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  1. Thank you for the photo trip of a rarely seen park. I have always been fascinated with this park for some reason. It looks like a very well done place.
  2. Yes, Holiday World is located in the southern part of the state with Indiana Beach up in the northern part. Indiana is split into two regions, the hilly and forested southern part and the flat country to the north. Of course you get this same set up in Illinois, and Ohio as well.
  3. I would be very happy with a Mega-Lite or a Euro-fighter. Hopefully next year might be a year for something big. This year was new shows and living off of Ghost Blaster that opened at the end of last season.
  4. Sorry for the lack of comments, not real big into that, I just post the pics. I found the park to be very well landscaped with most of the buildings looking pretty fresh. I plan on adding Disaster Canyon photos soon (for all the rapids fans). I really like the location of the park with all the other attractions within walking distance (Aquarium, REI, Centennial Gardens, Pepsi Center and downtown). Hopefully they will remove the Flyer and add a Euro-fighter in that location. I think it would be a nice fit for the park. The Survivor Show is actually quite good, nice sets with a lot of audience participation.
  5. My family and I just recently moved to the Denver area, so Elitch is our new home park. It a nice midsize park with a great downtown location. The coaster collection is not that great, but the park's overall atmosphere is well done. The day I took the pics it was cloudy, rainy and to cool for Disaster Canyon or the water park to be open. I hope you enjoy. Pretty good show. Best coaster in the park in my opinion. The water park looks really nice.
  6. I have been to Elitch twice so far this year. The coasters were all running last weekend and the lines were fairly small. Check out Ghost Blasters it a decent shooting dark ride. The new Survivor show is actually quiet good and worth the time. The only rides that has not been open was Disaster Canyon, the tower and Shipwreak Falls (althought they were testing Shipwreak last weekend). The water park opens on the 16th.
  7. Good luck trying to find money to fund this in today's economy. A park like this would have to live on out of town guest (which are not a given in today's economy and oil issues) to survive in an area with a population of about 150,000.
  8. Looks like a great ride. KI needed a good hyper. My only negative comment is how Cedar Fair just seems to hate trees. They just clear cut everything in the DB's area. One of the things that made that part of KI unique was all the trees, but not any more. This ride would have been even better if they had left some of the trees back in the woods, so that DB could have had a more Beast type experience.
  9. I think this discussion is a little early. When CF bought the Paramount Parks they took out a much larger loan than what they needed for the new parks. They did this so that they could have some operational money, as well as money to pay dividends over the next several years. I think you need to wait and see how they do once that barrowed cash disappears and they have to restructure their debt. Six Flags and some other companies didn't have this extra cash over the last few years to play with. One thing CF has done 'well' is reusing rides (mostly from Geuaga Lake) As a side note: I don't consider CF parks well rounded at all. Most of their parks are not kid/family friend. For all the reasons already posted above. I also don't consider adding a small kiddy ride or a sub par show a balancing act with coasters. Build some great family water rides or dark rides (CF seems very frighten of these) and then we can talk about balance.
  10. I think you might very well see a coaster of that size in the future. Jungle Jacks Landing needed more landscaping to be in line with the theming of the water park and zoo. It should be interesting to see their new Safari area with the jungle boat ride that is planned to open in about a year.
  11. This summer my family and I visit the Columbus Zoo and Jungle Jacks Landing. We have been to a lot of zoo's, but this may very well have been the best. The theming, animal exhibits, and attractions were top notch. Hope you enjoy the photos. Our crew. They sure make things fun. ADMIN EDIT: I have gone ahead and added Photo TR: to the beginning of this thread's title. In the future, please remember to include that notation for any photo trip reports. Other than that, keep up the great work!
  12. Nice Pics. Side note: I saw you take those pics at the top ETower the other day. I knew I had seen your pic on some coaster site some place, but wasn't sure where.
  13. I think its a steel coaster. The hint that says 'Will announcement' leads me to believe its the steel coaster he has been wanting. Also if I remember from last year Mrs. Koch made a side remark about getting a steel coaster and Will said something like not yet.
  14. Maybe Holiday World will expand their holiday theming to include holiday's from around the world. I think this would really expand their theming options for park sections and rides.
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