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  1. Its an annual membership, not a monthly membership. The payment plan is just like buying a washing machine on installments -- you still get it upfront, but you just pay over time. The payment plan is just a way to get people living paycheck to paycheck to buy the product, it doesn't mean that it blocks you out if you haven't paid everything yet. You're just obligated to pay everything eventually, or they take whatever recourse is allowed in the agreement.
  2. Aren't the Flash Passes dynamically priced too? If so, they might get pretty expensive considering the day.
  3. I rode Firehawk back in May and thought that it was still running very well. While the original flying dutchman never caught on, I think that in a lot of ways it has certain advantages over B&M's flyers. Its a lot more comfortable to be stuck waiting in the laying down position than on your belly, I think.
  4. Memorial Day weekend is May 25-27, with Memorial Day being the 27th. It always falls on the last Monday of May, not the last day of the month. The following weekend would be the 1st-2nd and Monday the 3rd should be a great "slow" day there. That weekend should be manageable in comparison to Memorial Day or 4th Of July. The weekend after that should still be as well, especially on that Monday (June 10th). The first couple of weeks in June are not that bad, on weekdays at least. I was there June 11-13 (M-W) this past year and it was pretty slow compared to what I expected. I walked on most of the coasters over those 3 days. The only exceptions were Steel Vengeance (45-55 min waits, but did Early Entry and early evening as it was 2-3 hours generally between those times) and Millennium Force (30-45 min waits). The longest I waited for Maverick was 15 minutes, but walked on the first try. I even almost walked on TTD with a 3-4 train wait each time. That was likely due to timing as I would just happen to be near when it would open...lol Aren't the first few weeks of June a time that school is in session? I could see it being pretty dead, because you'd be a pretty irresponsible parent to pull your kids from school when Finals are coming up and you're only a couple of weeks ago away to the summer. As I was saying before, just study the local school calendar and try to go when school is in session. You might hit some field trips unfortunately, but if its ever going to be dead and full of other fellow enthusiasts its going to be when school is in session.
  5. I'm just trying out to figure out the game plan. If the plan going forward is going to be to wait to put the second train on, it might make sense to prioritize other rides first, and come back to Mako later. My gameplan there has been to squeak out 2-3 rides on Manta rope drop (first walk-on and the rest I have to wait for) do the penguin ride, do the river rapids ride, and then clean up on Mako before getting to Kraken and Atlantis. Now I might put Mako on the backburner if its going to start out at 1 train ops. Mako is really a coaster that deserves 5-10 laps in a row walk-ons. Its so smooth and fun that I never get sick of it. But its not quite gripping and thrilling enough to warrant 30+ minutes for when I've been on it over 40 times.
  6. The crowds are going to be pretty huge I believe. Any time that the kids are out of school outside of the summer (granted, the summer is packed as well) will bring big crowds. Amusement parks tend to live and die by the school calendar. But on the bright side, the park will be fully operational then, so the lines might not be too much longer in terms of actual wait time. And its pretty exciting to watch ride ops in full swing and urgency.
  7. The Flip Flap Railway has always sounded pretty cool to me. Kind of like an onomatopoeia for an inversion or something coaster related. And it was made so early and long ago that its immune from being cheesy or derivative.
  8. wtf. lol it only gets better as you read it. . Well, the original term "Steel Curtain" that Steelers fans used to describe their defense was a play on the nostalgia and fear of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain from shortly before. Isn't history and politics sexy?
  9. Its not that anybody thinks that its a bad ride -- its just that it was opened in 1991. In general, the hottest FP+'s and the longest wait times go to the attractions that were built in the past few years. A few exceptions are made for a handful of rides (like Space Mountain, Peter Pan, Rock n' Roller Coaster, etc.) but its not unusual at all to see older attractions that are still pretty good be walk-ons mostly just because of their age. Disney has A LOT of repeat business and once the guests who have been going there forever have ridden something enough, they move onto other stuff.
  10. I understand that maintenance becomes an issue and parks do what they can. I just like to see parks doing their due diligence and giving a good faith effort to keep lines as short as possible. Short lines has traditionally been SWO's big appeal to me in the past. I just hope that the single train ops doesn't become a habit. Its the first time I've ever seen it at SWO.
  11. Wind played a factor in that. I know the ride was closed 2-3 hours due to it. They likely decided one train was all that was needed. They do however only start with one train most days and add on later when the line gets to 30+ min (in my experience). So if the line was only 20 minutes, they weren't adding another train. I've been there a lot, and have never seen it below two trains, even when its a walk-on. That's one of the things I usually like about the park. I don't know how you can say that a ride "doesn't need it." When its a walk-on with two trains, but a 25 minute wait with one train, I'd say that yes, it NEEDS it. You only don't "need" two trains when it would be a walk-on with one train. The coaster was designed for three trains. Going down to one is unacceptable.
  12. Home parks: BGT SWO FunSpot Orlando FunSpot Kissimee HS EPCOT AK MK (Not sure if I'll get to IOA or Universal Studios) Wild Adventures Planned Road Trip Destinations: Six Flags Great America Little Amerikka Mt. Olympus Adventureland Worlds of Fun Silver Dollar City Six Flags St. Louis Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Indiana Beach Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Dollywood Hopeful trips: Sea World San Antonio Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas SFA SFGadv
  13. Don't take my pro-Airbnb attitude as one that is against staying on site. I think that either option works in the right situation. It just depends on what your group of friends or your family prefers. I do appreciate people supporting Cedar Point and giving them as much business as you can. And yes, one must always carefully consider your bowl movement schedule.
  14. If you look at the construction pics, they're actively removing a lot of the supports. The reports are that the wood has rotted so much that its pretty much in disrepair. My hunch is that they're going to remove almost all of the wood, and mostly just use the existing station and footers and completely rebuild the ride from scratch -- probably with steel supports as well.
