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Talon Model in Coasterdynamix

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I am going to start a model of Talon: The Grip of Fear (Dorney Park) and I was wondering how many Coasterdynamix sets (either Scorpion or Dragon) it would take to build it. I was thinking along the lines of HO scale, but if I could get advice on O scale to that would be great. Also, I've heard a lot of people talking about like replacing the supports with PVC pipe or something. How?


Thanks! (I know none of you can give exactly how much of track to buy, but this is fairly expensive stuff, and I just want a rough estimate, that's all. I will start this project once I get enough money) . Thanks again!

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You are going to have to model it in O Scale, that is the only size Coaster Dynamix offers. (aside from the comet wooden coaster which is in HO scale) And after a few calculations you will need about 16 sections of track, give or take a few inches, so this amounts to 1 Dragon set and 1 large expandor set as far as track goes, if I were you I would order a small expander set just to be safe as far as the ground plates and rails go. So if you were to be safe like me you would need $650 (yowza!), before shipping, if you are confident the Dragon and the large expandor have enough combined plates and rails you will still need $600 (yowza again!) before shipping.

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Well, thanks! Paying so much for plastic, eh? I heard somewhere that it came in HO scale, to, but I've only seen O scale. Also, on a side note, I saw a guy's hard work get put into making a Raptor model. He used 3 Dragon sets, and Raptor and Talon aren't that different when it comes to height and length. Thanks for the advice so far!

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Well, assuming CoasterNut17 will do a 1/40 scale model of Talon, he will need to make the hill 3.375 feet tall, and he will need 77.95 feet of track. Since each Scorpion model has 26 feet of track, he will need 3 Scorpion models for the track, and have almost no track to spare after that, (26*3=78, and you need 77.95) So for the guy who made the Raptor model, I bet he used almost all of his track along with the supports, even though those were the Dragon sets (I couldn't find the specific track length for that model). The guy who created Raptor would have needed 94.75 feet of track for a 1/40 scale model, and I assume that the Dragon has a track length of a little over 30 feet.


-Tanks "I like numbers" 4me05

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^O scale is 1/48 not 1/40. So he will need 64.791666666666666666666666666667 feet of track and since the dragon comes with 40' of track without the lift that leaves and app. 129.58333333333333333333333333333 of rail for both sides. And it will have to be 2.8125 ft tall and have a 2.5 foot drop.










Vekoma "I like numbers too" Fan boy.

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Thanks you guys for putting in so much effort to try to make this right! Now, where to get the money...




P.S. - The guy who made the Raptor model said it was an O scale model, but it was 1/40. Wierd!


Coasternut "I also like numbers" 17



Is it really hard to build these? I've heard they are easy, then I've heard they're not. Thanks!

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Gotta love CD's hideous pricing.


Are you serious? You can get Scorpions online all day long for around $170. The new Statix models will be $20-$25 and a whole new operating kit is coming out later this year for under $100. Do us all a favor and refrain from posting this negative rubbish until after you find a clue.

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