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  1. China is becomin more & more intriguing everyday it seems! I am a big fan of rock work (when its done correctly) so I hope those "walrus mountains" are part of the real deal. & Ryan, Dubai is just nuts in general for everything they've done or goin to do from indoor ski resorts to rotating skyscrapers!
  2. ...You NEED a Raptor-Rita to work at Cedar Point!....so glad I'm gone. haha
  3. Oh my god, i miss my home park... well Viper & Ragin Cajun has booths but hasnt had theirs up this year, maybe it is now...? TDK, S:UF, RagingBull, & sprocket rockets. That should be about perfect.
  4. thanks lar... thats all anyone else has to say? Anyone who went on the GAdv trip should have some comments on it...anyone?
  5. After my friends first trip & my second to Cedar point, she feels we must tackle Great adventure in Jersey. & honestly....I agree. We live in Chicago so we got ourselves a 13hr drive, whoo!....No but we are planning for the 13th of October so, Im simply asking how it is and what not seeing it will be Frightfest. Shoot........
  6. Damn does that look amazing....I love the twists and turns, it takes it all so fast. Its gotta be one of the best coasters. The footage is incredible. If you watch the video where youre watchin the girls ride, you can just see the intensity of the dang ride.... yeah what a voyage wow...incredible. Ive gotta get there. How far is it from chicago to santa clause, Indiana?
  7. Having the "spike" midway through the course is mainly, just as you said, what I like about. Its kind of unique to a sense. I just like the simple yet large layout of the coaster. Does that drop down have little or great effect on every row or only certain ones?
  8. It most definatley looks like a kiss a** coaster, hehe...no really though. It seems so intense...and it is as Ive come to find out. Almost too intense itd seem almost. I think Fuji-Q may begin to get really crazy for a few years...this is after all "episode" III. Does that mean more to come? Who knows 'cept for them but my point is Dodonpa seems to be one mean intense thrill machine. Its very "attractive" you know? Wow, I really have a weird obsession with launched coasters and especially accelerators but this guy seems to blow them away.... Oh GISCO, wherd tou get those pics, like from what site? Id like to see more if there are any.....thank you.
  9. Id definatley say theres more to the ride than those, it looks like one of the best launched coasters... It just seems so appealing and so extreme, that it draws you to it. Its one of my "goal" coasters to experience. rollermonkey, thank you for that awsome description.
  10. Gosh, its like ruining my dream to ride the dang thing. Its so appealing and great lookin but no one seems to think so. I mean pain isnt agod thing so I can see why. I just watched a very short video on dodonpa as it raced over the tophat, I mean it went fast down the dip around up and down....Is that what gives it such intense air? So there was no positives from it? Jeez this stinkaroos..hehe. Thank you for tellin me what u think though, keepthem comin please. I really would like to hear more reviews.
  11. Wow, you all have been makin this sound almost too scary. I mean is it safe? It seems no. But then it wouldnt be around still correct? I just thought wow thatd be so much fun, and I thought it'd be cool for other parks to get them in the US. Anything else about it?.....
  12. Has anyone here been on this speed demon? This ride drives me nuts. It seems so amazing and far better than hypersonicXLC. I just want to set things "straight" from what Ive heard and reality and Id like to know how it really is, what it fels like. So here we go.... Did you enjoy the speed, I mean its propulsion is so quick(nearly 107mph in 1.8 sec.) How powerful is it? Is the course over all good? what else if not, could it use? The airtime. Does it truly hurt because its so powerful, if so how does it? How does the speed maintain? Is the whole ride well done? What Im trying to say is TELL ME EVERYTHING about this crazy coaster pleaseplease pleae...hehe .... Thank u 4 replying to my pointless entries, I just like to hear about coasters that are impossible for me to experience. Thanx
  13. All those supports are mainly for earthquake safety stuff, hmm it looks odd though . Does anyone have a visual of the entire layout as in a rendering? I havent seen one at least...
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