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  1. How are the crowds this time of year? Would Flash Passes be highly recommended? I can handle 20-30 min wait...I cannot handle an hour or more. LOL
  2. Does that mean you can't buy them online? Every day is grayed out.
  3. Can someone tell me why all flash passes are grayed out for this week? I can't get anyone on the phone and I cannot get anyone on chat. They were there early yesterday, but in the evening, all five days went POOF! Are they sold out or do they not let you buy the week of?
  4. Actually, I posted in the wrong area!! I was going for Great America!! LOLOL DUH!!!
  5. And I guess nevermind because it seems ALL are now gone for the entire week ....up until Saturday.
  6. On a Wednesday, which would you recommend? I haven't been to GA since Tidal Wave was a thing! LOL
  7. Hello! Can someone tell me how Flash Passes work and which one is recommended? I am used to the typical Fast Lane where you get the basic or the plus. I am not quite understanding how GA is working these. I see there are three tiers and in an ideal world, I would love the big one, but that's a bit steep in price. So, I am wondering, for going on a Wednesday, which one would be sufficient? Do they work the same way as FL where you wait in line (but in a separate line as the main line)? Or..is it they give you a time to go back to ride? Thanks for your help!
  8. That's how it was at Busch Gardens. I think the longest I waited was 5-10 mins. Everything else was on and off. Probably, realistically, didn't need the passes, as the park was nearly a ghost town, but the in and off was awesome. Allowed for multiple rides!
  9. Can anyone tell me about FLP? I see they have to be purchased online, but do they limit how many they sell? Due to possible weather issues, we generally like to wait until the night before to buy them. In Tampa Bay, we were fine doing that (I don't know if they limit the number), but I just want to know how it works with Cedar Fair parks. At Busch Gardens, keeping the passes on our phone were fine....the employees just scanned the bar code from the phone. Is that a possibility at King's Island or do they require something physical?
  10. I would be interested in knowing how CP is running! Post while you are there!
  11. My problem is my middle..LOL I was about this weight when we went in 2001...I was able to do Raptor...Had to suck it in a bit. Also did get on MF. But, since then, I've had 2 babies, numerous steroid injections for RA (those really pack it on), and 80 more pounds on me. I wouldn't be surprised if the belts were shortened. They completely did this with Gemini and Mine Ride. Do you remember when it used to be one seat and one large belt over two people? Of course, I am dating myself here.....that was back in the 80s. I wouldn't think tall people wouldn't be able to get on those two. When they converted it to 2 individual seats, they lost a lot of space. My knees were nearly jammed into the front. It is crazy. Busch Gardens, on the other hand, was not even a question! They are so very generous with the restraints and life was great down there!
  12. That's good to know..thank you! Mine Ride and Gemini belts didn't even begin to go around me. The over the head restraints like MF and Raptor went over me, but the belt wouldn't reach up enough to click into the overhead. It sucked.....but I am 80lbs lighter because of it!! LOL
  13. We are planning a trip this next Wednesday.... but before we go, I thought I would ask about restraints. When we were at CP in 2019, I saw the restraints on many of the older coasters had changed. I hadn't been there since 2002 and since then, the bench seats and one-bar restraint for two people was no longer. Everything went individual since I was there last. That made for a tighter fit. At the time, I was doing the walk of shame....it was devastating. Since then, I have lost 80 lbs...down to 220 (no, I am not done) and a size 0/1 at Torrid (about a 14/16 at Lane Bryant). In April, we went to Busch Gardens and I had PLENTY (and them some) of room on everything. I am still concerned about Cedar Fair rides, though. Is Kings Island very similar with the restraint systems at CP? And, if anyone is familiar with Busch Gardens, how do they compare? I am just sooo nervous about it..walk of shames are NO fun! We also considered Great America but I haven't even been there since mid 90s (and before that it was early 80s)...and I think the big one there was Z Force! LOL Any insights? I think I posted this before in the CP area, but am posting here for KI thoughts!
  14. Thank you for this!!! I haven't been to KI since the mid-80s (when King Cobra was the big highlight!! LOL). We are going in a couple of weeks and it's always good to get ideas of how the park is running, etc so we can plan ahead:)
  15. Does it vary by the day?? I see them at 160 for a Tuesday in August. Kings Island is HALF the price. But, I know that CP is also more heavy on the bigger rides.
  16. THAT^^. We are renting a car to to KI (keep the miles off of ours) and it's $100/day. And has anyone seen local car dealership lots? It's soooo weird seeing nearly empty lots.
  17. Of course FL+.. that is what I meant:) We did that at Busch Gardens and it was on and off. Totally worth it. Are both parks running as they "should" or is one better than the other?
  18. I've been out of the loop for a few months here so I thought I would post and ask about the status of CP and KI. I know earlier in the season CP was a major cluster-F*** so we decided to wait to go later in the season. We are planning to go to one of these parks in a couple of weeks (aiming for a Tuesday/Wednesday). What I am wondering is which park is operating better under the current employee shortage pandemic? Cincinnati is about 5 hours from us and CP is maybe 3. I think I read somewhere no reservations are required now? And, is it cheaper to get FL ahead of time or is it the same if they are purchased in the park? Just looking for thoughts, insights, advice! Thanks in advance!
  19. They've changed ALL of the old-school coaster restraints from when I was a kid. Blue Streak, Mine Ride, and Gemini were ONE seat for two people and one large belt over two people. They've made the seats individual which means less room, as well. If you are tall, it's going to suck!
  20. My husband is in this industry. He told me it depends on the chain. If it is a specialized OEM, it could take months (something specifically made for them). However, he said that it would surprise him if they did not have more than one just in case....as lucrative as that business is and relies on running. Mostly, it all depends upon the chain, what happened to it, etc. Although I am sure there are safety measures in place to prevent a train from flailing from it's track, that is still kind of scary to think about!! LOL
  21. But hanging out at a park won't teach you how to be financially responsible...LOL. There were things I wanted to do (take private clarinet lessons from a professor at MSU) but my parents weren't going to pay for them (it was not cheap), so at 15yo, I worked at our Dairy Queen. I took my private lessons and paid for them myself. Later on, I purchased a stereo system for my room. Quite honestly, the experience was priceless...learning how to work with money, deal with crappy customers. Get along with supervisors and coworkers, etc. I don't think parents are doing their kids a favor by handing things to them. After awhile, nothing will excite them or make them happy and in the real world, they will not be able to figure out why they NOW have to pay to live. Talk about mental health LOL. Hell, in my 20s, I worked two jobs and went to school. One job at one point was a paid internship so that one did contribute to the entire college experience/resume, etc. I really had no choice. I didn't qualify for a hell of a lot of financial aid and my parents couldn't foot the bill so if I wanted it, it was on me. Hello, real world. And, let's be honest....when I was 16, I made a whopping 3.35/hr at McDonald's! LOL Good times (it was a social job for me..made lots of friends and had fun).
  22. How sad!!!! WTH is wrong with people today!? Happier living off the system? I outright told my daughter (she is 16) today that if she wants her hair dyed and to stay in TaeKwanDo, she better find a job. There is no reason why she cannot start helping herself. Hell, for $20/hr, free meals, free board, free entry to CP, *I* will go work there!!! I have no shame! That's great money!! And FREEEEEE RIDES!!! Hell yes!
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