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  1. Yes, those are the rankings we have been referencing the past few pages. People will travel for any park they feel is worthy to spend a vacation at based on their tastes. If we were to go off of theming or all-inclusive in every day vacation taking, no one would visit anywhere but Cancun, Hawaii or someplace in the Caribbean. Regional parks vs. Larger Parks is a different question. The fact that SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa (both great parks and both in a large tourism market) pull in less than 500,000 more than Cedar Point, a seasonal park located in the middle of nowhere in a relatively mid-sized market does point to the fact that people do view it as a "destination" and not just a one-off. I get where you're coming from and the logic does work for some other parks in the Cedar Fair and Six Flags chains for sure. Operating season, however, does not have an impact on how people view a park, it just means its open less or more! Well, I guess I go off of percentage of guests over a year. Just because certain people break the rules and do things a certain way, doesn't mean that they don't represent a percentage so low that its not worth the park's time to worry about. Some people may travel to rando' amusement parks across the country, but when you factor in the legions and legions or local people who make up their bread and butter, they're not even a rounding error. In contract, Disney does pull in some local people, but the majority of their customers are coming from out of state (and when you're in Orlando, leaving the state takes a long time). Now, I doubt that many people really travel over 1,000 miles just to go to BGW or SWO, but I think that they get some spillover from Universal/Disney, and they might stop by when they're on vacation. Orlando/Tampa/Miami just get tons and tons of tourists, so people will just stop by. Whoever thought of taking your family to a rural town 60 minutes outside of Cleveland? Whoever thought of taking their family to Cleveland for a vacation for that matter? I think that CP gets a lot families and adults who are doing local travel within 5 hours, but its probably mostly just the enthusiasts who would go halfway across the country to visit. And... a very large portion of enthusiasts already live in Ohio. Anyways, this kind of ties back to the original argument: RMC Gwazi might be one of the highest profile projects for RMC, as BGT pulls in tons of tourists and not just regional guests. Even if those guests didn't necessarily come for BGT.
  2. Remember, ropedrop isn't the same at SFMM compared to other parks like Cedar Point or a Disney park. If you're below a certain membership level, you must use the regular gates, and then they pretty much start taking tickets and letting those people in right at the advertised opening time, maybe a little before. You only get in early (with almost no line) if you're above a certain membership level. And as is the case with the main attraction, if you're not in the initial wave ropedrop, there's not much of a line savings, because everybody else will go there before you.
  3. Original X was designed to run 3 trains, but since there were so many issues with the trains, they typically only ran 1 or 2, so the separate load and unload stations didn't help. When it became X2, the park bought 3 trains, but designed the ride to only run 2 at a time while the 3rd one undergoes maintenance. Right now, the third train's chassis is sitting on the ground next to Viper's lift hill. If Six Flags really cared about maxing capacity, and was willing to spend a little extra on trains, I think that a tandem loading station with four train ops would be a great way to push more people through. They'd had to add another block in front of the lifthill to hold the second train before enough space cleared for it to go without getting stuck at the top of the chain. You'd have to sit stacked for some time, but it would be a way to get 64 people out every time you get people in and out, checked the restraint, and cleared them for dispatch instead of 32. Also, guaranteeing that every empty seat is filled is a must too -- and a single rider line could help with that as well. Short of that, I think its smart to carry a 3rd train for maintenance. It seems like most parks only keep the trains that they're going to run on the coaster at max capacity, and I've always thought that it makes sense to keep a spare -- and not just for parts.
