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Terminal Velocity: Over The Edge (NL)

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This is my fourth actual coaster in No-Limits, but only my third posted. It is just as the description says. It is just over 75 feet tall, and packs many exciting turns, plus a vertical loop! Enjoy Terminal Velocity: Over The Edge!



(I originally had a MCBR and a heartline roll after it, the G's were off, and it didn't pass the E-stop test, so I decided to re-track the end. I think it is much better. If you would like to ride the old one, I will post it, just ask.)

Terminal Velocity.nltrack

Here you go!

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The E-stop test is where the train is able to make it through the rest of the course after it has been emergency stopped (E-stopped) on the MCBR (mid course brake run). You don't really see it being done on a lot of amateur coasters, but to make it realistic, it needs to pass it.

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I would say the same things as SteffenDk, but I like the idea of a compact but intense ride^^


Another question about the famous "E-stop test", because I would like to be sure I understood what you told me: here is what I understood (my english isn't really perfect that's why I ask you a second time):

So, as far as I understood, when you switch on the emergency stop, the trains mustn't be stopped on the Mid course brake run, but at the contrary, must finishes is run, mustn't it? (I don't know why I'm sure I understood the contrary of what you said lol)

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That said, making a coaster pass an e-stop test is pretty simple. Always make the MCBR either have a transport device or be on a downward slope, and then never build past whatever height the MCBR is (unless you've got a mid-course launch or 2nd lift hill).


All coasters I build I set to Shuttle mode initially, this way you can still run them in the simulator even if you haven't made a complete circut yet. It's much easier to figure out if your element is pulling red Gs and fix it then rather than have to go back and make the changes to a completed layout.

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Ok I decided to download the coaster and here are my thoughts...


I look at several things when rating a coaster. The main ones are e-stops, stacking during the course and tunnel test. The only one you passed is the estop. The train stacked several times on lift and the mcbr. Dont let the simular think for you. Manupulate the dispatch times so there isnt a range so it dispatches at the same time always. That is one way to fix stacking. The tunnel test failed in the loop. I personally feel the MCBR was not needed because right after it was the final brake run. Try to add it on earlier during the course to pace the ride better.


As far as supports im dissapointed! You should almost NEVER use prefab supports for this type of coaster style. honestly the prefab supports are better suited for B&M and vekoma style coasters. Spend a little more time on the supports to make a standout ride. The track styles were kinda well done. I would have used the 3 beam track for the loop to make it more realistic. I would also not start the 3 beam track at the top of the lift. The coaster doesnt pace well due to lots of bumps throughout the track design. Some of the turns were banked more than nessary.


I want you to go back and smooth this coaster and do a version 2 of it and try to make it your own coaster and add another eye catching element or 2 to make it a little more interesting.

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