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huntington Beach CA


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Hi Alveys and anyone else who knows much about the CA area.


My work have offered me a transfer from London to work in Huntington Beach. It's a total upto me situation but obvisouly something which needs carefull consideration, Like your lovely little baby I have my own and its a big decision...


Can you tell me what your experience/knowledge of this area is like and any advice or help is appreciated..


Not that I dont want EVERYONES help but if you dont know the area then please refrain from judging it. THANKS


Thank you

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Honestly, that's a HUGE decision and I don't think anyone here should/could give you the advice you need. Will your employer pay for a trip out here for a few days to give you an idea of what the area is like? Are they paying to relocate you? Have you looked into schools and what your family would do?


Huntington Beach = VERY POLAR OPPOSITE of London!


Seriously, I don't even know where to begin that's such a giant change.


My suggestion would be for you to come out for a few days on your own and try to get an idea of what it would be like for you and your family at the Huntington Beach office/area.

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Another thing to add on to what Elissa said. If you do go to visit, make sure you don't treat it as a vacation.


If possible try to go through your "normal routines" when you are there. That way you'll get an idea of what it would be like to live there instead of just visiting.


Good luck with your decision!

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^I totally agree with that.

So many people go on holiday and think "God I would love to live here".

Its so different though, when you live there it is not a vacation, people are very silly! So many of my friends have done this in like Ibiza and I'm like "see you in two weeks!" and I always do!

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thats cool advice.... does the area have a good of bad reputation, does the area have good schooling, is it a good crime or bad crime area? All these questions and sometimes the locals or people that know the area are the best to ask....


Yeah its huge decision and I have decided that we wont move unless it feels 99% right, there is always going to be a 1% unsure factor. I spent a few months working and living out in Denver back in 2004 for a previous job and enjoyed that lifestyle. It gave me an insight into living in America but I don't know if Denver and Huntington Beach has much in common.


If they offered me a move to Denver I would take it I loved it there

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Well, I had a whole long post, but KT just deleted it.




Huntington Beach = Nice

But areas surrounding not so much (this is pretty much the case with any nice area in SoCal)


Schools = Crap

Robb and I have already decided that by the time Kristen is in 1st grade we have to leave, I will not let her go to school here. The California standards are just much lower than many other parts of the country.


I felt that Denver was a much nicer place than SoCal.


Do some more research, go to the City of Huntington Beach website, they should have lots of facts and figures about crime, school, etc. there.

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Hey blackcurrent,


I lived in Huntington Beach for 7 years (1996-2003), and I have to say that I would highly recommend living there. (I currently live just down the road in south Orange County.)


Obviously, if you like the Beach and all of the activities that go with that, then you'll probably enjoy life in HB. I never had any problems with crime. (Though your car can get broken into, just like it can in any other city) That's just part of life.


If you're going to rent an apartment, you'll have many great options near the beach. (I could recommend some places to you) Every year there are many surfing competitions, and other activities for yourself as well as kids. Not to mention a great 4th of July parade.


As for your childs education, HB is a big city there are many public as well as private schools available to you. (Including religious or even Montessori educational practices)


In the end, if you decide to move here, I don't believe you'll be disappointed. I plan to move back to HB in the future, I really loved it there.


A site for some additional info on HB is www.wikipedia.com

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