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NL Classic Woodie Contest

Who should win?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should win?

    • a. SFNERules
    • b. Iwantrevenge
    • c. xacher
    • d. Benzo41190
    • e. Calaway Park
    • f. bleedsnomore134
    • g. Jimbobcoaster

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Alright, I see how it goes. SFNE, you're on. Just because you're good with wood and I'm good with steel doesn't mean we can't change it up a little. Let's see if I can come up with something what will totally own your coaster.


Or, you know, at least put up a good fight before it's blasted into the ground. One of the two.




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You do realize that your brakes rule is unrealistic, right?



Brakes don't begin when the front of the train hits them. I've only seen one woodie ever do that, and that was Hurricane at the Pavilion. It feels abnormal when the coaster does that. The brakes should engage when about 33-50% of the train is in the brakes.


If helices are the only thing that can be made in Elementary, then does that mean we can use HSAK? I don't understand your half-assed prohibition of Elementary-you're allowing people to do the hardest part of smoothing this type of coaster with a program. Hills are easy, so you can't tell if they were made with HSAK or not.



Basically, either ban it or allow it, don't just say for x-element. Besides, if someone is a beast at hand smoothing, you can't tell anyway.

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Still a few more days left, doesn't anyone have ANYTHING? I'm sure someone has made a woodie that fits the critera at some point in their NL life, it's not like it has strict rules...


Come on, get some tracks in..

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Nice layout, but it was very rough and there was lots of misshapen track.


Come on, 2 days left, I did my whole coaster in less than that. Get 'em in!

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^Welcome to the forums! Awesome coaster! One of the better ones ive seen! I can tell you will fit right in here! Only one problem with the coaster, Drive Tires on the brakes and station. I don't like drive tires on my woodies. But thats me. The brakes activate correctly.



If anyone wants to turn in an entry tomorrow is the last day. Entries will be judged on the 11th.

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That ride was good, I liked the terrain interaction. However, when I noticed it ran 3 trains with no MCBR, I Estopped and the train stopped on the first brake. However the train behind it kept going, causing a crash. So, failed Estop is a bit of a problem in my book. However if you knocked the train count down to 2, it should work fine.


EDIT: I'm not even sure how this is happening. I don't see a dummy block anywhere on the track, yet the train doesn't stop on the lift. Know anything about this?

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