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  1. This coaster looks so Awesome. I have to say three years ago the ride ended our day of fun because my sons head hurt so bad he threw-up. I am a bit confused as to how the cars stay on the red portion of track. Are they going to add wood on top and then a metal track? Sorry, red neck from Missouri trying to figure out how this beast will run.
  2. We haven't had that much snow in KC this year! Awesome pics! Do you SoCal people have heaters in your houses?
  3. Did anybody notice if their were big boy seats on the ride? Usually B&M have them, but those seats look different than any coaster seats I have seen.
  4. Hip Hip huray!!! We get lights this year! Sounds like a great thing to atract a crowd when a new massive waterpark is setting up across town. No new water ride at OOF, no new ride at WOF. Lets see-GWL put a triple tornado in and SV is adding phase 2 and 3 this year. Yea, CF is doing a great job! If I want to see lights I will go to the Plaza, I want flat rides!!!!!!!!
  5. They have a billboard in Kansas City right before the WOF exit on I435. This is the first billboard for a park outside of Kansas City I have ever seen.
  6. Seriously. Me too. The really great part about WOF is anytime in the summer is a great time to visit the park. It is only full in October for the Haunt so come and enjoy! For those of you who haven't been to the park here is what to expect: 1. You will be surprised how easy it is to get around the park. It is a simple loop with rides spread out. 2. Lots and I mean lots of over weight people with bad Tatoos! 3. Fun coasters with no lines other than Spinning dragons which will have 20 people in line and take 30 minutes to board. 4. A secret ride in a building that may be one of the best rides in any park nobody knows about. I will give you a hint... Go to the Americana section of the park and hang a left prior to getting your neck broken on the Timber Wolf! 5. Asphalt is very hot in Kansas City in Aug. so be prepared for this part of the day. 6. The Patriot and Mamba are two very underated coasters. I don't know anybody who has rode them that wasn't impressed. 7. WOF still has the old time cars. Why would I put this in, because it is nice to see a park keep some classic rides that were there at the beginning. 8. Trash cans, I say TRASH CANS EVERYWHERE! 9. Soda vending machines with Roller Coasters on the front that aren't even at WOF! Sad but true! 10. One of the coolest views of any Amusment park from the Hiway! It looks like coaster heaven from I435 with a veiw of 6 coasters as your driving by!
  7. Just to throw a wrench in everything how about Worlds of Fun. Before everybody here goes crazy here are some things to think about. 1. Kansas City is getting a Slitterbaum next year that will really blow the socks off of Oceans of fun. So, I'm guessing that they will connect the two parks and have just one fair for both WOF and OofF. Since the Prowler is opening this year could it be possible that WOF and Cedar Fair would also put a Large Steel Coaster in as well? 2. With the lack of a new steel coaster in Missouri since The Patriot it is time for one of the three major parks to get a steel coaster. Also, with CC closing in Branson the thrill seekers have one less reason to go to Branson. 3.Next season could be make or break for WOF as we know it with all of the new entertainment options happening in Kansas City, so they really are going to have to do something to attract the GP to the location. Less expendable entertainment cash + more options= trouble for the park that doesn't offer a big bang in 2010 in KC. 4. This may seem unrealalistic to you folks in the East and West but realize Kansas City, MO is trying to become a destination tourist spot in the middle of America. Here is a small list of options the city will offer in 2010 for your entertainment money. Worlds of Fun; Oceans of Fun; Slitterbaum; Great Wolf Lodge; Kansas City Royals; Kansas City Chiefs; Legends Entertainment district which is attached to the Kansas Speedway (this area also has the first Dinosaur restaurant just like the one they either finished or are about to in Downtown Disney); The Country Club Plaza; three free standing Casinos and possibly a forth at the Race track; Union Station which houses Science City. There is talk of Legoland as well, so as you can see this city which is centrally located has the possibility of receiving that very pretty yellow B&M coaster. Oh yea, I don't really think it will happen, I just wanted to post a positive report on my home town. I hope it will intrigue TPR enough to add the city onto a future trip!
  8. Go into this trip realizing you won't be able to see and or do everything. Go slow, start early and enjoy the atmosphere. If you have this type of attitude you will get more than expected. Remember that even though this is a very busy time the Disney parks find a way to handle the crowds.
  9. I totally agree, I loved Gwazi! Every G.C.I. that I have rode (3) have been awesome! I can't wait! I have been so let down with WOF over the past year due to the lack of anything new this year. But, this really makes up for it!
  10. The ride looks awesome! With that being said here is my concerns with this coaster. 1-We already know that WOF does a terrible job keeping up woodies 2-With that back area should somebody not be concerned with deer? I know of three occasions I saw deer out by the train tracks. 3-When it rains is it going to take a while for that area to have runoff before they can stat the ride again? But, even with the concerns I'm very excited for the new ride!!!!!! GO Kansas City!
  11. I can't believe nobody mentioned the zoo and I believe the musuem are free. That's right people in St. Louis you can do a ton of stuff free. I think the only things that cost are the Arch and Six flags. The zoo is truley an awesome place. Make sure you fit some time in to do the landing and the Bush stadium tour. They also have/had the World bowling musuem but I think their losing it to Indy this year. Oh yea eat some good eggplant on the hill gumba! Great town!
