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  1. ^^^^ This!!! I think it wouldn't be smart for either company to merge or buy one another. It is truly interesting how these companies think this would be smart in the long run. Unfortunately I feel as if companies don't really care about much more than profit and if they think this will work for a long enough period of time to make more money....they will do it. We all know it won't last and it will be a disaster. Six Flags is so lucky to even still be running at this point.
  2. I live in SC and have been to Cedar Point twice. Kinda wish I had just waited to go until SV had opened. I probably will not go back until there is another major addition.
  3. I had Fright Lane so I didn't actually wait in the lines but they lines for the houses were huge. Silver Scream went all the way out to the lockers at Fury's exit. Slaughterhouse was pouring onto the midway near Carolina Cyclone and they had a ton of switchbacks for that one. (I spoke to the guy letting people in Slaughterhouse and he said they were doing 700 people per 30 minutes. Urgent Scare was onto the Midway underneath Nighthawk. Depths of Darkness had three separate lines that were kinda confusing. They were staggering people into three sections. Once you got through one section of the line you would go to the next section. It also had a huge line. As for rides Fury had a full queue the entire time I was there. Copperhead looked like it was about half full. I rode Do-Si-Do and Electro Spin and they both had queues almost onto the midway. I didn't really look into the other rides because I only had time to do all 5 houses and 4 rides. We left as the closed. I will say it took an hour and a half just to get into the park so I would definitely recommend being in the area and getting in line early. Do not wait until 6:30 it will be a mistake. We waited, like I said, 1.5 hours to travel 2 exits leaving at 6:30 to finally get into the park. On top of that the entire parking lot was full. They had to have been at capacity because we parked next to the South Gate and they were no spaces left from the front of the parking lot to the end at the South Gate when we left. I probably will never go again on a Saturday because I was really disappointed. If you don't like thousands of teenagers all around you at all times then go on a Sunday for sure.
  4. Well I went to Scarowinds last Saturday and man was I disappointed. I cannot believe how many people were at the park. It was an absolute madhouse. I have personally never seen it like that. I figured going in September it wouldn't be to terribly busy even with it being a Saturday. I was WRONG! First - my initial impression this year is that they really didn't give a fuc* putting this together. We only got 5 houses and they were the same from last year. Due to it being so busy...they had a continuous line of people going through every house. I had at least 20 people in front and behind me in every house. What a huge disappointment. I can't say i got spooked once. With that said Fury is still amazing and Copperhead was great too!
  5. No. There aren't. Even then, the financial relevance is the overwhelming percentage of the general public to enthusiasts. Enthusiasts aren't the bread and butter. Also, Pro tip: Visit a park before having such a strong opinion about their brand new extremely expensive roller coaster. Diamondback vs. Orion: You're comparing one coaster you've never ridden to another coaster that hasn't been constructed. Thanks for the PRO tip! He's a pro, it's true! Comparing two coasters you haven't ridden in a park you've never been to is accepted in YouTube comments, though. Widely accepted. Thanks!
  6. No. There aren't. Even then, the financial relevance is the overwhelming percentage of the general public to enthusiasts. Enthusiasts aren't the bread and butter. Also, Pro tip: Visit a park before having such a strong opinion about their brand new extremely expensive roller coaster. Diamondback vs. Orion: You're comparing one coaster you've never ridden to another coaster that hasn't been constructed. Thanks for the PRO tip!
  7. ^^ You are right. I think we are referring to the mid course trim. lol
  8. Well I am going Saturday night with my boyfriend. Hopefully it won't be to crazy. I did get the Fright Lane pass already so that will help. Does anyone know if any of the shows are worth watching?
  9. ^^ I disagree that the portion after the MCBR doesn't add to the ride experience. You get a decent helix, an awesome head chopper moment, and 2 more airtime moments. As for the 13 foot part of the debate...I was just using that as a frame of reference. I expected this coaster to be at least 300ft, but thought, in the beginning, it would be even taller. With all that said, a good portion of those who go to Kings Island probably also go to Cedar Point. A 287ft coaster isn't really something that awe inspiring when you have a park in the same state with 2 other coasters topping that. If they had beaten Millenium Force's height I would feel different. I think that a lot of people would love to see at least a 300 ft coaster and 287 ft to me just isn't cutting it when you have Diamondback in the same park. Not to mention adding height would also make Orion faster...which I think it should be as well. I think there are actually quite a lot more "enthusiasts" out there than people think. Just look at the view counts on youtube of people watching reviews, speculation, and vlog videos. On top of that look at comments, social media feeds, and how things have changed. Since social media has taken over, the enthusiast base has grown significantly. I don't think they are as hard core as some of us but there are a lot more people interested in parks and coaster than ever before.
