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  1. ^ Seems like a survival tactic in an economy that is stalled out for the moment. Until there's more growth in the job market and people get more expendable income, Amusement parks will suffer. It isn't that less people are going, but I'm willing to bet that parks made less money on every guest while IN their parks this summer than say the summer of 2000. Every industry has been scaling down and cutting costs. Decreasing overhead is a great way to maintain profit during an economic slowing like we're experiencing. If they have quality people in the positions, hopefully it will buy them the time until growth returns to the job market.


    On a side note, being a marketer myself, I like the idea of consolidating the sales and communications department under a single director of marketing. It helps if they move and act as one voice in a company. Some of these moves make sense to me, but it is always a danger when you get rid of quality managers...


    -James Dillaman

  2. KI and CP both have a scrambler, and they both have a huss giant frisbee, carousel, troika, wave swinger, and now a windseeker.


    Sorry, I just don't see the problem with two parks this close together getting the same flat ride... It isn't like a coaster where layout is an issue. The ride is pretty much the same thing no matter what, as it is a giant flat ride. I'm really glad both parks got one! Now Kings Island needs a ferris wheel again...

  3. ^^Yeah, Ohio really has a powerful punch for us zoo enthusiasts between Columbus (one of the best in the nation by any measure) and here in Cincinnati (still number 7 according to USA today!) only 90 minutes apart!! Seriously if you're in Cincinnati or DEFINITELY if you're in Columbus, take a day and check out the zoos! You won't be disappointed.


    Back on topic, I want to remind you that if you DO get sanctioned for a World Record attempt, there better be a darn good photo TR...

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