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Crystal Creek Park Coaster Contest

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Here are the rules...


-Must be a coaster in the Six Flags Belgium workbench.(This is so I can put the coaster in the park.)

-May or may not have station.

-Must fit into a 35x35 space.

-Will replace American Thrills Cyclone.


-These coasters will be put into a 7-day poll.

-Deadline is 10/17/07(Wednesday)of next week.


-Only 2 entry's per person will be accepted.

-Open to all people.


-Save the track into a SV6 file.

-Here is a picture of were the coaster will go.....


Here are the people in the contest.More spots will put as people enter

1.Vekoma Fan Boy











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^An SV6 file is just RCT2s saved game file type. Just save it like a regular park or scenario, Go to My Computer, Local Disc (C:), Program Files, Atari, (Or Infogrames Interactive or something similar, if you have a different version) What ever version of RCT2 you have, (Triple Thrill Pack, Deluxe, Gold etc.) Saved games, find the correct file, move it to the desktop (It should automatically make a copy of it for you.) and post it here. Then Eric will (Presumably) save the coaster to his computer, Judge it, and announce the winner.

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Sorry for the double post but, My entry is done.


Ten Thousand Fists


Excitement: 7.79 (Very High)

Intensity: 6.05 (High)

Nausea: 3.45 (Medium)

Height: 140ft

Drop: 137ft

Length: 4800ft

Top Speed: 67 MPH

Max. Pos. G's: +3.38

Mex Neg. G's: -1.27

Airtime: 7.59 sec


Ride elements:

140ft tall lift hill

137ft drop

100ft tall airtime hill

80ft tall airtime hill

65ft tall overbanked curve

15ft tall airtime hill

20ft tall airtime hill

65ft tall airtime hill

50ft tall airtime hill

"Messed Up Mass 'O Helices"

40ft tall airtime hill

25ft tall airtime hill


Trains: Two 9-Car trains. Riders are seated Two abreast in 2 rows per car for a total of 36 riders per train


Namesake: Disturbed's "Ten Thousand Fists" album & subsequent song.


Side Note: The trains will stack on the lift when the ride is testing, but I have it timed for stack-free operation when it is actually open to the peeps.


On with the pics!!!

35x35 Template-TTF.SV6

.SV6 File


Anyone who is familiar with the album/song this thing is named after, should know why I have the trains colored this way.



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Heres mine!

It's a Gravity Group Coaster that I tried my best to make realilistic, it keeps a fast pace throughout the whole ride. And it's my best attempt at a GG coaster.



Excitement= 8.19

Intensity= 9.53

Nausea= 5.36


Max Speed= 60 MPH

Average Speed= 23 MPH

Ride Time= 1minute 33 seconds

Ride Length= 4,216ft

Max Positive Vertical G's= 3.90g

Max Negative Vertical G's= 1.63g

Max Lateral G's= 1.73g

Total Airtime= 6.90 seconds

Drops= 16

Highest Drop Hight= 101ft




hidden brakerun.





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Hello. I have been having some computer problems, so I can't upload the file. So, unfortunately I'm out.I'm going to have to reformat the computer with all my RCT files on it, so good luck to everyone else.


-Mike "Viruses Make Life So Much More Complicated" Kelly

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