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  1. It's posts like these that all the idiots flock to, and I'm not talking about the ones defending the parents of the child here. We have a justice system in place where a judge will listen to both sides and decide if any blame is apparent and then award damages accordingly. Let it work. Most frivolous lawsuits only take up court time, they don't usually succeed. Let the system work.


    Also, cheese shouldn't burn your face like that. My 2 cents...

  2. I'd like to see an alpine coaster you can't really control, they could use magnetic braking. Instead of a traditional lift hill, you could be LIM launched uphill to start... Never will happen because of money, but doesn't mean it wouldn't be cool.


    On topic, I've never been west except a trip to Disneyland and a separate trip to SFMM, both times going right from the airport to the park and back again. Would love to hit up so of the square states soon! The mountains look incredible!

  3. I was reading this in class and I guess I laughed a little out loud, so everyone looked at me. This is TPR's fault entirely. Your website doesn't have a disclaimer to not read in class, and I was very embarrassed. Robb you hurt my feelings. DBru is right, the silent acceptance of the bullying on this site has gone on for way too long. The elite posters have their way with younger new posters, both emotionally and even sexually at times (Look at what happened to PKI_ManJZ, don't even ask why he's now called Jizzman!!!) I will join DBru's fight against anything offensive starting now. From this point forward I'll remove anything in my post that could be considered offensive to any single person or group.


    Here's my thoughts on this thread:


    if you then how can someone salami once more if anyone Orlando medieval Europe hot pink bike shorts being such a baby.



    There, now I know there's a lot of words left out, but we wouldn't want to offend anyone. I think it makes every thread here better. I'll wave the white flag of Political Correctness with all the rest of the pu$$ies. whoops, well $ isn't a real letter, so that can't be offensive.


    Oh and can someone take my post and make a pdf of it with a giant watermark on it. I don't want my property to be stolen and used improperly...

  4. No offense intended, as I've never met him personally, but it's views like that that made me not like some of the regional ACE events we had around Cincinnati, and that's why I'm no longer a member. It's certain people ruining it for the vast majority of members who are just there to have fun and they really like roller coasters. Getting all bent out of shape because a heartline twist was removed on a great ride before it opened, or bitching about not being able to ride with 8 inches between themselves and the lapbar anymore is just ridiculous. The wrong person can turn an amusement park into a verbal abusement park. When I was a ride op, nothing bugged me more than an enthusiast who "knew" everything about my ride and didn't obey safety orders then argued with me. I'm just doing my job, buddy!


    /off topic


    Anyway, Black Diamond's trains look pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see if it is indeed an upcharge - how much will it cost?

  5. I was at Kings Island on a school trip and on Firehawk and I felt just a little loose in the car but i ignored it because I've felt that before on X-Flight. But, when the car went parallel to the ground, the lap bar undid about 3 clicks and I was about 5 inches off my seat. Being that far off your seat on a flying coaster makes you feel like your literally about to slide out. Haven't riden it since.


    The lap-bar part of those restraints don't seem to fit me very well. I always feel like I'm falling out. It gives my shins near my ankles quite the bruising, as my entire weight is on them due to the design of the restraint. I have no problems on B&M flyers.

  6. In all seriousness, this is the most exciting thing I've seen out of this site since I joined. It will not only be super useful and fun for the members, but with Google and Bing etc. searching the web, it will drive a lot of traffic to TPR by non-enthusiasts, being very useful for a parent of their first child in planning, for example, a trip to Disneyworld. I know when we first went, I was 5 years old and didn't find Epcot to be very fun at all, but my parents had already planned on a full day there, and they said later they would've just as well spent a second day at MK, since we didn't get to everything they wanted to in 1 day during the busy summer. Granted, there was no real internet to speak of back then, but I can see this being a valuable resource to members of TPR and non-members alike. Kudos.

  7. ^ In all fairness, I'm sure that if they could, they'd have the ride open. I can't imagine they like the fact that they've spent all that time and money on a project that isn't open. I'm afraid it might have to be scrapped eventually. There might be good reason that there are no more of this ride type surviving today. The only problem is once management has put a lot of funds into a project, they're likely to do whatever they can to salvage their investment. The law of sunk costs states, however, that sunk costs are just that: sunk. It may be in their financial best interest to scrap the entire project. I wish Knoebels all the best, and like any other enthusiast I wish Flying Turns would open. If it does open, rest assured I will make the trip up from Cincinnati to catch the credit ASAP as I've never been on that ride type.

    On a side note, I think it's awesome that even though they're stuck with Flying Turns, they continue to bring new attractions to the park. It speaks to the character of management and their commitment to the park and the public. I think we need more parks like Knoebels, and I feel bad for all the negative press Flying Turns has gotten. This sometimes happen when you take a risk no other park is willing to take.


    Oh, and if I lived 15 minutes from the park, I'd be there all the time for the other coasters, anyway.

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