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  1. In case you were wondering, I got 6 rides in, The back seat, front seat, and throughout the train. great floter airtime in the back and middle of the train. Even some good ejector airtime in the front seat! All around, no matter where you ride this coaster, it's a good ride. Can't wait to ride it when it's hot, humid, and all warmed up from a day's worth of running, it'll be insane!

  2. okay, still waitin on some pics, but let me tell you about the ride. There is an animation out there for those who are interested, but let me say it doesn't do this ride justice. Not even close! The closest ride I've been on to it is of course Thunderhead at Dollywood, but the airtime over the hills on this ride is much longer, albeit not quite as intense in spots. The first drop is great, especially from the back seat as you get whipped down the drop. Immediately after that is the first of 3 station flybys. This is probably the most identifiable feature of the Kentucky Rumbler, with one being right parallel to the ride's exit platform, almost even with the track of the station. As people pass by on this one there's a nice bit of airtime, so it's quite cool to hear the riders screaming and see their hands as they pass the people waiting to get on. The top speed is around 50 mph, and Jeff and Clair assure me when it hits the brakes you're still going 25-30. This thing starts whipping you around from the drop and doesn't quit until you hit the brakes. Speaking of the brake run, the coaster isn't designed for 2 trains, even to add them later. Clair had a wonderful anecdote from the parks owner when he asked him about possible 2train operation for the Kentucky Rumbler: He said the park owner's view was that if the lines get too long, he'll just have to build another coaster! I don't know about you, but I love this guy's way of thinking. Beech Bend Park was extremely receptive of us, buying us Papa John's pizza, brownies, cheesecake, cookies... a nice spread. The tour was great, and talking to the family that owns the park you really get a feeling they're just as excited about opening day as we are. Holiwood nights is memorial day weekend, and everyone who can should go for an awsome time on raven and legend (not to mention the new giant at HW, Voyage). For those of you making the trip, that Sunday, do yourself a favor and drive down to beech bend for Rumblefest. This is one coaster you won't forget!



  3. Hey, this is my first post, but I thought I'd give you somw photos from the construction tour at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


    On march nineteenth, 36 of us made the trek down to the middle of cows and caves in Bowling green, Kentucky for a tour of the Kentucky Rumbler, GCI's newest masterpiece in the United States. None of us expected any ride time of course, but the tour was going to be worthwhile. The park was very receptive and excited about the new coaster, which dwarfs the parks other two major coasters: a zamperla spinning mouse and a pinfari looping star. Jeff and Clair of Great Coasters were also on hand to conduct tours and answer any questions we might have. Let's get to the pictures! (more to come on actually riding the coaster, I'm waiting for those pictures at the moment.)


    During lunch, the lift chain started going and we all cheered as the train began to run test cycles, soon I'll have another update with pictures of us riding!


    Like all their rides, the GCI flyers are back for the unbelievable smooth ride and surprising airtime (more than thunderhead IMO)


    the diving first drop is awesome


    Some twisted, crossing track of the Rumbler, something GCI does so well.


    For those of you familiar with other GCI's like Thunderhead, this is the deadman for the kentucky rumbler. Clair explained that it is a solid block of concrete that goes 6 feet under the ground!


    Clair, President of GCI, gives us a guided tour up close and personal (sometimes downright invasive) of the Kentucky Rumbler's twisted layout.


    The station for this ride, if you haven't heard already, is buried in the middle of the coaster, with track abutting it on 3 sides!

  4. Hi, I'm James Dillaman, from Loveland, OH (5 minutes from PKI). I love coasters and air travel, so i work for Delta airlines and fly places to ride coasters

    Favorite wood coasters: Thunderhead @ Dollywood

    Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure

    Raven @ Holiday World

    Cornball Express @ Indiana Beach

    Screeching Eagle @ LeSwordsville Lake

    Favorite Steel coasters: Milennium Force @ Cedar Point

    Superman Krypton Coaster @ SF Fiesta Texas

    Magnum XL200 @ Cedar Point

    Phantom's Revenge @ Kennywood

    Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point


    Coaster count: 199

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