  4. Yes they definitely do. I think you have this backwards. Enthusiasts care about the end result and the GP cares about records. With all due respect I think all of this is irrelevant. So what if it's a 365 park. Cedar Point actually has more guests than Magic Mountain despite being open less than half the time. BGT barley has more guests than CP. The fact is (according to the numbers) the vast majority of people who visit Disney are not visiting BGT. And if RMC's are enthusiasts coasters (and they are) then RMC Gwazi isn't going to attract the Disney crowd to BGT. And BGT is? It could be argued that CP is the biggest blip on the radar behind Disney and Universal. When the average American wants to learn about parks and coasters they are going to go to something called Google and search "best parks/coasters in America". What they will come across are the GP ranking lists, the wikipedia record rankings, and the golden ticket awards. The park that is going to be mentioned the most by far is Cedar Point. Not sure what you mean by higher tier. SeaWorld is a more well known name nationwide but nobody outside the enthusiasts know that Busch Gardens is owned by them. So it's a little illogical to clump them together when talking about the GP. Based on all those things I said above I would say CP is more well known than Busch Gardens. And Dollywood isn't even in the top 20 most popular parks... Well, here's the list of rankings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_amusement_park_rankings SeaWorld Orlando is still holding off CP in terms of attendance (although considering that CP gets most of its business over a few month span of time and SWO is 365, CP is kicking the crap out of SWO). But that's also because SWO is a shell of what it used to be. Blackfish hit the parks with SeaWorld in their name hard. But I still think that in terms of how the GP see things -- not necessarily us because we're a niche group -- theming, landscaping, and park aesthetics carry more weight than quality of unthemed, outdoor rides. So that's how Disney, Universal, and the SeaWorld parks are able to charge so much more and get people to travel from across America to attend them. The non-themed amusement parks generally just get locals to come who don't spend as much on a daily basis. SeaWorld is still incredibly expensive, so even though the park usually seems dead, they probably still make money, because they extract so much from guests. Its $100 for a ticket, and you don't see the generous discounts for their tickets that you have at the amusement parks unless you sit through a time-share presentation. Season passes also tend to be a higher multiplier over a single day ticket than the Six Flags parks and one-off regional parks.
  5. Hey title fairy, are you getting this? [attachment=0]home.gif[/attachment] Bill is one of our only OG members who doesn't have a custom title. Make it happen! He's a good guy. We just butted heads a few times. Sounds like a good title though. I agree that it should happen.
  6. I gotcha, that does sound awful. I went back in October, so I don't know anything about its current state. That's an emergency, so you probably need to rope drop that. Can probably even get to TC in time to get some duels in too. I got five in on X2 on my first day ever there, and didn't realize that it would be a coaster that got lines. When I came back it was at 90 minutes. So I got one more in the next day, and wasn't able to get back on it. And that was with single train ops. First day, the park was mostly a ghost town, but the only rides that had lines were X2, Tatsu, and Full Throttle. Day 2 it was mobbed, but I did buy a Flash pass that day. Its funny that they don't make 4-D's in America anymore (other than the free spinning ones) considering what a rockstar X2 is.
  7. But if the park is going to be really dead, there can be a benefit to going to TC after ropedrop. If very few people are on, the restraint checkers will still be hauling, and it will increase your odds of a duel. If the ride is running full trains, the odds of a duel drastically are reduced. So if you have two days, maybe ropedrop TC on the less crowded day (probably based off of day of the week and known events or holidays) and rope dropping X2 on the more crowded day. And I actually don't find X2's operations to be that bad. Its 32 people per trains and they usually run both trains. The no loose articles and locker policy keep things moving too. I guess that originally X2 ran with three trains, and they made use of the unload and load stations. While I imagine that they helped capacity, three train ops must be long gone by now.
  8. For me personally, its not something I would necessarily pay significantly more for a la carte, but its something to consider as a perk, or in a parallel universe where amusement parks would only make the upcharge 5-10%. If I plan on using my Platinum pass 20-30 times between BGT/BGW/SWO/SWSA/various waterparks over a 365 day period, the indifference value that I put on a platinum pass per visit would be very low, if the total value was dividend by 20-30 visits. But sure, if its $25 for general, and $40 for preferred, I wouldn't dream of paying for the preferred. And, a big reason for me personally: I go to the FL parks a lot directly after work. When I'm not in a busy season at work, I work from 7-30-4, and can sneak out early if I need to sometimes. So if I'm trying to max the rest of the day, that tram ride over to the park can kill some of my available time. And if its cold enough I may want to just keep my work clothing on (especially when I go to Disney and the rides aren't as extreme) -- basically taking my suit jacket off and putting a sweater over my tie -- and walking in dress shoes is a pain. And conversely, if I am making rope drop and staying a long time, the extra walking compounds against the walking I do all day. With my experiences with Busch and Disney, I've just learned that its best to just take tram and not be a hero and try to walk it both ways.
