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  1. The whole reason I started posting here is that it isn't filled with a bunch of crazies, and whenever one slips in, the mods sarcastically put them in their places very quickly. This is the only forum I read anymore, and I enjoy all the trip updates, although am broke broke, so none for me yet. The wife and I have a deal, though, that we can go when we pay off x-amount of school debt! (I won't tell you how much!!) so to all the complainers and the "credit park" people who forget to find amusement in the parks: please stop so Robb and Elissa keep doing these trips until I'm able to go!! The whole reason I decided on staying in a hotel by the park for TPR day at SFGAm is Elissa said there might be a meet up for a late dinner after ERT. I was looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones than the actual ERT itself (although it IS really awesome and you damn well better believe you'll see me on the rides!)

  2. Europa Park is actually the only theme park on my Bucket List, so to speak. I love coasters and parks, don't get me wrong, but I'm not as into them as many people on here, although there isn't anything wrong with that. I just have other interests that are fighting for dominance in my obsessions. That said, Europa Park is still something I'd like to hit before I cash in the mortal coil...

  3. TAnd yes, they still offer the 'After 3, next day free' promotion- buy your general admission after 3PM and the next day is free! The only downside is having to pay for parking twice...


    Not if you ride the trolley. Do what the cheapskates do while on vacation I always say. The trolley ride up is mere quarters (pretty sure it was 75 cents when we were last there a couple years ago) and you can park for free at the trolley depot right off the parkway in Pigeon Forge.

  4. ^^ Flash passes are irrelevant when you have ERT!!! Remember, this is a rare opportunity to get at a park like this. Living 5 minutes away from Kings Island for 20 years I can count on my hands the number of opportunities I've had to get ERT at the park. Flash passes or no, they will NOT be disappointed with the event I can promise you. Just knowing many of the people who are going it will be worth it. So get them to sign up soon!

  5. So it turns out this is a little far maybe to go all the way there and back in one day for us. Is there any local TPRer (not more than a half hour or hour from SFGAm) who could host my wife and I as well as Zach (PkiJIZZman) either thursday or friday night. Either one works. That or can anyone recommend a really cheap (but not roach-infested) place to crash either Thursday or Friday night? Thanks! I wouldn't ask except all the TPR members I've met have been the nicest people, so I thought we'd give it a shot!

  6. Businesses are about profit. If it wasn't turning a profit, there is a lot more pressure to stop the money pit... It obviously wasn't doing well when Six Flags bought it or they wouldn't have sold it, either. It just wasn't a viable property after Six Flags put all those huge rides in to try and compete with Cedar Point.


    On an unrelated note, I worked at the Beast in 2003 and I remember on slow days we'd be allowed to sometimes just walk around the Beast woods watching the trains go by. It was a summer I'll never forget working there...

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