a 2-3 day trip to the north east. I live in southern Maryland, so this means at least a 6 hour drive to any of these parks.


The two parks I'm definitely doing are SFNE and Lake Compounce, and, if time and money permit- I may add Great Escape and Rye as well.


My main question is: does anyone know if Superman has been having problems the past few weeks. I know that it is a ride that has had problems before, and is one of the two or three reasons why I really want to do this trip. (Boulder Dash and Comet being the others) Also, have these two coasters had any recent down time?


I looked for recent PTRs, and I couldn't find any, so if anyone is local and has any advice, it would be much appreciated!

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I just visited both parks on Saturday May 10th. S:ROS was running two trains from opening until I left the park at 4PM. I was told that it has been running like that all season.



Lake Compounce only opened for the season last Saturday and was running one train all day, but crowds were light.


If you happen to get to SFNE at opening (which is highly recommended but might be tough with your drive) you can try to do Lake Compounce in the same day, Lake Compounce has an after 5PM special ($17.95). I made the drive between the two parks in less than an hour last week.

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I did the two parks in the same day a couple of years ago. I actually did it in late June. I made sure that I was at Six Flags right at opening (2 hour drive). I already had all of the credits of the major coasters, so I didn't mind that I didn't get to the wood coasters and Pandemonium. I rode Superman twice, Batman three times, Mind Eraser once, and a few flats by 3:30, and then went to The Lake for their night special and had a very good night with the light crowds.

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You shouldn't have a problem. With 2.5 hour waits on S:ROS when I went (which could have been 45 minutes if those ride ops hadn't dispatched a train every five minutes and used one train) I still rode every coaster and major flat ride. It shouldn't be a problem there. I did everything in Lake Compounce in about three or four hours. And this was during a pouring rain/thunderstorm. Yeah, every single ride, even their 180 foot tall S&S Drop Tower was running in a thunderstorm. Just remember to bring swimming goggles on Boulder Dash in case it rains. I asked the ride ops and they said yes, but the rain cleared up. And that was in mid August. I also had a mini unofficial ERT on B:TDK (a good four consecutive runs, three front, one back) right before SFNE closed. Also, Mind Eraser is actually really good! I honestly don't understand why, but that ride is actually quite painless and very fun! It's ranking on my coaster list is about 13 - 17, and I have been on 85. (OCC: MotoCoaster is going to be credit 100 and I should get to 105 if we go to Dollywood for our Marching Band competition in October, if the gas prices don't get too high.)

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Thanks a lot for the responses.


SFNE and LC are big parks for me, so I will not be trying to do them on the same day-I might as well get my money's worth. My main concern was weather or not the parks' one-hit-wonders (Dash and SROS) were all operational and everything right now.


Now that I think about it-I am a huge New England Clam Chowder fan, and would love to try a good version of the real stuff. Anyone know of a diner/carry-out type place near either of the parks with good chowder?


Also, I am now 90% sure I will be doing SFNE on Friday, LC on Saturday, and coming back home for the new park/Wildcat credit in Maryland on Sunday. I'll probably need only one hotel-near Bristol on Saturday. Anyone know of a good/cheap lodge?

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