  9. Some parts of it (from the structure to some of the queue structure) has already been recycled and re-used at other parks in the chain. They may be able to reuse parts of the layout and footers but they'll have to replace more of the structure on this one I feel. Exactly, I wouldn't be surprised if the wood that is kept is mostly just kept for decoration and the headchopper affects as opposed to being true supports. I believe that almost all of Twisted Sisters was scrapped except for the station and the footers when Storm Chaser was built.
  10. Well, if you do that, it will continue to come up as it did in your original post (and my quote box). The things you store your things in when you ride...yeah, those get filtered too. Just a heads up. And if you ever want to talk about that launch coaster with the big loop at Six Flags Magic Mountain, yep...filtered as well. Its all in good fun. Bill has a lot of them in his post above Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I really do hope that RMC Gwazi does keep a dueling aspect as two separate tracks. It would make it fun and unique. And boldikus! I guess I'll have to discover the landmines over time. I guess it might pay to re-ride when comes out as. One thing I'm wondering about with RMC Gwazi is the quality of the remaining wood. If some of it has gone into disrepair due to the perils of being in Florida, RMC may only be able to use some of it, and not make use of the entire structure.
  11. Context: "I've been queuing in Hybrid Roller Coaster #1 for ages!" "Hybrid Roller Coaster #1 is great value!" "Looks like Hybrid Roller Coaster #1 is broken down."
  12. Well shit.... Guess the joke's on me then. What about SV, is that A OK or nah? One might assume you're talking about steel vaginas. Or seven virgins. Or sexy vixens. Best to just write things out. How about Hybrid Roller Coaster #1?
  13. Well shit.... Guess the joke's on me then. What about SV, is that A OK or nah?
  14. I mean, I'm not trying to take any stances or make any social commentary, I just want to save verbiage and write less -- which is why I like abbreviations within reason. And I never said I didn't like Steel Vengeance. Its my #1 steel.
  15. This should be my new username. Seriously though, we're spending way too much time discussing semantics on a throwaway post that doesn't matter. Nobody should take any of my posts seriously or personally ever. Anyway, I have no idea if Valleyfair will get a new (most likely mediocre) restaurant. If they do hopefully it differs from the rest of the park and actually offers non-fried options that aren't terrible because right now, god damn (even by theme park standards). I feel like I need to leave a sticky note on my screen reminding me never to post in the Valleyfair thread. Its understandable. I'm sure that you're a nice guy in real life, and I know I can be abrasive on these boards too. It just helps to be called out on it from time to time. We're all into coasters here, so we should all be family and be a little nicer to each other. No worries or anything personal.
  16. Coasterguy21: First thing, you made a lot of really good points, and were friendly for the most part, but using the quote function and changing what I wrote is so not cool man. I would appreciate if you edited and removed the quotes that you used of me. I don't want something floating around the internet of something I clearly did not say. I think its a total waste of time of type out Steel Vengeance when we all know what I'm talking about (its a terrible name anyway for such a great coaster, so there's not a huge need to get bent out of shape over not writing it out). But anyways, my observation is that the GP for the most part cares about theming over speed and thrills. But quality theming is a lot more expensive and hard to pull off, so that's why only a few parks attempt the theming, and the regional parks and SF and CF duke it outo over the thrills. So my argument for RMC Gwazi rests on the idea that people will care more about the rides with great themes and stories (or in this case proximity to parks like that) over the big rides where you throw stats and numbers at people. Mean Streak RMC was a huge opening for the local markets who love CP and for all enthusiasts, but it wasn't like it was exactly getting national media attention -- maybe some of the paid off clickbait that may have been blasted around the internet. Hopefully there's a day where the majority of America loves thrill rides, but for now, its something that's regional or niche based. Incidentally Steel Vengeance is a coaster that is amazing regardless of what actual or made-up records it may or may not have. When you ride it, you just understand the excellence behind it. No stats or records needed.
  17. I used Preferred parking at BGT once in 2007. It was a lot closer to the gate then than it is now. It seems they doubled the handicap and added stroller parking as well since then. I usually just park as close to tram stop 1 (generally get there at opening) because it's less walking than from the preferred area. Just have to ride the tram. There are exceptions of course, but 9/10 end up near a tram stop when parking...lol One thing I was trying to scout out was to see if BGT had any bike racks, or a place to chain my bike up where they wouldn't get pissed. I didn't see any bike racks on a scouting the last time I went -- but I would love to put my bike in my car, park in the general lot, and zoom by all the people waiting for trams and walking on my bike, chain it down, and stroll into the park.
