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  1. ^Not trying to be mean or anything, but if you haven't been to either park, you're probably not very qualified to give advice here. Just a thought.


    No rushing around at KI. The lines can be worse than CP depending on the day. You'll be hurrying just to stand in line. After more thought, I think Waldameer might be the better choice, also. Unless you want to go a few hours out of your way... then I'd definitely hit Indiana Beach. But that aside, Waldameer is a great park without all the corporate gloss-over.

  2. ^ Well Kings Island has one of the greatest selection of kiddy rides you'll find anywhere, but I like the atmosphere at Waldameer much better. Ravine Flyer II is better than any coaster at Kings Island, but Kings Island definitely has a lot more rides. I'd say Waldameer is a half-day at best, where KI definitely will take a day to do especially including the kids' stuff. KI will also be vastly more expensive for everything: admission, food, drinks, parking, etc. Again, as Robb said, it depends on what you're looking for.

  3. If you actually had been in New Jersey, you'd know that those teenagers on Jersey Shore are FAR from what actual people are in New Jersey.


    Jersey Shore ain't a documentary series either. It's a show to capitalize on the idioticy MTV puts on their channel now.

    It isn't a documentary?!? I wish I had known that before I wrote that letter to our congressman encouraging them to oust New Jersey from the United States and trade it to Canada for some of that BC stuff...


    ^^ Yes, PLEASE KI: Don't retrack a horrible coaster. Making it smooth will only illustrate more clearly to people how boring and bad the layout is, now that they aren't getting beaten senseless throughout...

  4. I think the major difference between NTG and say Gemini at CP is the track shape. Tubular steel track is normal on a steel coaster, this track IS different. It isn't a wooden coaster I don't believe, but it isn't a tubular steel track coaster with wooden supports, either. It's a halfway point between the two. I'm very interested in getting to ride this, but with a year of college left, it probably won't happen this summer. Oh well, we'll have fun at SFOG anyway for the Deep South Bash!

  5. Or maybe they could tear it down. Seriously, Texas Giant was once considered a pretty good coaster. SoB's rankings in Mitch's should tell everyone what it is worth. When the Jr. Woodie in your park is ranked higher than the biggest coaster in your park, there's a layout problem. It isn't just that SoB is rough, but beyond the drop (and the loop when it was there), it's boring. It's like Nascar without the crashes (Well, actually SoB DID hurt some people...) Drop - Helix - Drop - lame hill with no airtime - Helix - more lame no airtime hills - brakes. Seriously, does that sound like a ride worth spending more on? They've already tried everything up to this point to save this pile of junk. Cedar Fair, realize that you can't get sunk cost back but if you keep pouring money into SoB, it won't help anything except to help negate your profits.

  6. ^ Please don't take offense, but you need to get on some more wooden coasters. Even if SoB was smooth, the layout leaves a LOT to be desired element-wise. I guess if all you're looking for is giant drawn-out helixes then SoB would be a great ride. I'm not trying to belittle you, but I honestly can't understand why it would make the list of top wooden coasters for anyone that has been on at least say 40 wooden coasters or so, even randomly picked, so-so coasters like aging CCI's.

  7. Just to throw out some ideas I've had: a slow-motion "floatline" corkscrew, think a big floaty hill except twisted. Emulation of suspended coaster movements with a conventional track, including exaggerated ones a real suspended couldn't recover from. So much is possible through simulation that would be impossible otherwise, imagine complete freedom of creation of movements.... Increased TOTAL heights, for example a 150' hill on a hill (ground), later going a valley, total 300'.


    Like a zero-G roll and a bigger Phantom's Revenge?

  8. I didn't fill out a ballot this year, but I thought Voyage was almost too rough in 2009, so I'm sure that last year, had I gotten on it, I would have found it almost unrideable. I'd rather ride Cornball express than Voyage, to be honest, and I'd rank Cornball higher than it. This doesn't have anything to do with fanboys, just my opinion and I know I'm not alone in this. It may not be the groupthink approach, but after looking through many ballots myself, I find myself agreeing with many that some think are frauds. Larry has an excellent point about El Toro, although I think a wooden coaster is one with wood track, not "One that feels like a wood coaster" I think it speaks to the poll's strength that the results are so different from the Golden Tickets, which are strongly biased and everyone knows it.

  9. Thank you so much for announcing the date so far out! I was able to mark it as a blackout date, so my band won't book a gig that weekend.


    Julia and I had so much fun at SFGAm, we'll both see you at SFOG!!!


    All new credits for both of us, too, as we've never been to the park!!!


    EDIT: I've invited our best friends from Orlando, and they said they'd love to, so make it 4 of us total!

  10. Shouldn't we talk about this in our secret poll-fixing thread? Just chatting openly about it is dangerous, people may find out about our super-secret plan to devalue the Voyage, making Indiana suffer, which then will mean more people will turn back to farming, making corn cheaper, allowing us to finally run that ethanol-powered coaster Robb secretly built in Northern Canada. Wait Robb's here, I think I said too much. No *Gets shot in the head*

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