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Photo TR - West Midlands Safari Park 29th October 2006


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Me and my girlfriend took a trip to West Midlands Safari Park last Sunday before it closed for the season. We've been a few times before but never had the time to take in the rides that make up part of the non safari park part of the safari park (if that makes sense).


Its a decent collection of rides for a non theme park with a new drop tower installed this year. Possibly not worth a trip if you're not an animal fan but the safari park is excellent allowing you to feed goats, deer, giraffes (and once) a Zebra while you drive around.


There is also other animal exhibits next to and around the rides. Wellworth a trip when it re-opens next Spring.


And a picture of a camel that I really like




Finally, let the animals with their heads in the car commence


Venom and Twister in the background. The giraffes are not allowed on the rides (well not during the day)


Venom in the background


The map - 25 rides in all


Another Log Flume pic. Also amongst the rides were dodgems, a pirate ship and loads of kiddie rides


Then it became a bit too spinny....... I prefer the floorless outward facing version at Terra Mittica


The Black Fly - the sadistic ride op gave us two rotations on this. I was enjoying it up until about one and a half times through


And Down - the drop doesn't last long but it is very quick while it does. The guy next to me was more scared of this than Apocolypse.


Going up - my girlfriend was scared silly by this despite thinking it looked tame. Does a nice suspensful waiting (complete with creaks)


Venom Tower Drop. The parks latest ride. Not the tallest drop tower in the world but it was really good.


Ghost Train - pretty basic but anything with a blood puking zombie gets a thumbs up from me!


Twister - Spinning mouse sponsored by an ice cream. Good fun!


Rhino Coaster - a kiddie coaster but with Rhino cars


Wild River Rafting - A rapids ride that starts off as a slide before continuing as a standard rapids ride - its not Bilge Rat Barges but it was good stuff.


Zambezi Water Splash - a small two drop log flume. As small two drop log flums go it was very good!

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Wow, I didn't actually realise how much that place had to offer.

Shows how much a generalised name can put me off doing my research I guess!


Will have to visit some time now


Oh, and does anybody know who makes that dodgy drop ride?

Judging by the photos it appears to operate by lifting the cart via CHAIN lift and then tugging it out of the way by hydraulics to perform the drop.


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Great TR! Do you by any chance know when the park installed Venom?


Found this press release dated 25th August so I'm assuming around then:




West Midland Safari Park, situated in Bewdley, Worcestershire has installed a brand new, half a million pound amusement ride.


More than 6 times taller than a giraffe and twice as fast, the ride - from an international ride manufacturer - is called 'Venom' and is the only one of its kind in the country. It has a unique fail-safe linear braking system and consists of a 32 metre high tower, weighs approximately 18 tonnes and has a capacity of entertaining up to 480 visitors per hour.


Thrill seeking passengers are seated side by side in a gondola large enough to seat 8 persons at a time. The gondola is then winched to the top of the tower; it rests for a nail-biting 10 to 15 seconds, before it plummets to earth - reaching a speed from 0 to a stomach churning 60 kph in less than a second! The duration of the ride is approximately 1.5 minutes and the minimum height requirement is 1.4m.


Venom is the tallest ride on the Park. The second tallest is the Black Fly Ride which is a mere 14 metres. Last year West Midland Safari Park installed the £1 million River Rafting Ride.

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Thank you for this TR!

I never heard anything about this park before!

This Safaripark remembers me a bit on the Hollywood & Safaripark in Germany, they both have some same attractions, for example the Fabbri-freefall and the Black Fly (which is also from Fabbri and called in the german Sarfaripark-version "Black Fly" too).


I think the rafting is also Fabbri, at german fairs travels the same kind of rafting.

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