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  1. Where's "Unnecessary floorless conversion of hand-me-down coaster that should have been scrapped years ago: the Ride?"
  2. To answer the question regarding if you can get everything in at CP in one day: The problem with only one day at Cedar Point is just how crowded the park can get in the middle of the day... even when its considered "dead" for CP standards. The ride ops at CP are amazing and the park is pretty high capacity, but due to the park's popularity and its limited operating season, no matter when you go, you might be facing hour lines for the coasters easily visible from the front of the park midday, and Steel Vengeance will always have a line for the foreseeable future (unless you're incredibly lucky or an immaculate planner). In light of this, I recommend going to CP multiple days, and to maximize the beginning of the day, and the end of the day... you can go back to your hotel in the middle of the day or hang out on the beach in the middle of the day if you want. More days gives you more ropedrops, and more evening/night rides. As I was saying before, unless you're an immaculate planner or incredibly lucky, the only way to ride SteVen without a long line is making rope drop. So you want to get your ride in on SteVen for rope drop once a day. Then you can get walk-ons on Maverick and MF. And, you'll want to get Raptor, Valravn, and Wingkeeper in outside of midday. Just my two cents. Also, most of the flat rides and non-coaster rides are pretty generic and what you see at any amusement park. If you're in a time crunch you probably don't need to ride them if you have a home park that you go to regularly or you go to a lot of parks. Ride those those generic flat rides at parks where your time isn't as valuable.
  3. Yeah, I feel like the blackfish reactionary people are just armchair animal rights activists/SJW's who have never lifted a finger to actually protect any animals in their lives. They want animals on their plate, extinct, or where they can't see them. I personally think that incorporating exotic and endangered animals into shows and in viewing areas is a good way to keep them in the public's eyes and increases support for their preservation.
  4. I think that the problem is that Six Flags just runs on a shoestring budget. While the sticker price for admission may be in line with Cedar Fair, they really sell some cut rate season passes. And as a result, most of the people who go to the parks are there with their season passes or part of special group rates. So many teenagers end up paying less than $10 per visit because or how cheap the passes are and how often their parents use SF as a babysitting service. And it looks like Six Flags may be fine with it. They just put up some rides and coasters, put up a few posters for the "theming", understaff the park, and the financials balance themselves out. Cedar Fair does charge more for admission, but the season passes are also realistic multiples of the single day tickets. So they end up making more per visitor, and can afford to spend more money to give the guest a better in-park experience.
  5. Yeah, it has the potential to be. Steel Vengeance had the biggest fair in the coaster community... probably since Millennium Force, but CP isn't really much of a blip on the radar for the average person run of the mill person in America who isn't an enthusiast. But most people have been to Disney World at some point, and everybody has obviously heard of Disney World. When the millions of non-coaster people visit Disney, they'll hear about what's going on in Tampa and be intrigued. Get ready for some long lines guys.
  6. Cedar Fair: Steel Vengeance Six Flags: Wicked Cyclone SeaWorld: Mako Universal: Incredible Hulk Disney: Expedition Everest Indie: Storm Chaser Parques Reunidos: Boulder Dash I've been too long sine I've been to Dollywood. I'll rank the coaster in their chain when I go to Dollywood and SDC next summer.
  7. Yeah, its pretty amazing how early its going up. I'm guessing that they wanted to wrap construction up before the park is buried in snow? Or maybe they wanted to sneak it in before the NIMBY people jumped in and put a halt to them.
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