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  1. ^^ Cameron, Steel Hawg was operating when I went the first weekend of May, so it's not a permit issue. I'd imagine if it was a priority to the management, the rides could have been operating by now. LoCoSuMo is such a unique ride that I was wanted a friend I took to be able to get on. We're waiting to use our complimentary tickets (Because only like 12 RIDES were operating that day, with 2 coasters closed) until it's open again...

  2. A full new reprofiling and completely different layout is the only hope Son of Beast has. With that being said i do think that a new layout and reprofiling could make Son of beast a really kick A$$ coaster, turn it into the ride it was always supposed to be but never really was.


    Um... not to be nitpicky here, but full reprofiling and completely different layout... Yeah, Son of Beast COULD be a good ride if it was not Son of Beast. With a completely different layout, which is what Son of Beast needs, you're tearing it down and building a new coaster anyway. I repeat: TEAR IT DOWN! It doesn't matter if you leave the first drop and tear down the rest, it's no longer Son Of Beast, and that's fine by me. The people thinking that the NTAG treatment would resurrect this ride, though: Sorry, but living in Cincinnati, the ride even has a bad reputation with the general public. I hear all the time about how such and such died on the ride and all sorts of horrible things. Being closed for as long as it has, it just needs to go. Rebranding it will not save that ride, and if I was in charge of Kings Island, I wouldn't even put another wooden coaster there. Stay away from more bad publicity. Hasn't SoB harmed the coaster community enough?


    Here is the coasters that I think need it:

    1.Son of Beast (favorite woodie of all time0

    2.Mean Streak

    3.Hurler,Kings Dominion

    4.Grizzly,Kings Dominion

    5.The Racer's


    Hurler I actually agree with, heck even Grizzly, but messing with the Racers is a little far. On a side note, if you need someone to give you a ride to Indiana and ride some better wood coasters (SoB being your favorite woodie...), contact me and out of the goodness of my heart I'll take you to Indiana Beach and Holiday World. Your new top 5 wood will include The Voyage, Raven, Cornball Express, and possibly Legend and LoCoSuMo...

  3. I think a good steel coaster without inversions will keep with their "family-friendly" theme. A ride you can go on with your parents when you're 11-15 and still have a good time on. If they do have inversions, I'd like to see it limited to one or two "good" inversions.


    I think it would be awesome to theme a steel intamin to Santa's sleigh do acrobatics through the air...

  4. If SoB gets more money put into it not towards tearing it down, then Cedar Fair is dumber than I thought...


    Remember Hercules? Out of its demise we got Hydra. Remember, a smoother, crappy boring ride is still a crappy, boring ride... Seriously, the ride would be better if it was just the drop into some brakes. The world doesn't need a Rocky Mountain treated SoB, it needs a new ride... NTAG was a WAY better ride to start with than SoB. Heck, even Rattler was (Especially if they bring back the big drop!). At least Rattler has only 1 never ending helix...

  5. On Sunday the following rides weren't operating:


    Yo, Yo, Falling Star, and Musik Express (Obviously)

    Log Flume

    Cornball Express

    Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain

    Antique Cars

    Splash Battle

    Shafer Queen


    The park gave us free tickets to come back during the 2011 operating season, though, to make up for all the closed rides. Indiana Beach has been getting a lot of flak for the changes they're making, but they're definitely pumping a lot of money into this park, which I guess is a good thing. I just hope they've planned on keeping revenue streams stable. If the prices go much higher, I think people will find other things to do, and I don't want this park to go the way of the numerous lakeside parks in the midwest that are no longer there or just a shadow of their old selves.


    Also, It looks like Adventure point will be quite large, encompassing where the mini golf course was in HH's turnaround as well as the location of Falling Star and Musik Express, with a zipline going out to the yo-yo platform. It could be the coolest ropes course I've seen built around here. We'll have to wait and see.


    I hope they bring back the water stunt show, there was no sign of it and the ramp in the lake was gone. Maybe it'll come back as the season progresses. I hope so, as it's part of what makes IB special.


    Frankenstein's Castle is still awesome. Glad to see they're keeping that one good! Also, Hoosier hurricane was running pretty smoothly with only one rough spot where it dives under the bridge. Even had a couple pops of almost air in the back. I really wish Cornball had been open, though. Oh well, I'll be back later this summer it seems.

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