  18. I think they should go for a racing coaster. The only RMC racer would be really cool and unique. As far as being RMC's highest profile project to date, I gotta say no. SV broke a ton of records and I don't see the Gwazi structure producing something that can challenge SV. Mainly because Gwazi isn't that tall, and therefore wouldn't be that fast, unless there is a launch. But I'm sure the end result will be fantastic! Do you think that people care about records? That's just a marketing thing. All of SteVen's "records" were made up. A hybrid coaster isn't a real thing, steel vs. wood is only determined by the type of track, what they use to support the ride is irrelevant. Either way, the GP doesn't care about those made up records that only enthusiasts would care about, they just care about the end game result. The talk about RMC Gwazi being the most prolific park is because its at a 365 park, so close to Disney World, and at a higher tier park. Arguably Twisted Collosus has been the highest profile RMC so far -- in a 365 park, close to Disneyland, in the most prolific SF park, on a coaster that Hollywood loves to use. Don't get too tied up with CP. Its all of our favorite parks, but its not really a huge blip on the radar of the average American. Its only the #3 Cedar Fair park in attendance actual (behind Knott's and Canada's Wonderland). SteVen was an enthusiast's coaster. The GP only really know and care about the Disney or Universal parks, and their home regional park. That's why Twisted Tiger could be so prolific -- its relatively close to WDW. And, SeaWorld/Busch are in a higher tier than Six Flags/Cedar Fair. Come to think of it you could also say that Lightning Rod is up there, as Dollywood has some GP appeal. But of course it never actually runs.
  19. Completely sad. The parents spend all of their time making money and then the little kiddies spend it all. What makes me the most sick is when I see families at parks where the parents stand to the side and watch the kiddies ride what are actually pretty good rides. It should be the other way around.
  20. Best advice ever and it's better than our usual lunch/short nap in the car. It's just one more reason why Hotel Breakers is awesome. What, you don't like the idea of taking your laptop, answering your boss's emails, responding to clients, and getting a head start on some work during the day? Damn. You sound like my wife. I'd still have to take care of all of that after the aforementioned lunch and nap. Basically, I'd have about three hours in the park in the morning and three at night... Personally, I have a no work policy when I leave the office. I work pretty hard and work some long hours... in my office, but I think that you create the precedent that you want to at work. If you're available 24/7 to your boss and your clients, they abuse you. If you make it clear that you do what you need to in order to get the job done, but you have 9-5 M-F hours for communication, they get the picture and never grade you down for it if you add a lot of value to them. I'd never even think of doing work when I'm supposed to be riding coasters. But that being said, I'd just chill in the hotel/Airbnb and enjoy myself while everyone else is waiting 90 minutes for stuff I was spamming rides on a few hours before.
  21. It means they might get a small change to the park like a new restaurant it isn't that confusing Also, there is no reason to argue someone every time they suggest a change to the park Coasterbill seems to be teetering very precariously close to the edge of troll from a good faith pot stirrer. He's make some negative comments towards me on some of these threads that I have felt are unnecessary. If he misunderstood the post in this case, that's one thing, but he seems to attack pretty quickly. I think that the post in question was value added. The usage of question marks was a little confusing, but pointing out the fact that CF likes to maintain annual superficial changes in addition to the major ones is a valid point. In contrast, there was an era that parks would go years without changes. Some smaller regional one-off parks don't make annual changes. The fact that SF and CF have a commitment to annual touch ups is worth noting.
  22. STEEL GWAZI!! (I kid, I kid). I hope they do something cool and unusual with the name, like BGT and BGW typically do. They took out the trademark for Twisted Tigers, so I'm imagining that there's a pretty good chance that they'll go with that.
  23. I hope that the official final name is "Gwazi RMC." Or maybe "RMC Gwazi." That would be an awesome homage to our people.
  24. Best advice ever and it's better than our usual lunch/short nap in the car. It's just one more reason why Hotel Breakers is awesome. What, you don't like the idea of taking your laptop, answering your boss's emails, responding to clients, and getting a head start on some work during the day?
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