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  1. Have you met the late night Viper crew? Amazing people, they're a good group to make friends with.
  2. I've always wondered how they transfer boats, also those boats are stupid close.
  3. Yeah that chef put a knife within a few inches of me into the wall, then chased me out lol.
  4. I know some of the props were from the boneyard in The Galaxy Theater and Ranger's Boneyard, but other than that most of it looks like Six Flags has this stuff made than sent out to parks.
  5. I generally don't mind ads, as they usually lead to me buying the products. But I don't know how I feel with one of the coolest props there getting a giant Snickers sticker. (Rhymes)
  6. Recently they butchered The Phantom's amazing look with a Snickers logo, so here's it without the logo in the fog.
  7. I was also there last night, Viper's line was huge and the fact that people loved cutting didn't make it better.
  8. ^In August it overshot the station and E-Stopped. Also a lot of down time in July, but you're right on saying it's had a better year, it's had a hard few years.
  9. Yes, we've become very vigilant on it's status. It's broken more than Ride Of Steel, that's really something.
  10. Did a lot of Firght Fest, got dirt cheap camping deals. Viper was the highlight ride, Ride Of Steel was running rough but okay in the 2nd row, and Haunted Hotel was the best house out of the 3. Pirate pulled a Kennywood and didn't stop, the ride opened later but broke again.
  11. So the Grand Prix Karts have quietly closed and the karts have been removed, it's also on the closed attractions board. This makes it clear where SFS will go.
  12. Is it on the transfer track getting set up? Or is it just sitting in storage? In the maintenance room with crews working on it.
  13. Update: Viper's second train is visible, no pictures because people were watching.
  14. Update Viper's second train is visible, no pictures because people were watching.
  15. I think the only advantage FI's has is the view of The Falls. Other than that Darien's will win in every other category.
  16. Slingshot isnt even close to 300 ft. Redhawk is taller than Slingshot and thats 180. Darien Lake's site Ride Description: Thrill seekers won’t want to miss out on Slingshot. Get strapped in and get ready to be launched 300 feet in the air at 80 mph for an unforgettable ride of your life. Slingshot will throw even the toughest adrenaline junkie for a spin.
  17. Renders show two trains so I'm sure we'll get it at opening, but for the future I'm not sure.
  18. I'm going for a long shot and saying it'll open up either past the black gate next to RoS, or replace Silver Bullet.
  19. I'm really happy for this ride, but I only have one problem, it claims to the tallest thrill ride in NYS but Slingshot is in the same park at 300ft.
  20. That's what I was trying to say, it's practical, more so than rerouting all of the paths.
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