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Am I pronouncing this right?


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Whenever I'm talking about a B&M and say the full name, I always have a feeling that I'm saying it wrong.


So Boliger I get, but Mabillard, I know that in some cultures the double "L" makes a "y" sound.


So is it like Mabby-ard, or just Mab-ill-ard?


I know how stupid this sounds, but If I'm saying it I want to know that I'm saying it right.


Bowl-ij-er and mab-ill-ard. Is that it?


Thanks in advance


-Nick C.

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I would guess Mab-ill-ard (with no guess as to the subtleties of the sound). My reasoning is that the name is most likely French. The "y" sound for the double-L spelling is used in Spanish, not French. Of course, I am not a linguist and could be way off. Anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.

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^ I thought it was more like Ga-you-ga, but guy-you-ga isn't far off, I bet it could be passed off as either one.


^^ So its like Bowl-eye-jer and mab-eye-yard?

If so then I've been wayyy off.


Thanks for the answers.


-Nick C.

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On the Discovery Channel, I've heard it pronounced with a hard G for Bolliger and a "y" for Mabillard (Spanish double L sound). I've got some old video clips I can dig up. One of these shows, however, misspells Bolliger as Bollinger.

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Here's a clip from an old Discovery Channel show I taped several years ago. It was made in the mid/late 90s and documented Alton Towers building Nemesis and BPB building PMBO. John Wardley simply mentions "B and M"


Sound isn't great, but it's coming from the man himself

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To be totally right it is pronounced bolijé & mabi-yar


Mabillard is a french name and has thus to be pronounced french style. And in french, "ill" is pronounced in most cases [iy] , all the "a" are like in "flat" and not like in "age". and the "i" are like in "swimming" and the d isn't pronounced, which gives : Mabi-yar


For Bolliger, you can say it in two ways since he's german swiss contrary to mabillard who is french swiss, but since he's been living in french speaking switzerland, you can either say it french style (harder for you) or german style (eeasierfor english speaking people).


French style : Bolijé (i like swimming, flat j, which mean no "dj" pronouncation but only "j") and the é is the toughest it's a special "e" that's pronounced like the "a" in "age" but without the diphtongue which would give for "age": "éydje" got it?


German style: Boliger with normal "o", normal "l", "i" like in "swimming", "g" like in "guy" and "er" like in "swimmer"....


Have fun saying the "é" right with this link:




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