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Springtime in Hershey 2007

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April 6-8 (Easter weekend) is the Springtime in the park preview weekend for Hersheypark. It seems from the website all wil be open except for Midway America which I believe was not listed last year either and Wildcat and a few other rides were open anyhow. Anyone planning on going?? 19.95 adults and 14.95 kids if I am not mistaken.... Usually not too crowded and reasonably good weather!!!

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I'm going on the 8th if the weather is ok. I went last year on the Saturday and it was way too crowded. Storm Runner had a full queue and even Sooperdooperlooper looked to have at least a 20 minute wait (and that ride is always a walk on or short wait when 2 trains are running). I remember seeing Derek's photo TR last year and the park looked to be empty on Easter last year so I am hoping it will be this year as well.


I hope at least Wildcat is open because I really want to try the ride with the new trains. Even if it's not, my 3 favorites are open (Comet, Sooperdooperlooper and Great Bear) so I'll be happy just getting on some coasters.

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We are shooting for Good Friday as it wasn't too bad last year, only thing that sucked was Storm Runner and 1 train. Ride it first and there is no wait. All in all you can't beat the less than 20 bucks entry and if you subscribe to their sweetmail link on the website they usually send a coupon!!! I doubt that any of Midway America will be open with all of the construction going on. And yes Skyscraper, with all this snow and cold weather, it will be nice to get a new coaster season under way. BTW I wonder what the chances are of their still being snow on the ground in 3 weeks!!!!! LOL

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I at least hope there will be multiple train operations on most coasters. At HP in the Dark, LR was only running 1 train on each side which caused the wait to be 35 minutes and it probably would have been around 15 with all trains running. 1 train on a ride like Great Bear or SR could really slow those lines down.

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Be sure to check out the new Millenium Flyer trains running on the Wildcat. Should make a "great" coaster even better.


Can you persuade them to open it for Good Friday? Neither of you folks' coasters are on the list to be open. I'm looking forward to riding anything at this point, but as a wood fan it'll still be a letdown if the only wood running is the one which isn't allowed to run at its designed speed. (It'll be three more weeks after that til I can ride an unaltered Schmeck and get some airtime that actually involves being off my seat.)

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Some good and bad news:

I just want to say Hershey has great customer service, I got this reply back when I e-mailed them about coasters being closed:


Thank you for writing. Based on current weather forecasts we are anticipating that the Great Bear, Flying Falcon, Lightning Racer, and Wildcat are going to be unavailable for parts if not all of the upcoming weekend. Additionally, Comet, sooperdooperLooper, Sidewinder, Storm Runner, Trailblazer, Wild Mouse, Rodeo may also open late and/or close early. To make up for these closures we are going to open the following attractions:


Rolling Rovers

Music Express


Ferris Wheel

Pony Parade

Granny Bugs

Miniature Train (Availability TBD)

Merry Derry Dip


Hershey Entertainment and Resorts"



Interesting that they anticipated to have Midway America open even though it was not listed. I was looking forward to Great Bear but it's not a big deal though they just changed the forecast to 19 mph winds on Sunday so it could be too cold to even go (at least for me).

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