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Canobie Lake Park

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Coming up to April 21st I was more then exited. Canobie was opening for the day and I had made some special plans. So as we got ready to go to the park opening day I think my niece was as exited as I was. My mother was also planning on coming along. Saturday morning came along. We got a slightly late start to our day. We ended up getting to the park a bit after opening. There was already a good crowd.



My mother bought the day’s tickets and 6 good any day tickets. I bought another 5 for myself. So we invested $260 for a season of enjoyment. After buying our tickets we made our way into the park through the brand new entry plaza. It looks great!





First ride of the day was the Canobie 500, which I rode with my niece. She had a blast!


From there I jumped on the Frisbee which was having problems just earlier. The ride is a bit smaller ten the versions I’m used to seeing. It still holds the 40 passengers and offers a fantastic ride.




It’s extremely colorful and looking at the amount of lights it has I’m guessing this is going to be a spectacular ride at night.



Since my niece is small we maid our way to Kiddie Land 2. My niece insisted I ride with here on just about everything. So my third ride of the day was the parks Dragon coaster. We then hoped on the Mini Dino ride fallowed by the Jungle bounce. She rode alone on the Bavarian Swings.


We stopped by the fishing for Frogs game and my niece played one game. Didn’t feel it was really worth it. $2.00 dollars to play and we won a small prize which was a tiny clip “Cat in The Hat” thing. Given the prize a dollar would have been appropriate. On a side not a new ride was added in that area “Fish R Jumpin.”



We worked out way down the Back Midway to the Boston area. We stood just out side the splash one for Boston Tea part so we would get cooled down by the mist but not actually get wet. My niece and I then hit Ocean Trip. We continued down the Back Midway to the Over the rainbow ride. MY niece and I road together and my mother took her own. That way we could spin and she could simply ride.



We brought my nice to Kiddie Land 1. The area is filled with the classic Allen Herschell and W.F. Mangles rides. My Nice Road Flower Power (Mangles Kiddie whip), Carousel, Helicopters, Pony Carts, Fire Trucks, Space Jets, Boats, tanks, and Jeeps. She had a great time and it was fun to watch here enjoy the rides.



It was my turn to have a little fun. I jumped on the Star Blaster, Always a blast.



From there I hoped in line for the Yankee Cannonball. The Trains had received a new paint job on the off season. They completely redid the rides queue. The direction was changed and they added a full length around the front.




My niece and I took a spin on the crazy cups, the parks classic crazy daisy ride before getting lunch. Since my niece likes hotdogs and I prefer hamburgers we opted to eat at the Be Bop Dinner. We got 2 hotdogs, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, 2 drinks and Fries. That cost us $21 dollars. Food was good and we ate our meal under the giant hamburger. I was able to snag a great shot of the parks train.



After Lunch we made our way to the western area of the park. We took the central midway past Corkscrew. The park has switched out trains this year. The black train now runs. Seems to be a bit quieter then the red train was operating last year.



Before hitting the Policy Pond Long Flume My nice took a spin on land sea rescue, one of the parks scattered kiddie rides, after that my niece and I road the Log Flume twice. We bought a small (3X5) on-ride photo which cost $8.00 dollars. That’s slightly cheaper then last years prices but still a bit high. From there we made our way to the Mine of Lost Souls. I really like this Dark rides. A number of animatronics and highly themed rooms gives off a Disney feel. The ride dose need to e upgraded though. Some doors no longer work as well as a couple animatronics.



There was a slight delay before getting on a monitor went out and a few riders coming off clamed a prop was on the ground, but I didn’t see anything out of place after riding it. So with a limited time remaining to the day we headed back to the main midway past the new Popcorn stand.



On our way through I was able to get some good indoor shots of the new entrance plaza with a new gift shop.




We all road the Carousel which is always fun, it seemed to be running faster then last year. I got a quick minute with one of the owners and complemented them on the new entrance. He asked me what I though they should get. I honestly answered roller coaster. We hit rides as we went along Rowdy Rosters which ran well and while not snapable allowed for some +90 degree pulls. I hit the Wipeout. My nice took a few rides on the Jr. Sports Cars. In all my nice only missed the Mini Scooters, Autobahn and mini flume kiddie rides.



I ran over to the Cannonball to get a second ride in. I Lucked out and got a front row seat. I was able to snap a great shot of the new logo. Got a great shot of the new train which I think looks great.




From there we continued down the midway and Road the Sky ride which my nice didn’t seam to care for much. The antique cares were enjoyable. I supplied the gas and she drove.


We then walked around to the Caterpillar ride. Always a fun ride but I was a bit disappointed they weren’t running it with the canopy.



I was able to jump on Deviance’s Dream the parks flying swings ride. It was my last ride for the day. They replaced the Double adult child seat with a seat that would accommodate a larger individual.



Before leaving I got a few more shots of things going on around the entrance area. The old Bozo house area is showing some signs on work.



The old bathrooms were removed and a new platform built, apparently for a larger locker area.



And I couldn’t call it a day without getting a few more photos of this amazing entrance.





In all it was a very good day at the park. Staff was on top of things and The weather cooperated. Hopefully they can get the few rides that had problems or was down up and going soon. In all it took like Canobie is going to have a great 105th season.


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^They are repainting the Yankee Cannonball orange. This IMO is a good thing because they are too many woodies with an american theme.


Mike, I'm glad you had a good time at Canobie! I was going to go, but too much was going on, and I got sick. The Frisbee is looking pretty good and the entrance looks awesome! Even though like everyone else said, the popcorn stall came from RCT but other than that, Canobie looks as good as ever!

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Only the handrails are orange - the structure is still white. The ride was painted just last year, so I doubt they'd touch anything like the structure anyway.

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I agree the popcorn stand looks very RCT. I wish it was located some were else in the park it really detracts form the beautiful new entrance. I think by Kiddie land 2 would have been a better choice.


The american flag theme or simply a generic look was OK but not great. there is still traces of it on the ride. The Orange, Green accents come from flags on the new entrance and some of the tones found on the entrance. It's basically a more natural color scheme. I agree with Apollo that the American flag flag paint job has been over done and I was glad to see the change.


apollo210 - Sorry to hear you couldn't make it. It was a good day and the weather was great. You likely would have missed Frisbee. from more recent reports form today they seem to have gotten it's kinks worked out for the most part. The skater is still down apparently. This is the 3rd year in a row with major down time on this ride. I'm beginning to loose faith in Zamperla.

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My personal goal this year is to ensure the removal of the Mona Lisa. Not only does it cheapen a famed work of art by hanging it on a used carnival ride, but it cheapens a beautiful park by having a canvas reprint of a great work of art on a rather strangely themed ride.


Ya i completely agree especially since there is a much better Mono Lisa on the davinci's Dream Ride.


The parks First and still best Mona Lisa

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