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I am wondering if anybody knows if parks usually operate their coasters in the rain or not? And specifically Coaster (at Playand in Vancouver) if anyone knows anything about it. I apologize if this had been covered already but I didn't see anything with a quick search.



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I know Dorney only closes their rides if it is poring or if it’s thundering.


And they still run Music Express and The Whip in a thunderstorm (except for when the power went out this summer while I was on the Whip) which was surprising since I would think every ride would haev been closed in a thunderstorm

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The only park I have been to in the rain is Tusenfryd. It was only light rain so all rides were open. They even ran both trains on Speedmonster and Thundercoaster, with both rides being near walk-on. Nothing beats having Supersplash to ourselfes in the rain though

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