  10. I think that over time it would have been better to actually make a statement with a larger coaster. That is just my opinion. I definitely am not complaining as I have never been to this park nor do I have plans to visit anytime soon. If this had been a bigger more intense layout I sure would have made my first visit. I think a lot of other would have done the same. Just look what Fury did for Carowinds in terms of media coverage, attendance, and respect amongst enthusiasts and GP. In the case of Cedar Fair not wanting the park to be a destination park I disagree because I don't think they would be disappointed with new customers coming in from other areas. I think they would love that. I do see your point where they didn't go the extra mile because that is not their main goal. My issue is that I think they could have really gone the extra mile and made this a standout coaster. They already have Diamondback and I think it would have been a smart move to really set a new standard at the park. Like I said I have never been to this park so maybe they don't need a 300 ft coaster and a 287 foot coaster will suffice. Ultimately I think it will be a good addition to the park. I just think that making this a show stopping coaster, like they did with Fury would have been good for them, the chain, and coaster riders in general. I don't think it would have broken the bank to do so and I believe that it would have gotten them a bigger return on investment. I'm looking forward to hearing what people say about it. Maybe it will be better than I am assuming.
  11. I am in the camp that thinks that adding 13 more feet would have been advantageous for the park. Oh well, i'm sure it will be a hit for the park no matter what.
  12. ^^^ A Maxx Force type ride would be so perfect for this park. Same could be said for Carowinds as well. I agree with you though. Anything is possible with Six FLags. I do think they will continue to be the "discount chain" for the foreseeable future though as it seems to be working for them.
  13. ^ Thanks for the heads up. I'm hoping it won't be too packed. I really only ride Fury, Intimidator, Afterburn, Drop Tower, Windseeker, and Copperhead Strike. I wouldn't mind getting on the Top Scan and the flyers but other than that I dont really ride anything else. I mainly want to do houses ride those coasters and rides mentioned.
  14. Quick question for anyone in the know. I am planning on going to the park this Saturday for Scarowinds. Do you think that it will be packed this early in the Haunt season? I was planning on getting the Fright Lane pass, but I don't want to have to get Fast Lane Plus too if it is unnecessary. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. I think they should tear down Blue Hawk and put in either a launch coaster or a raptor in that spot. It is such a great spot for a good coaster and is totally wasted on that hunk of sh*t.
  16. What do you guys think this park could feasibly get in the future? I am talking in terms of coasters and not flat rides. I personally would love to see a nice custom coaster maybe from Intamin show up here but it is very unlikely that will happen. Just curious of others opinions.
  17. TBH this is kinda sad at this point...I mean a coaster this size should have opened by now. I wish Six Flags put as much effort into their parks as Cedar Fair did. I feel like they have the infrastructure to really have fantastic parks, but they choose to be cheap and it really shows. Of course I will definitely go to Six Flags parks in the future but I believe they could really get a major return of investment by simply investing in the daily operations/look of their parks. It really is a shame to see bc we all know how much they could benefit from it and as guests we would benefit from it.
  18. ^^^ To be honest I think B&M had better rides in the earlier years. Look at Afterburn, Alpengeist, Raptor, Apollo's Chariot, etc. Those are all superior to me than some of the newer rides. Carowinds is my home park and Fury is the exception for sure. It is a fantastic ride minus the long drawn out part near the MCBR. I haven't ridden Banshee but it looks fun. Hoping to get to Kings Island soon.
  19. WhiteWater and ProSlide seem to kind of have this back-and-forth where one company comes up with a new thing and the other puts their own spin on it. In this case, the Tailspin is Whitewater's newest slide element that's kind of a mix between their Constrictor slide and Proslide's Flying Saucer. It's an open, very tight diving turn sized for large / long rafts. The above photo is from Whirlin' Waters in North Charleston, South Carolina. https://www.whitewaterwest.com/products/tailspin/ I live in Charleston and have ridden this new slide many times. It is so much fun. When you take the turn it feels completely out of control.
  20. I wonder if Six Flags will swoop in and try and purchase these rides... It is not out of the realm of possibility that they would buy these and put them in parks as NEW for 2021... I mean Six Flags over Georgia is getting a scrambler... I know that it isn't likely but it would be comical.
  21. Carowinds has room to expand. They can reclaim a large portion of the parking lot. Parts of it are rarely used. (They did this for Intimidator.) Also, They will have Dinos Alive area, RRR area to expand once those areas are cleared. On top of that they have purchased land around the park recently so I am not quite sure what you are so freaked out about. They will continue adding new rides. They only rides I could forsee going in the near future are Vortex, PVZ, YOYO, and possibly Nighthawk. The GP love Nighthawk so that one is less likely.
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