  15. I think parks requiring kids to go on rides is getting more and more rare. I believe that when this happens its due to capacity issues. When there's no lines for a kiddie coaster, they'll usually waive this rule, if there even is a rule for it. In my experience, the kiddie coasters are usually walk-ons unless the parks is incredibly crowded... or the capacity is just unprecedentedly terrible - like those single rail suspended coasters that you only saw at IOA and KI. In my mind, if there's little to no wait for a coaster, I want to get on it. Not just for the credit, but for the experience of doing everything that I paid for. And as I was saying, somethings the coasters are kinda fun too. I probably wouldn't bother if the line was long and/or if the park used a pay per ride model.
  16. Out of curiosity, does that park have any height limit for coasters? Falcon's Fury is 335'. While it is just a free-standing structure and not a coaster, I'd imagine that any height limit for the park would also have been applied to Falcon's Fury. While BGT is pretty much right in a neighborhood, I'd imagine that the park is probably grandfathered in, and possibly pre-dates the residences. So resident should have known when moving there to not be bothered by the sights of a themepark.
  17. I basically see boomerangs as the coaster version of a flatride. They're the same everywhere and low capacity, but they fit almost anywhere and are cheap for the parks. They're not the favorite of guests, but for smaller parks on a budget they can make some guests happy and give them something to do when the park doesn't have the money and/or space for something better. I think that they're best for beachside parks, carnival style parks, or family arcade style parks. I would just think that in the year 2018, a big time park that's charging a lot for admission would offer something a little more for guests.
  18. The owner of the park, Ed Hart, has said on multiple occasions he doesn't like launched coasters because it kills the anticipation of going up a lift hill Not just that, but I could see them being an issue for a smaller park on a budget. They're pretty expensive, and they require a ton of maintenance. Plus, there is a lot of downtime. I think that for the purpose of KK, where the ride-up is a little more modest (in terms of numbers, NOT quality), it wouldn't be ideal to have a signature ride in your line-up that people may have traveled for that may have a lot of unexpected downtime when there aren't a lot of rides in the park beyond it.
  19. I'm sure that they have something figured out. It may pay for you to pick up the phone and talk to guest relations there. It would be a pretty big oversight on their part if they have this event and haven't thought of a way to get people back who don't drive or stay at an on-site hotel.
  20. Was at SWO yesterday. Its pretty awesome how much of a commitment that SeaWorld/Busch have to letting people drink and enjoy themselves. Silver and up passholders get a free craft beer with every trip to SWO in January now. However, I was pretty disturbed to see Mako at single train ops. What should have been a walk-on was more or less a 20 minute wait. I didn't even stick around for when the crowds really piled up. Anybody know if this is just temporary for Mako?
  21. Yeah, good move. I have the same setup at work, so I end up taking a couple of trips usually. Others are correct about TTD. Ride Corkscrew last; it's the only genuinely bad coaster there. Also, you can't ride Wilderness Run unless you have a child with you. Or you could be a complete credit whore and ask Town Hall for a pass to ride. But only if you care that much about creds; you're better off getting re-rides on Vengeance, the Intamins, Raptor or Magnum. I was denied such a pass for Wilderness Run. They said they only give those in clear cases where an adult has special needs. Isn't "getting that kiddy coaster credit as an adult" a sort of special need? (No plan to offend anyone, just kidding) You may laugh, but some of those kiddie coasters are so poorly maintained and rough that when you couple that with their slow speed and size, you actually kind of get a wild ride. Plus, the restraints are pretty much non-existent. I won't wait a long time for one, and out of courtesy I'll try to let the kids get the front over me, but if its more or less a walk on I'll gladly take a lap on a ride that I paid good money for at a park.
  22. One difference for me is that I live in Tampa, and lived in Miami before, so I've been surrounded by gorgeous beaches with warm water, white sand, and a blue ocean. I have no desire to go to a body of sand that sits on an ice cold body of water up north when I'm on a trip and the clock is running. But I did the northeast thing for years, and I used to get excited about going to the freezing cold beaches in Boston so I can understand where you're coming from. If going to a beach was an appeal for me, I could see a stronger appeal for Breakers. I've pretty much lived within a mile from a beach for years, even when I was living in Boston (yes, Southie has several beaches, and Southie is in Boston). Not that I would ever go to Carson Beach or Castle Island now that I go to Florida beaches.
  23. Give it some time. Maybe it'll happen. Woodies are becoming less popular to buy in general. Parks can save money with the steel coasters, and the GP doesn't really seem to care about the difference that much. Parks might have 1-2 just to check the boxes off, but if they're bigger parks they'll probably want a bigger wooden coaster. Hence why these small woodies have been going to smaller parks.
  24. I totally agree that there's no one right or wrong way to do it. It comes down to preference. I was just pointing out that my way makes a lot of sense too. And I'm actually a relatively affluent young professional, but I'm just cheap on travel because I do it so much. I fly about 10-15 times a year -- not including work trips. If I was staying at fancy hotels every single time I would go broke. When I do coaster road/flight trips, my main focus is production -- getting in and out efficiently and getting a ton of rides in cheaply. I think that a lot of people who splurge and treat themselves when they travel are people who only travel a few times a year. Not saying that any of you are like that -- this is a board for people who go to a ton of parks across the country afterall -- or that there's anything wrong with traveling less but treating yourself when you do. Just personal preferences. But I do appreciate people who stay on site, and I hope that more people do. I'd like to see CP become a park that has an extensive resort that has a lot of options. As I was saying before, if the grounds became more intricate and elaborate its something I could see myself spending the extra money to do.
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