  12. My question is when limiting the topic to such a specific type of ride, how is it possible to truley get any thing out of the posts? I don't mean this negetivley but if you have only rode 4 B&M Inverts how can you garade each of them. Here's my thoughts, take a look at the different lists and see if you can gather anything from them. Here's what I see: 1-People from the midwest have The Patriot on their list 2-People from the East all have Alfi on their list 3-People that have taken a trip or live in Florida all Have Montu and DD's on their list 4- Our overseas friends love Black Mamba and Nememis 5. Our Southern friends like Flight Deck 6. And finally, our West coast friend love Silver Bullet So, I guess there is some really good info on this thread. First, that no matter where you are, if there is a B&M Invert it will be one of your favorite. Secondly, B&m Inverts are great coasters. BTW, here's my list: 1-Montu 2-DD's both sides, loved them both 3- Patriot (way better than most even know)(ride before you judge it) 4-Batman at STL and Dallas 4-
  13. But im a teen and Dollywood is my favorite park! You may be an exception to the rule. Good enough answer?
  14. Not for sure if anybody posted the Boomerang at WOF so here it is. If they have that should be ok since it is so bad it deserves to smashes. It is by far the ugliest coaster I have ever seen. To cap it off, it now has faded which makes it even better! www.rcdb.com/ig653.htm?picture=3 Here is the colors- Pink, Sea foam green, Ski blue, Faded Burent orange, mustard yellow! Yum!
  15. I went to SDC when I was 10 in 1979 and the only coaster they had was Fire In The Hole and I STILL loved it! I guess its the XBox generation and their need for loud noises and bright objects...[/quote You hit it right on the head! Different time, different era. Today's environment offers way more around every corner. To ask a normal hormonal crazied 16 year old to enjoy a suddle walk through SDC is questionable at best.
  16. O.K. We attend SDC every year and I think I understand what he is saying. I have a 16 year old son who feels the same way about the park. If you ask him if he likes the park he say's no it's for old people. But, if you ask him specifics about the rides you get glowing reviews. The age bracket between 15 and 18 see's the park's atmosphere as a "little house on the prairie tv show episode". They are use to hoping from one ride to the next and being surrounded by kids and noise and constant trills. This park has a feel of olden days and the wild west, you could say Americana. They stationed three of the 5 coasters within 20 feet of each other so the trills are not scattered throughout the park. The mine coaster Thunderation is back where it's not noticed within the walkways of the park. Most of the flats and the kiddie coaster are situated in a single section also away from the main walkways. So, in a 15/16 year olds mind it doesn't seem like a trill park because there aren't continuous trills. There are no coasters going over the walkways so, the screams and thunder of the rides don't add that extra thing that typical parks offer. If you think about it, when you were 15/16 did you want to hang out around a group of people playing folk music. So, I can see how his statements seemed to contradict themselves. They don't it's just a mindset that most kids his age have of the parks. On a side note, I had to walk uphill to and from school everyday in 2 foot of snow in my day!
  17. The permit for the wooden coaster says it's only 1 million dollars. That is really low, I hope that is the cost to construct not the total cost.
  18. Why is everybody surprised about this. It has been happening for a long time already. The "Pepsi Big One" Hello!
  19. I figured it out! There's really not an Animal in the box! I think it's a recording powered by an orange extension cord. I think it was fake when that girl got eatin! Man, maybe it's going to be wooden Borg ship ride that lands in Africa and takes over the Meercat pride left behind with the sudden death of Flower.
  20. It's Robb Alvey. It is his site. He can do what he wants. Besides, I found it pretty funny. How can you guys say it is a CONFIRMED GCI when there hasn't been any confirmation? It is a speculated GCI. They could be building outhouses for all you know. Your right, how could we say it's a GCI? Everybody knows WOF's back lot is a storage area for Six Flags St. Louis. One of the trailers in the pics actually has Robbie K's bikes in it. Two years ago we actually had to ask Tony Hawk to stop butting in line for the Spinning Dragons. When he wouldn't we actually saw pics of him sulking back to his trailor in the back parking lot.
  21. 1. GCI has not been confirmed 2. Wood has not been confirmed. 3. for a 2009 ride it's a little early for erecting a ride 4. You can put more than one ride from the same manufacturer 5. CF just bought two B&M's so expect a third somewhere wihin two years. 6. At this point everything is speculation so it seems we are all free to shed light on it. We could all be wrong so let's not forget that. Not to be rude, but this is a park you obiously have no idea about. We just received a B&M coaster, and their are facts about 200 tons of facts in the back parking lot showing it's a wodden coaster. I believe everybody on this site loves B&M coasters but, there are many other things going on in the Coaster world. I am focused on WOF since this is my families home park and I have a full understanding of it's history. I will no longer respond to any of your posts so this doesn't become nasty. I enjoy this site and visit it daily, I don't post that much unless it is something I know about and or care about. At this point I no longer care about this.
  22. Why is everybody talking about costs of a B&M for WOF. That is nowhere in the close future for this park. It is a wooden coaster the park is getting I drive by about every two days and see new things in the lot. Timberwolf has had a lot of work already done on it. So, please explain why everybody wants to discuss B&M when that has never been discussed. Somebody posted the park needed a B&M without even knowing they already have a B&M and now the conversation has turned to this.
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